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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New KV Chamber President Says He's A Big Thinker

The new President of the K-V Chamber of Commerce is Camille Bordage of the Grape d'Vine who describes himself as a big thinker.   He aims to elevate the image of the chamber and adds some sparkle to it.  He says uniting the business community in the Valley is what's important.  The Chamber is giving the Q-Plex ten thousand dollars over the next five years. It was told by Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll the project may not be on time but it is on budget.

Bridge Authority GM Denies Province Made Them An Offer To Remove Tolls Without Liability

The Harbour Bridge Authority is not taking the blame for the tolls not coming off the Bridge tonight.
General Manager Ken Anthony tells CHSJ News there was never an offer from the Province to remove the tolls without liability.
He says if that was the case they would have taken it.
According to the Bridge authority's legal counsel the board and staff would have had liability issues in unilaterally removing the tolls today because they do not have authority to do that and as far as they can tell nothing changed from the Province on that today. He tells us from what he is hearing it will be the first of the week before the tolls come off.  Anthony adds motorists wondering if they should add money to their B-Pass can do so or pay cash.  He say extra police will be on hand near the toll plaza not because of concerns of drivers not paying but about speeding.

Weston Says Delay On Tolls Won't Affect Agreement

Incumbent Conservative M-P Rodney Weston says it's unfortunate there's been a setback in having the tolls removed from the Harbour Bridge -- but -- he tells CHSJ News it won't have any impact on the agreement between the province and federal government.

Weston says the March 31st deadline wasn't set by Ottawa - it was set by Premier Alward -- he says all the federal government needs is for the province to complete the legal aspects of the transfer.

Tolls Won't Be Removed From Harbour Bridge - Breaking News

The tolls won't be coming off the Harbour Bridge this evening as promised -- Transportation Minister Claude Williams just made the announcement in the Legislature.

Williams is blaming the Opposition Liberals for delaying passage of the Bill to abolish the Harbour Bridge Authority thereby clearing the way to eliminate the tolls.

The Minister says the Harbour Bridge Authority has declined to remove the tolls this evening because the Bill hasn't been passed and received Royal Assent.

Opposition Leader Victor Boudreau maintains the government now has control of the assets of the bridge giving it authority to remove the tolls.

Plan Unveiled On Regional Hospital Operating Rooms

The Horizon Health Network has released plans to resolve the problem with operating room times at the Regional Hospital.

Right now 6 operating rooms are running at 68 per cent capacity. The goal is to have those six operating at full capacity by September of 2011 which would require the hiring of another anesthetist.

The long term goal is to have 7 operating rooms running at full capacity by February of next year which requires 3 additional anesthetists in total.

Chief of Staff, Dr. Brian Wheelock says the other problem that has to be overcome, and will be a tough nut to crack, is the availability of acute care beds at the Regional Hospital. A large percentage of those beds are now being taken up by people who should be in nursing homes if space were available.

The Donald Is Coming To The Port City

It's official...the Donald is coming to the Port City this fall.
And that's not all...Donald Trump will be joined on stage by Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
and former Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams.
Brad Leblanc of Momentum group says this event will provide huge economic spinoffs for Saint John's hotels, restaurants, bars and attractions.

He says before today rumours had filled one hotel and he expects the others be booked.  He add these events provide a great economic impact to our region with millions and millions of dollars.

Online ticket sales start April 6th and box office ticket sales the following day.
Prices range from $169 for bowl seats and $269 for floor and premium bowl seats.
The event called "Spark:  Crash, Learn and Conquer" is coming up on Thursday, October 6th at Harbour Station.

Peninsula Princess Set To Return

Good news for Kingston Peninsula residents -- the Peninsula Princess is set to return to service April 10th.

Transportation Minister Claude Williams says the return date is based in part on government restraint measures.

The 24-car ferry plies the Kennebecasis River between Millidgeville and Summerville until late fall.

New Deal Ratified At Moosehead

Moosehead and its unionized employees officially have a new contract agreement that will expire in 2018 after they voted in favour of ratification.

The agreement includes wage increases from 6.5 to 7.5 per cent over the life of the contract.

The brewery says the agreement includes provisions that will help solve the company’s long term costs for future retiree health care benefits without adding a retiree cost-sharing component which was the major issue that led to the lockout.

There will be a restructuring in the delivery of but no changes to the retiree healthcare benefits package for those employees who will retire during the new contract period. All remaining unionized employees eligible for retiree healthcare benefits will receive enhancements to their retirement savings plan designed to pay for their retirement healthcare benefits.

A Mixed Bag With Gas Prices

There has been another change in gas prices after the weekly setting........Self serve regular has risen by 2 cents a litre to $1.25.4 around town while diesel has gone down to $1.33.9, a decrease of almost 2 cents.

 Home heating oil is also a bit less expensive being listed at $1.18.2 a litre.

Will The Tolls Be Gone Tomorrow?

Today is the big day -- at least that's what was promised late last fall when Prime Minister Harper was in the city to announce a deal to remove the Harbour Bridge tolls by midnight.

But -- in the Legislature -- debate has bogged down on the bill to dissolve the Harbour Bridge Authority and clear the way to remove the tolls -- a move Opposition Leader Victor Boudreau says is possible even if the bill is delayed because it states the province took control of the bridge when it received first reading last week.

Transportation Minister Claude Williams denies that's the case -- he says the Bridge Authority is in control until the bill receives third and final reading -- and -- royal assent.

Final approval of the bill could come at some point later this afternoon. Royal assent isn't expected before tomorrow meaning it may be some time tomorrow before the bridge toll plaza is closed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Debate Drags On Over Harbour Bridge Deal

Debate is raging in the Legislature over details of the bill that will abolish the Harbour Bridge Authority and clear the way to remove the tolls.

The Opposition Liberals say the bill gave the province control of the bridge after first reading last week and that means the government can remove the tolls whether the bill passes by tomorrow or not.

Transportation Minister Claude Williams says "not so" -- he says the tolls can't be removed until the bill receives third and final reading -- and -- royal assent.

The debate drags on with the clock ticking down to tomorrow's promised deadline for eliminating the tolls.

Trump Coming To Saint John?

If you're a fan of The Apprentice or the catchphrase "You're fired", you'll want to catch a speaking event that is coming to the Port City in October.

There is speculation that Donald Trump will be one of the speakers at the event.

A media conference is being held tomorrow at Lexus of Saint John at 11am where the roster will be formally announced.

Mayor Ivan Court teasing an appearance by "The Donald" on his Twitter account, writing tomorrow's announcement will be "hard to Trump."

Qplex Tourney Could Net PRO-Kids Big Bucks

Quispamsis is a beehive of activity as the teams converge on the town for the Irving Oil Challenge cup.
The top Bantam triple-A teams from Atlantic Canada are vying for the right to hoist the Irving Oil Challenge Cup on Sunday and bring home the title of Atlantic Champions.
The City of Saint John's Leah Fitzgerald tells CHSJ News there is a contest included in the tourney where PRO Kids could win big money.  She says people "click" like on Irving Oil's facebook page and vote for their province's team. If you vote for the host team, the KV Rangers and they win the money goes to PRO Kids.  The 20th Annual Irving Oil Challenge Cup starts tomorrow at the qplex in Quispamsis.  To find the link to vote for the KV Rangers, click here

Battle For Toll Removal Continues

Debate is resuming this afternoon in the Legislature on a bill needed to remove the tolls from the Harbour Bridge.

The Alward government launched an attack on the Opposition this morning for stalling passage of the bill -- Saint John Lancaster Conservative M-L-A Dorothy Shephard was on her feet chastising the Liberals for setting up road-blocks on getting the tolls removed.

Meantime -- the Alward government has finally met a Liberal demand and has tabled the federal-provincial agreement to remove the tolls -- Government house leader Paul Robichaud says they're prepared to sit extended hours to get the necessary legislation passed in time to remove the tolls by tomorrow night.

Port Entering A New Era With Change In The Works

The Port of Saint John has to redefine itself. That word from Port Authority President and C-E-O Jim Quinn as it looks for new cargo after being told its under utilised. Quinn tells CHSJ News the port will have to reconnect with the international marketplace.

Quinn says most of the port is actually in pretty good shape but tens of millions of dollars will have to be spent on its wharves on the lower west side.

Quinn says its hoped a new land use plan for the port will be in place by June. The port also wants to shift cargo handling from Long Wharf to where the sugar refinery operated but land that's contaminated there will have to be cleaned up.

The port has also been told it's unlikely container traffic will reach previous levels. The Citizens Advisory Committee of Plan SJ has been toying with the idea of a pedestrian ferry that would go from the lower west side to the uptown.

A public meeting on the port's new land use plan is scheduled April 19th and will likely be held on the west side.

Prevent Car Break-Ins With Common Sense

Spring may bring warmer weather but with it comes an increase in car break-ins and theft.

Inspector Glen McCloskey of the Saint John Police Force tells CHSJ News use your common sense and never leave valuables in the car as a crook won't think twice about breaking the window to get to the goods.

He says leaving a hidden spare key in the car is also a bad idea -- 80 percent of car thefts are the result of a prowler finding the key during a break-in.

United Way Campaign Exceeds Fundraising Target

Another year, another huge success for the United Way.

The group surpassing the fundraising goal for the fourth consecutive year by raising over 1.32 million dollars.

Campaign Chair Pat Pelley tells CHSJ News even with the economic downturn, you can always count on the community.

The final numbers will be released tonight at an achievement and awards celebration in the Market Square Atrium from 5pm to 7pm.

She says it's the highest total raised in 15 years.

Anti-Bullying Advocate Calls For Federal and Provincial Legislation

Anti-bullying advocate Rob Frenette says the death of a Nova Scotia girl who was bullied is completely unacceptable.

Frenette tells CHSJ News the tragedy highlights the need for provincial and federal legislation against bullying.

He believes the death is the first ever case of bully-related suicide, or "bullycide" in Atlantic Canada.

The Alward Tories Launch Public Consultation On Health

The Alward Government launching another public consultation........This time on health care. The aim is to improve access to primary healthcare services. Provincial Health Minister Madelaine Dube says a stronger focus on keeping well is needed if the system is to be financially sustained. Premier David Alward knows where most of the money now goes.
He says this province is facing the reality that it spends most of its money on people who are sick and in the last years of life.  Alward, who is a diabetic himself, warns unless we change, literally you're going to see centres being set up around the province for dialysis.

Vacant Buildings Being Demolished Around Town

A vacant building at 287 Charlotte Street was demolished and another at 16 Elgin Street is in the process of being torn down as a result of a Fire Marshal’s Order issued by the Fire Department.

The Saint John Fire Department has started a program of weekly inspections of vacant buildings. With approximately 120 on the list, 25 are of serious safety concern to the Fire Department because they pose a danger to public safety.

The National Fire Protection Association reports six percent of reported fires were in vacant buildings while 13 percent of reported injuries to fire fighters occurred when they were responding to blazes in vacant buildings. The same report shows that flame damage is much more likely to extend beyond the structure in a vacant building.

If you are concerned about a building in your neighborhood you can call 658-2910.

Tolls Another Step Closer To Being Removed

A piece of legislation required for the removal of the Harbour Bridge tolls has cleared second reading.

The Alward government is trying to get final approval of the bill to meet a promised March 31st deadline to remove the tolls but Opposition leader Victor Boudreau maintains there are too many unanswered questions about the federal-provincial deal announced late last year. He wants answers about the federal commitment to things like the estimated 150-million dollar cost of ongoing upgrades and maintenance.

Boudreau says the government still hasn't tabled any documentation and he's promising to keep the questions flowing when the bill, which would abolish the Harbour Bridge Authority, goes before committee of the whole today.

Saint John area government M-L-A's went on the attack in the Legislature accusing the Liberals of playing politics with the issue.

Bullycide Rears Its Ugly Head In Atlantic Canada

The Co-Founder of Bullying Canada Rob Frenette says the recent bullying-related suicide of a Nova Scotia girl should be an eye opener on a serious problem in this province.

Frenette tells CHSJ News he has spoken to the victims family and says provincial and federal legislation is needed in order to protect victims.

He believes this is the first case in Atlantic Canada where someone killed themselves because of bullying. He says no charges have been laid in relation to the death.

Acts Of Kindness Ministry Aids Homeless

A young man is leading by example with his ministry for the City's homeless and vulnerable.
Jayme Hall describes Outflow as an "acts of kindness ministry" providing a hot meal and other assistancen, often finding them wherever they live.
He tells CHSJ News they believe the #1 thing missing in ministry today is someone willing to build a relationship.  For more information on the weekly meals offered by Outflow Ministries:  click here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Elimination of Tolls Closer To Reality

 A bill to clear the way for the removal of the Harbour Bridge tolls is slowly inching its way through the Legislature. 

The Bill which will abolish the Harbour Bridge Authority has cleared second reading and goes to committee of the whole today and Opposition leader Victor Boudreau is promising to continue pressing for answers about the federal commitment to things like the estimated 150-million dollar cost of ongoing upgrades and maintenance.

The Alward government is accusing the LIberals of playing politics with the Bill -- the government needs the Bill to clear third and final reading by Thursday to meet the promised March 31st deadline for removal of the tolls.

Harbour Bridge Debate Underway In Legislature

The Alward government is mounting an attack against the Opposition Liberals over what they say are efforts to stall the necessary legislation clearing the way to remove the Harbour Bridge tolls.

Saint John Harbour M-L-A Carl Killen fired the first shot in the Legislature this afternoon saying the Liberals are denying the people of Saint John the same rights as other New Brunswick residents who travel other bridges in the province without having to pay tolls.

Opposition leader Victor Boudreau is currently defending his party's quest for details of the agreement with Ottawa.

Protest Planned Tomorrow For Women's Group

A peaceful protest is being planned for tomorrow afternoon from 4:30pm to 5:30pm in front of Moncton City Hall in support of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women.  The protest is being organized by concerned New Brunswick women

The Alward government is eliminating the agency in an effort to cut costs.

Co-organizer Megan Russell tells CHSJ News she wants the government to reverse their decision as women in the province will be losing their voice on many issues.

The Advisory Council is slated to be disbanded on April 1st.

BCAPI Will Formalize Ideas From Today's Housing Discussion

"Taking Ownership of Our Priority Neighbourhoods" the theme of today's discussion featuring Michel Labbe of Options for Homes.
The Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative hosting the event at UNB Saint John's Grand Hall.
Monica Chaperlin says everything starts with a discussion.

She says BCAPI's housing working group and the other participants will take a look at any ideas coming from the event and she adds if they need to formalize any of the information to make it work they will do that.

Chaperlin adds the priority neighbourhoods are calling out for more home ownership because it serves as an anchor.

Business As Usual For Harbour Bridge Commissionaires

The Chair of the Harbour Bridge Authority Bob McDevitt says until the bill to abolish the Bridge Authority is passed in the Legislature, the commissionaires will keep working.

Bob McDevitt tells CHSJ News their final day of work is still up in the air. 

He believes if there is a delay in passing the bill by March 31st, it will only be for a few days.

Options For Homes CEO Speaks To Saint John Business Group

The founder of Option for Homes speaking to Saint John crowd on his model for building housing for low to moderate income famillies.
CEO Michel Labbe says he expects the scale of a project here would be scattered.

He says the opportunities are all over the place but they are not all in one place but he says in Saint John everything is small and scattered and that is what people are used to.

Labbe says the people who are buying condos or homes in the other centres tend to be first time homebuyers, single women and seniors.

To learn more on Options for Homes, click here

Debate Resumes This Afternoon On Harbour Bridge Bill

Debate is set to resume this afternoon in the Legislature on second reading of a bill needed for the removal of the tolls from the Harbour Bridge.
The bill will abolish the Harbour Bridge Authority clearing the way for elimination of the tolls by midnight Thursday.
But it's bogged down in debate with the opposition Liberals demanding proof that Ottawa is still onboard for it's share of the 40-million dollar deal.    Premier Alward says the federal election won't hinder the deal -- and -- he says the only thing holding up removal of the tolls at midnight Thursday is the Opposition.

While the squabbling continues over when the tolls will be removed from the Harbour Bridge, the provincial government will soon have ownership and that means being responsible for the upkeep. There's still alot of work to be done this summer and Premier David Alward says it will be full steam ahead.
Alward says he has no worries about the province being stuck with the Harbour Bridge debt should there be a change of government in Ottawa after the federal election.

Future Of Rockwood Park On Hold

Common Council's move to protect Rockwood Park from future development has taken a strange and technical turn.

With Councillors Gary Sullivan and Joe Mott absent from last night's meeting, Councillor Chris Titus' lone dissenting vote was enough to prevent Council from passing a recommendation that would essentially prevent non-park related development.

Titus says he would not support the process because there was no public hearing and the decision was made on the basis of emails that were received by members of Council.

The recommendation needed two-thirds of council's support in order to move forward. Council decided to table the recommendation and will vote when all councillors are present.

Monday, March 28, 2011

St. George Man Arrested In Connection With Fire

 RCMP arresting a 41 year old man from St. George in connection with a Blacks Harbour House fire.

The blaze occurred on Saturday which destroyed a single-family home. RCMP say the suspect knew the family and believe the fire was not random.

The man will be in court in May.

Liberals Support Removal Of The Tolls -- But....

Opposition leader Victor Boudreau says his party supports removal of the tolls from the Harbour Bridge.

But -- Boudreau tells CHSJ News he wants the Alward government to provide written guarantees the federal government will honour its financial commitments despite the election call that dumped the budget with Ottawa's share of the 40-million dollar deal.

Boudreau says the government failed to provide the information on Friday - he says tomorrow is another day in the Legislature and there may still be time to get the information and have the bill passed dissolving the Harbour Bridge commission.

Getting A Mammogram In Sussex Will Soon Be Easier

Ladies in the Dairytown can keep up with their mammograms a little easier thanks to a local employers donation.
$200,000 from PotashCorp will help the Sussex Health Centre buy a new digital mammography unit with a total cost of $650,000.

There Could Be Delay In Removing Tolls

Whether the tolls are taken off the Harbour Bridge at the end of the week depends on the opposition Liberals in the Legislature.

That word coming from Premier David Alward who accuses them of breaking a promise to pass second reading on a piece of legislation March 25th that would abolish the Harbour Bridge Authority.

Alward says the Liberals will have to decide in the next couple of days what they're going to do because he wants those tolls taken off and is certain Saint John drivers want them removed as well.

Our newsroom has made contact with the opposition to get their side of the story.

Garnett Settlement Man Suffers Injuries In Snowmobile Crash

Sussex RCMP are investigating a snowmobile collision that occurred on the Shepody Road near the entrance to Fundy National Park late yesterday afternoon. 
The driver of the snowmobile, a 32-year-old Garnett Settlement man, lost control of his machine and struck a tree. 
He suffered serious injuries and has been transported to the Saint John Regional Hospital.

Sussex Man Dies From Injuries In Head On Crash

A 71-year-old Susssex man has died from injuries resulting from a head-on collision near Cocagne earlier this month.

George Aker died on Friday at a Moncton Hospital after the accident on March 18.
The other driver, a 47-year-old Bathurst man, remains in hospital with serious injuries.

Killen Says Those Using Shelters Are Appreciative

Saint John Harbour MLA Carl Killen tells CHSJ News says the men using the "Out of the Cold" shelter this year are deeply appreciative.
He says heartwarming doesn't quite cover the feeling of getting to know the people who use the shelter and hear their stories and seeing the work of the volunteers trying to help the men get re-settled.
Killen who is a volunteer with the "Out of the Cold" shelter himself says it's a way of building optimism in anyone.

Report Reveals Some Improvement For The Homeless In Greater Saint John

There are pluses and minuses in the 3rd report on Homelessness in Greater Saint John.

While 76 more people are stayed in shelter beds last year as compared to 2009, there are four more food bank/meal programs available for the people who the need the help. The report's findings released today a Grace Presbyterian Church which has its own shelter.

Mark Leger of the Human Development Council tells CHSJ News over the last year, the Saint John churches have really stepped up to help out.
Leger says it's the engagement of area churches not only from a volunteer standpoint but an organizational one where a small committee of church members started their own shelter.  For the last three months, 30 homeless men have been escaping the bitterly cold temperatures in the "Out of the Cold" shelter at Grace Presbyterian Church.

It will close this week and they plan to reopen next winter.
To have a look at the report, click here

Liberals In Saint John Have Their Man

Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase has been acclaimed to run as the Liberal candidate in Saint John for the May 2nd federal election.

Chase tells CHSJ News he's proud to run as a Liberal and knows the issues that are important to people in the city. He accuses the Harper Government of being less than transparent.

Many Saint John voters believe it's always better to have an M-P on the government side rather than in opposition. U-N-B Saint John Political Scientist Don Desserud tells CHSJ News that belief could be a factor in how people vote locally.

He says, as it stands now, the Conservatives have to be considered the favourites to form the next federal government. Desserud describes incumbant Rodney Weston as being a strong candidate to be re-elected.

Chase, meantime, criticizes the Harper Conservatives for not being willing to commit federal funding, thus far, to help the city provide safe, clean drinking water to its residents.

More New Brunswickers Switched Off Their Lights

The results are in from this past weekend's earth hour when we were urged to switch off the lights between 8:30 and 9:30 on Saturday night.

More of us in this province apparently did so this year as compared to last.

 NB Power reports a saving of 24 megawatts of electricity or the equivalent of 480 thousand lights being turned off. That compares to last year's saving of 18 megawatts or 360 thousand lights.

Higgs Says Healthcare Dollars Could Be Used More Effectively

Now that the first provincial budget by the Alward government is in the books, many are already looking ahead to future budgets and how health care will play a role in the numbers.

Finance Minister Blaine Higgs tells CHSJ News during the budget consultations medical professionals are telling him there is money in the's a matter of using it effectively and in the right places.

He concedes the province still has a long way to go and more analysis is needed in order to make sure health care decisions do not adversely affect patient care.

Blaney Vows Women's Issues Will Not Be Ignored

The decision by the provincial government to stop funding the Advisory Council on the Status of Women has run into criticism and a protest in Saint John.

The provincial Minister responsible for women's issues, Margaret Ann Blaney tells CHSJ News the Advisory Council's expertise won't be lost because its Executive-Director Rosella Melanson has agreed to come into the women's issues branch of the provincial government.

Blaney describes herself as a strong advocate for women's issues and will continue to be so in the future.
She has found herself at odds with those women who are calling for pay equity legislation that would cover the private sector.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brewery Workers Go Back To Work

An agreement has been reached between Moosehead Brewery and the 172 unionized employees who took to the picket line five weeks ago.

The dispute centred on Moosehead wanting to stop fully covering post-retirement medical benefits.

A deal was reached yesterday and the workers will be back on the job tonight.

Details have not been released but the deal is expected to be ratified on Wednesday.

Guests Get A Glimpse of QPlex

Partners, sponsors, and some dignitaries getting an early look at the nearly finished QPlex out in Quispamsis.

A reception being held along with a exhibition hockey game by the KV Hockey League.

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News the grand opening will be held in May or early June but the public will have access to the rink and walking track beginning on April 4th.

Historic Buildings Get New Owner

Some historic structures in Uptown Saint John will soon have new owners.

CHSJ News learning that the Chubb's building at Prince William and Princess Streets has been sold.

Another building on Prince William Street closer to King Street will also have new ownership, it's currently home to Compu College.

The buildings have different owners but, it's not known who they are.The sale on the Chubb's building will be complete by the end of the month, the closing date for 91 Prince William is early next month.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Power Lines Cause Traffic Tie Up

A truck carrying very tall cargo temporarily holding up traffic at Simm's corner.

City police tell us the truck could not pass underneath a set of power lines without striking them. 

A call has been put into the power utility so they can lift the lines and let the truck through.

The truck has been moved to the side of the road until the lines can be lifted.

No word on how long the procedure will take.

Deputy Mayor Seeks Federal Nomination

Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase is shooting for a move up the political ladder -- Chase confirms to CHSJ News he has filed papers seeking the federal Liberal nomination in the Saint John riding.Chase is the second councilor in less than a year to with loftier political ambitions.Last fall -- former councilor Carl Killen was successful in winning the Saint John - Harbour riding for the provincial Conservatives.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Fundy Royal MP Is Ready For The Spring Vote

In a deja-vu that will bring you back to last fall, we are heading to the polls this time in a federal election.
Fundy Royal MP Rob Moore tells CHSJ News he doesn't think Canadians want an election.
Moore says it's unfortunate timing after we've just come through the worst economic crisis most of us have ever seen.
He says why on earth would we want to have an election now when the number one issue on the minds of Canadians is the economy.
Moore says Canada is leading G-7 countries in gross domestic product and has unemployment that's 2 per cent lower than the U.S.

Breaking News From Ottawa - Opposition Motion Carried

An Opposition non-confidence motion has just passed in the House of Commons effectively collapsing the Harper government and setting the wheels in motion for a federal election this spring. The vote was 156 in favor while 145 were against.