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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Country Life Still Alive And Well in NB

In a rapidly changing world it's nice to hear about people doing things the old fashioned way. Susan Tyler and Clark Phillips have owned Whaelghinbran Farm for nearly 50 years. Now in their 70s, they worried they'd have to sell the organic farm at a loss when they hit retirement age. But instead they're teaching a new generation how to live off the land.

Susan Tyler tells CHSJ News they've partnered with Community Forests International and found a crew of young workers they're teaching how to farm without pesticides or clear cutting. The young people have even brought the farm to the 21st century by promoting it on a blog and Facebook, and taking orders for produce via email.

With the help of CFI and other groups they're selling the produce at the Kingston Market as well as offering monthly veggie orders to be picked up uptown. 

For more information on the farm's long and interesting history and how to order your veggies click here

Photo: Courtesy of Whaelghinbran Farm

Saint John MP Defends EI Changes

Saint John MP Rodney Weston is throwing his support behind the Federal government's upcoming changes to employment insurance.

He tells CHSJ News the changes are not only reasonable but necessary as the program needs to be fiscally balanced.

The changes, which will go into effect in 2013, will require workers to take lower paying jobs in their field or even jobs in other sectors if they frequently receive EI payments.

He says there is a lot of misinformation out there and criticism has been premature.

2 Months Later, Perth-Andover Still In Trouble

The flood-ravaged northwestern village of Perth Andover still struggling with major damage just over two months after the worst flood in its history.

Bill Lawlor of the Canadian Red Cross tells CHSJ News while the government's response has been swift, the villagers are still frustrated with the long wait times associated with disaster financial aid. He says no matter how quickly the government can respond to trauma, it's still a long process to get the claims assessed.

Although most of the schools have re-opened, the hospital remains closed and over 100 households remain displaced.

Warmer Weather Is On The Way

You can expect an up and down summer according to the latest forecast released by the Weather Network. 

Meterologist Gina Ressler expects daytime temperatures during June to be around 20 degrees and the reason for our unseasonably cold temperatures this week is due to a blocking pattern. 

The Weather Network is also predicting 300 millimeters of rain for the Saint John area over the next three months or so but, by and large, it will be a normal summer season for us. 

Ressler also telling us there could be a change developing in the weather pattern that could suppress the intensity of tropical storms during the hurricane season.

Harbour Passage Shouldn't Be Closed, Says Fullerton

It's a major tourist attraction as well as being used constantly by cyclists and pedestrians--and according to common councilor Susan Fullerton, the Harbour Passage needs to be kept usable.

The passage has been closed for months each summer for the past few years due to construction on the Harbour Bridge. Fullerton tells CHSJ News not using it is a waste, considering the big bucks that were shelled out for its construction in the first place.

Building Inspector Bill Edwards saying the completion of the bridge will depend on the contractors--and they're still in talks to select one. USL Concreate had been hired to do work on the bridge but they filed for receivership several months ago.

People's Alliance Endorse Cardy In Rothesay

N-D-P Leader Dominic Cardy is getting support from another party in his bid to win the Rothesay byelection on the 25th.
People's Alliance Leader Kris Austin says his party is endorsing Cardy's bid to win a seat in the Legislature in the by-election to replace Tory Margaret-Ann Blaney.
Austin says it's a way to make sure the two parties don't draw votes from one another allowing the Tories or Liberals to come up the middle.
The Conservatives have selected Ted Flemming while the Liberals select their candidate this evening.
Meantime - nominations for the by-election close Friday afternoon at 2.

Province To Dedicate Highway Of Heroes

The Alward government is getting onboard with other provinces in honouring fallen armed forces personnel.
CHSJ News has confirmed the government is giving the green light to dedicating Highway 2 as the Highway of Heroes.
An official dedication ceremony is planned for late July.

Snook Says Derelict Buildings Must Go

After recent fires in derelict buildings on Victoria Street and Charlotte Street, the newly-minted Mayor and Common Councillors weighing in on solutions for unsafe abandoned structures.

Councillor Donnie Snook motioning that razing or re-purposing derelict buildings should be a top priority. Snook tells CHSJ News the buildings are a source of fear for residents, attract illegal activity, and send the wrong message about certain neighbourhoods. As a result, he says, it's something the city needs to act on sooner rather than later.

Councillors Shirley McAlary and David Merrithew telling council it's a pricey issue that should wait until budget time for a firm commitment. The motion was referred to the City Manager to gather more information on the best options.

Liberals Will Vote On Rothesay Candidate Tonight

John Wilcox and Bill Gulliver throwing their hats in the ring for the Liberal nomination in Rothesay tonight.

Gulliver has 25 years of experience in the business community and says he's keen on creating better recreational facilities for youth, as well as stepping up the standard for education. Wilcox, a former policeman, is pushing environmental concerns like safe drinking water and conservation.

The vote happens June 25th. The premier called the by-election after appointing Margaret Ann Blaney as CEO of Efficiency NB.

Firefighters Union Concerned About Possible Changes To Pension Act

The Saint John Firefighters Association not happy with the city looking to repeal the Pension Act.

Repealing the Act would give the city the power to make changes to the pension plan without needing approval from the province.

The association will be going to the legislature this morning to express their concerns.

It has been critical of the recent cuts to the fire department budget as a way to deal with the city's pension deficit.

Moncton and Fredericton run their pension plans through city by-laws.

Suspicious Fire in North End

It could be yet another case of arson.......That's what the fire department suspects after a one storey wooden garage in the north end on Elgin Street goes up in smoke. There were no injuries.

And City Police making two arrests along Highway One as well as confiscating what they describe as a quantity of marijuana. The pair expected in court later today to be formally charged.