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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Premier Optimistic Pipeline Will Diversify Economy

The premier says the province is not putting all their eggs in one basket. That basket being the west-east pipeline. 

David Alward tells CHSJ News he feels better than he has in many years, because that's not the case. He says it's actually diversifying the province's opportunities.

He says the pipeline would spur additions in refining and the potential for petrochemicals. He adds, if we're able to tap into natural gas reserves there's even more possibility for development.

Alward and Mayor Mel Norton delivering a keynote speech to Port Days delegates. Alward telling the room, there's a sense of optimism in the province that hasn't existed in a long time.

The Baby Triangle Cemetery Receives A Dedication

A cemetery dedication on the west side for nearly 300 babies that died between 1940 and 1958.

Adults and students attending a dedication at the Baby Triangle in Cedar Hill cemetery.

Former cemetery executive director Star Dashwood tells CHSJ News she got involved in improving the area back in 2007.

She says the babies in these graves would be premature and stillborn and at the time money was scarce so the children often didn't get a headstone.

Grade 7 students at Barnhill school did research on the Baby Triangle's history which they presented at the graveside ceremony today.

Student Olivia Lambert thinks the babies should have graves but some families couldn't afford it back in the 40's and 50's. 

Another student Jasmine Brown says she liked the ceremony adding she didn't expect so many people to come out.

Firefighters Get The Call To Their Own Museum

You know they will get the gears for this.    

City fire crews spending a few minutes at the firefighter's museum on Sydney Street earlier today.

Crews were called down because an old fire truck in the basement was fired up and black smoke starting spewing from the engine.

The smoke was cleared out and everything returned to normal.

When Will The Lights Be Working?

There's frustration in Rothesay because the lights are still not on and we're not talking about a power failure here.

People are questioning why it's taking so long to get the traffic lights on Campbell Drive at the fire station working. 

Mayor Bill Bishop calls it a song and dance and Councillor Miriam Wells says there was a serious collision at that location just last week. 

Town Manager John Jarvie says the lights might be working sometime this week.

A Non-Appearance For Snook In A Newfoundland Court

Nothing transpired in court today in Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador, even though former Common Councillor Donnie Snook's name was in the docket. 

There were four summonses beside his name, two for sexual assault and two for sexual interference against a boy under the age of 14. 

Snook reportedly was not served with a summons to appear and there's no date for him to do so. 

The charges date back to the 1990's when Snook was in his early 20's and commissioned as a senior pastor at the now closed Salvation Army Citadel in Mount Moriah.

Criminal Case Against City Doctor Expected To Be Delayed

Don't expect to see the College of Physicians and Surgeons holding a hearing anytime soon into whether a doctor in the north end should have his license to practice medicine pulled. This, despite a favourable court ruling that paves the way for further investigation. 

Dr. Alan Cockeram faces several charges of sexual misconduct while treating female patients.

The Registrar at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Ed Schollenberg says no hearing can be held until the criminal proceedings are finished because its feared, if that took place, Dr. Cockeram's right to a fair trial could be jeopardised. 

The 60 year old gastroenterologist is facing 9 charges but more are expected to be laid when he appears for a preliminary hearing on June 17th. The preliminary hearing is not expected to go ahead until the fall.

In the meantime, Dr. Cockeram is prevented from treating female patients.

Douglas Avenue Getting New Parking System

Douglas Avenue's parking system will be revamped.

City giving the nod to a recommendation by staff, who say this system would create more on-street parking spaces and be more consistent, but at the cost of reduced snow-clearing service.

Deputy Mayor Shelley Rinehart says she wants to be sure the right balance is being struck so they don't have to return to the issue. Traffic Engineer Timothy O'Reilly saying they wouldn't make the recommendation if they didn't believe that and they're trying to put this issue to bed.

Councillor Donna Reardon saying roads will always be in flux and parking will always be a conundrum, so this is the best answer for now.

Charlotte County Celebrates Seafood

For 4 years now, the folks in Charlotte county have been celebrating seafood during Bay of Fundy Seafood

Co-chair Andrew Lively tells CHSJ News it's been changing every year with new events including a very unique one this year.

He says this weekend people can buy a peice of a 62-foot lobster roll in St. Andrew's. 

The proceeds will support a local playground.

Today as part of the Seafood Academy, speakers at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre including 

Dr. Patti Johnston of Minto on the health benefits of seafood.

For more info, click here

Police In The Valley Could Get New Name

Rothesay Regional Police could be renamed the Kennebecasis Valley Police if the town of Quispamsis has its way. 

The towns of Rothesay and Quispam reaching a new 15 year agreement on sharing the cost of policing. 

Quispamsis picks up two-thirds of the cost and would like the name changed. 

Before that happens, there will be a study to see how much it will cost and if the price tag is too high, there's a slight possibility the name won't be changed.

New Brunswick Doctors Release Poll On Healthcare

The President of the New Brunswick Medical Society releasing a poll from Corporate Research Associates on how 400 people around the province view the healthcare system. 

Dr. Robert Desjardins says it should be a wakeup call for the Alward Government as the poll finds 11% of respondents strongly agree the government is doing a good job managing the health system.

It also shows only 14% strongly agree the Alward Government has a plan to improve health care delivery. 

Only 13 per cent of people in the southern part of the province say they strongly agree the government is effectively promoting the province as a good place to practice for new doctors.

The province, meantime, is asking for the Medical Society's lawsuit over caps on Medicare billing caps be dismissed.

Rothesay Kills Fieldhouse Proposal

Rothesay will not be building a multipurpose fieldhouse at a cost of 25 to 30 million dollars. That decision made by Rothesay Town Council. Mayor Bill Bishop says the price tag is just too high.

The new option on the table is to build a brand new arena at a cost of 7 to 8 million dollars and refurbish the old one for indoor soccer. Bishop also telling us there would be a walking track in one of the buildings. 

A decision on that proposal from the town's Recreation Committee could come as early as next month.

Environment Canada Warning Of More Rain

A special weather statement has been issued by Environment Canada about more rain beginning later today. 

It cautions a low pressure system will approach the region today and then stall near Yarmouth tomorrow. Rain associated with this system will move into southwestern new brunswick by this afternoon and spread northeastward throughout the day. 

The rain will be heavy at times, persisting into tomorrow. Rainfall amounts may reach warning levels especially for the southernmost areas of the province. Just over 40 millimeters is being forecast for the Saint John area. 

Saint John got 57 millimeters of rain last weekend from post tropical storm "Andrea" but Grand Manan received the most at 90 millimeters.

Street Flea Market Request Sparks Council Debate

A request to sell used wares on the street this Canada Day stirring up debate among city councillors. 

Rhoda and Joe Boyce wrote council, asking for special event permission to have a flea market in uptown Saint John, a request council ultimately approved. But now the Boyces have to apply for a $100 permit under the current bylaw. 

Joe Boyce says they'll do what they have to do, and that the reason he didn't apply right away is because he didn't feel he had done anything wrong.

Councillor MacAlary says nobody ever told the Boyces they had to apply for a license, so they never did. Councillor Greg Norton saying he's heard concerns from Uptown Saint John about leftover garbage. City Manager Pat Woods also raising concerns about garbage, along with traffic safety and hygiene. 

Councillor Ray Strowbridge saying it's turning into a lot of red tape for a one day a year event.