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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Improving The View Of The Kennebecasis River

A problem that's been growing is going to be taken care of.

Rothesay Council is looking into removing a few unpleasant looking trees and shrubs along the CN rail line. The tree removal is not clear cutting, but just removing certain shrubs that have overgrown and are blocking the view of the Kennebecasis River.

Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ news residents, councillors and he himself have noticed the overgrowth. He says they'll look at removing the ones in bad shape, so the view driving from East Riverside Park to Fox Farm road is improved.

Operation Cat Nip Takes Off Today

There's many four-legged early risers this morning.

Volunteers and staff at the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue League are packing up 35 cats and supplies for their trip to UPEI'S Veterinary College. It's the start of Operation Cat Nip, a new initiative where all the cats will be spayed and neutered at a minimal cost to help lower Port City's vast amount of stray felines.

The SPCA calls it a "win-win" for both the shelter and students, who gain clinical experience from the surgeries and the cats are fixed for a low cost.

Cats who have been fixed are less likely to roam, mark their territory, and have a reduced risk of illness. All the cat surgeries will take place today and the felines will be checked over before coming back home to Saint John.