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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stanley Local Calls Flooding Worst in 40 Years

A huge ice jam on the Nashwaak river has created what one local has described as the worst flooding Stanley has seen in 40 years. Bethany Ryan, a store clerk, says that around 35 homes were evacuated on Thursday as the water spilled onto the banks. Ryan says the main road the village center were covered in about a half metre of water in a mere 15 minutes.

The water has since receded from the village, located north of Fredericton. A spokeswoman for River Watch says water levels should continue to go down over the next couple of days, but says that residents should stay alert.

Nurse Championing Green Porch Light Community Challenge

When you choose to donate your organs and tissue after death, you're giving somebody a chance at life. 

Registered nurse Betty-Anne Waugh tells CHSJ news that signing your medicare care and talking to your family about your plans to be a donor, could make all the difference for a patient waiting for a life-saving donation in the future. 

Waugh says studies have shown that 75% percent of people who have said no to organ and tissue donation said if they had been better informed they would have said yes, and that they regret it down the road.

Waugh is currently championing the Green Porch Light Community challenge, which coincides with national organ and tissue donor awareness week from April 21-28. She's asking people to change one regular light bulb in their home to a green light bulb during that time frame, to bring attention to the cause.

The Big Feed at Romero House

With 55 pans of lasagna in tow, and enough jell-o for 300 hungry people, student volunteers will be serving up hot meals at Romero House today. 

Michael Weldon of Pay It Forward Saint John says it all started with a group of grade 8 girls at River Valley Middle school who initiated the project, and a segment of the student body took it from there.

There will be about 12 students serving the meals from 9 am to 1:30 pm.