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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fundy Linen Workers Protest

Employees at Fundy Linen protest the proposed shift to disposable linens in the OR.

Moosehead Tour Starts Today

Moosehead Breweries wants to celebrate all things made well including their own beer.
To that end, the sudsmaker is sponsoring the cross Canada trek of Airstream RV and a documentary crews to follow their adventures.

VP of Marketing Ray Gracewood tells CHSJ News the core reason is to celebrate the quality and craftmanship of other Canadian products.

He says they are excited to bring some awareness to those other artists who are as good at their craft as Moosehead is.

Gracewood says the trip which begins today will last until late June.
To see daily updates on the adventure you can find them on Moosehead's Facebook page.  

For the link, click here

Donation Could Help Attract More Doctors

In a province that sorely needs doctors, one local philanthropist giving them an incentive to stay here. Richard J Currie has donated 250-thousand dollars in trust in the memory of his friend Dr G. William McQuade. The money will be given increments to deserving doctors in the province.

Dr Donald Craig is the chair of new Brunswick's Medical Education Trust. He tells CHSJ News as the medical workforce gets older it's hard to find doctors in this generation with the same work ethic.

Craig says the medical trust has been handing out scholarships for the past 3 years but this will be heir biggest year by a long shot.

Classical Music Gets a Boost

Good news for classical music lovers--Symphony New Brunswick getting over 111-thousand dollars in funding from the feds via a program that matches private sector donations.

Symphony President Reid Parker tells CHSJ News the money is a massive boost to the symphony and they want to keep the ball rolling with more people donating out of their own pockets. According to Parker, those sort of donations are the symphony's bread and butter.

MP Rodney Weston saying he's pleased the feds can offer the funding because arts and culture organizations enrich our society.

Sea Dogs Online Store Now Open

Sea Dog fans from across the globe can now get their game gear online.

The Sea Dogs have announced the launch a dedicated online store that puts official team apparel just a click away.

You can buy Sea Dogs jerseys, hats along with hockey cards, pucks, foam fingers and mini sticks. 

To start buying, click here

Proposed Shale Gas Regulations Are Window Dressing According To Enivronmentalist

David Thompson with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick says the proposed changes to the regulations governing shale gas development is nothing more than window dressing.

He tells CHSJ News the changes don't address the real issue -- whether people want shale gas development in the province at all.

He says public consultations promised by the province have yet to be held.

Changes to the regulatory framework include higher fines and more royalties for the province.

Professional-Looking Photos for Dirt Cheap

Technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning even technophobes can take amazing photos these days. Thousands of New Brunswickers, and over 50 million people worldwide are doing just that with a free app for iPhones and Android phones. Instagram creates different effects on your photos for for a semi-professional look. 

Local photographer Mark Hemmings tells CHSJ News he's drawn to how simple the app is, allowing users to edit photos which walking down the street or sitting at a coffee shop. It also has a built-in widget to share your snaps to Facebook and Twitter

Hemmings is currently offering workshops in iPhone-ography, as some are calling it. He says it's a great hobby for people who love taking photos but are intimidated by the rigmarole of professional camera gear.

You can find Mark Hemmings on Instagram under the username markhemmings--and, he says, he's always looking for more followers. 

For more information on his workshops, visit his site here.

Some examples of Instagram photos Mark Hemmings has taken with just his iPhone: