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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rogers Loses Appeal

Rogers Communications has been denied by a Court of Appeal an attempt to appeal a decision from last month that granted Bell Aliant an injunction.

On May 4th, The Court issued an injuction to stop Rogers Communications Inc. from claiming to have the ‘fastest and most reliable’ high speed Internet product.

Keeping An Eye on Bridge Traffic

City Police say traffic is flowing smoothly for the time being despite construction to the Harbour Bridge.

On the first day of bridge construction the Traffic Sergeant and a City engineer took a helicopter up to look at traffic problems.

Deputy Chief Bruce Connell says posting traffic officers in key areas for a few days made a big difference.

Connell says they appreciate people who go into work early to help avoid congestion.

A Report On Community Policing

The Board of Police Commissioners is going to present to council on community policing.

Board Chairman Christopher Waldschutz says they consider community policing a top priority.

Waldschutz says he doesn't think the new municipal plan will shrink the number of community police officers even if more focus is put on the city's core.

Future Of NB Power Being Mapped Out

With-in the next two weeks, we should have a clear picture on what the future structure of NB Power is.

Energy Minister Jack Keir has been meeting with rate-payers from all different levels to get their feed-back.

Keir says he hopes to have a recommendation to cabinet in the next month.
Keir says he will continue to listen to the experts on this issue and consider the facts before a final proposal is brought forward.

Neighbourhood Continues To Make Strides

One Change and other community groups met with Common Council during a special meeting this week to show the positive strides they are making.

In the Old North End alone, police calls are down 50% and Mayor Ivan Court says this is a big hurdle for an area most had given up on.
Court says residents of the Old North End are taking back their neighbourhood with new growth and home owners making improvements.

Fire At Irving Paper

Nobody hurt but quite a bit of damage after fire broke out at Irving Paper on Bayside Drive last yesterday afternoon.

Crews arrived just after five to find thick black smoke and flames coming from the roof area of the thermal mechanical pulping area.

The wind and thick tar on the roof played havoc in trying to smother the flames.

Crews were trying to cover an area of 6400 square feet and the ladder truck couldn't reach the main source of the flame.

Deputy Chief Mark Gillan says the emergency response team at the mill has been a huge help.

In a news release, J.D. Irving says the mill was not evacuated and one person was taken to the Regional to get looked over for a sore throat.

Production at the mill is expected to resume just after midnight. Just last week, there was a fire on the roof at the Irving Tissue Mill on the West Side.

A New Venue to Report Crime

If you've been living where there is illegal activity going on and you want to make the area safer, you now have a new tool.

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods unit is up and running where anyone can confidentially file a complaint about a home or apartment where they believe illegal activities are taking place.

SCAN offices are located here in Saint John, Miramichi and Moncton with the ability to serve all regions of the province.

Illegal activities the offices are looking for include growing, selling or buying drugs, organized crime, prostitution and sexual abuse.

The toll free line to file a report is 1-877-826-2122 or on the web at

New Uptown Business Set To Open Next Month

(80 King Street-The future home of Silver Daisy Designs)

(photo by Tamara Steele)

A new mother-daughter gift shop is opening on King Street in the old Tapp's location next month.
Kate Lorden and her mother Germaine Doucette are waiting on renovations to be complete before the doors can open.

Lorden tells CHSJ News that Silver Daisy Designs will offer her handmade sterling silver jewellry, home decor and pet accessories.
Lorden says she loves working with her mom saying they both bring different strengths to the business.

Conservatives Not Impressed With Move By Energy Minister

(Saint John Portland MLA Trevor Holder)
                (File Photo)

Energy and it's future role continues to cause sparks to fly between the Liberals and Conservatives.

Saint John Portland MLA Trevor Holder is speaking out on the proposed new authority for the EUB when it comes to NB Power.

Holder tells CHSJ News, a policy on energy is still being put together piece-meal by the Graham Government.
Holder says he doesn't have a problem with Minister Keir making the decision because it is what voters asked for but funny it has to come on the eve of an election.

Switching Control Of NB Power To The EUB

(Energy Minister Jack Keir)
        (File Photo)

By this fall, responsibility of what NB Power has planned and is doing could fall into the hands of the Energy and Utilities Board.

A proposal has been taken to cabinet to put the change in place by this fall.

Energy Minister Jack Keir tells CHSJ News, NB Power is on board with the proposal.

Keir says after hearing from several organizations telling government to stay out of the public utilities business, he is listening.

Keir admits government involvement in the public utility has caused some of it's problems.

Energy and Utilities Board Taking It All In Stride

The EUB is welcoming the proposal saying it is all about public consultation and welcomes the views of others.
Chair Ray Gorman says at the end of the day, this is a government decision but welcomes the views of others.
Gorman doesn't believe this proposal will put more pressure on his group to meet the needs of many different organizations when it comes to electricity rates.

Saint John Energy Weighs In On Proposal

Saint John Energy is taking a cautious look at the new proposal.

President Eric Marr says this isn't the first time he has seen or heard about this proposal.

Marr says at this point, he doesn't know if that scenario is good or bad but feels the current set-up of reporting to it's board of commissioners is well focused on service and rates.

RCMP Find A Grow Op

A marijuana grow operation has been un-covered by RCMP at a home in Snyder Mountain yesterday.

Officers found 175 plants, dried marijuana and prescription medication packaged and ready to be sold.
A rifle was also found underneath a bed.

A 28 year old man has been released but will appear before a judge in the coming months to enter a plea on several charges.

Apartment Rental Numbers

According to the latest figures from Canada Mortgage and Housing, those living in an apartment are happy to be there.
As of April.1st, there is no change to the vacanacy rate, coming in at 4.7% over-all with a decline in Fredericton but a marginal increase in both Moncton and here in Saint John.

CMH says in-migration continues to support demand for apartment rentals in the Province's larger urban centres.
The highest apartment vacancy rate in the Province is 9.8% in Edmunston and it is the lowest in Miramichi at 3.4%.

The average price for a two bedroom apartment in Saint John is $644 dollars and $710 in both Moncton and Fredericton.

Saint John Law Firms Are Merging

Two of the largest law firms in Greater Saint John are finalizing a merger.

As of July.1st, Clark Drummie will join McInnes Cooper, which currently has more than 200 lawyers.

Details on where any new office space will be has not yet been released.

Forum To Discuss Sub-Standard Housing

An information session to discuss sub-standard housing will be held tomorrow at the Boys and Girls Club.

It is being hosted by by the Greater Saint John Homelessness Steering Committee.

Several groups will take part in the discussion to safeguard tenants by having appropriate policies and protective measures in place.

Some of the speakers include the office of the rentalsman, the building inspectors office and the Saint John Fire Department.

Rothesay Town Council Approves Plan To Alleviate Flooding In Oakville Acres

(Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop)
         (File Photo)

People living in Oakville Acres will be getting a solution to their flooding problem over the summer, but it's not the one they wanted to see happen first. Town Council is going ahead with a Clear Water System which will fix drainage problems underground. But Jim Sherrard of the Oakville Acres Citizens Committee says council should build a retention pond first to keep the water out of the subdivision.
Sherrard fears if there's a major rainfall the properties will still be flooded. He adds there is also an expectation homeowners will have to pay to hook themselves up to the underground drainage system, which could cost up to 10,000 dollars per household. For his part, Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop says Council has full intention of building the retention pond after they purchase the land for it and no one is going to pay 10,000 dollars to get their house hooked up to the drainage system.

Keir Blasts Conservative Leader Over Being Transparent With Voters

(Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir)
                (File Photo)

Jack Keir thinks David Alward's closed door negotiations with large industry are shameful considering his pledge to be transparent with voters in the Province. The Provincial Energy Minister is referring to the Conservative leader's Energy summit in Moncton.
Keir says Alward has changed his tune after holding the government's feet to the fire over the NB Power-Hydro Quebec talks. Keir is calling the about face shameful.
Keir says while he couldn't care less about Alward's visit last week with Premier Danny Williams, the Conservative leader should have been clear about who was footing the bill for his flight.