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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Mounties Look Into Boat & ATV Theft

Sussex RCMP are trying to find out who broke into a garage at a cottage in Kars stealing an ATV.

It happened about 11 last (Monday) night when the Mounties heard about a young man possibly a teen leaving the cottage on the Brown's Cove Road on the stolen ATV.   Police found the vehicle nearby.

Meanwhile, the Mounties in Hampton are looking for the person who stole a boat from a pond at a home on the Upper Quaco Road.   An ATV was used to drag the boat to a road where a vehicle was waiting.

If you can help with any information on either crime you call the RCMP or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS or click here

Harbour Bridge Contractor Chosen

A contractor is chosen to finish work on the Saint John Harbour Bridge and One Mile House Interchange by an Ontario company. Horseshoe Hill Construction Inc. will start work this week on the unfinished projects after the original contractor Concreate U-S-L went bankrupt in April -- leaving about a third of the job left.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams tells CHSJ news local companies will take part in finishing both projects, but that will be announced by Horseshoe Hill in the future. The Minister adds the new contractor won't cost New Brunswickers an extra penny because of a bonding contract with the original contractor.

The bridge is expected to be completed by fall next year. The price of constructing the Harbour Bridge and One Mile House Interchange cost about $110 million.

Funny Signs Get Second Looks

Potential home buyers definitely tend to have a checklist of the features they want....but how about "No Dandelions"? Or "Fog Resistant"? Local realtor Jake Palmer is making such claims for some homes in Saint John. 

The funny signs have  been getting a lot of attention, especially a property on Douglas Avenue marketed as "Not Haunted."

Palmer tells CHSJ News the signs aren't 100% gimmick--and that each of the listings do have something unique to offer potential buyers, but have gone stale in a saturated market.

Palmer says they switch the signs on a regular basis and there's always debate about which one is the funniest.

Rain Contributes To Crash Near Norton

Wet and rainy weather was a contributing factor to a crash near Norton this (Tuesday) morning.

Corporal Pat Cole of the Hampton RCMP tells CHSJ news a 29 year old man was driving near Norton around 9:30am when he hydroplaned and ended up in the ditch. The man was removed from the car uninjured.

Only one car was involved in the crash.

Big Cat To Be Replaced At Zoo

The Cherry Brook Zoo saying goodbye to Pam, a Siberian Tiger living at the Cherry Brook Zoo for the past 17 years. Pam had to be put down at 23---an old age in tiger years--due to kidney failure and a number of other health problems.

Now, the zoo is looking at a replacement cage mate for its other tiger, Nila. Lynda Collrin of the Cherry Brook Zoo tells CHSJ News while the cost of the animals is minimal though breeding programs, upkeep is an entirely different story. She says pet-owners can appreciate how expensive it can be to keep even a small animal--and healthcare, food and transportation for big cats means big money.

Whatever happens Collrin says the care of the animals comes first--and to help, people should support the zoo.

Photo: A leopard at the Cherry Brook Zoo.

Randy Jones Golf Tournament To Raise Money For Babies

The 4th annual Golf Fore Kids Sake Tournament is a go tomorrow rain or shine. 

Randy Jones of the Winnipeg Jets and his family foundation are raising money for the Regional Hospital Foundation and its "Babes in Utero" project to upgrade the software and equipment needed for high risk obstetric fetal monitoring. 

Jones tells CHSJ News he didn't expect the Los Angeles Kings to win the Stanley Cup but he wasn't surprised because of the parity between teams in the NHL now.

The Jets missed out making the playoffs on the last weekend of the season. Jones says they'll have to play better on the road next season in order to get over the hump.

Retired Major Leaguer Matt Stairs, who was recently inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, will be one of the golfers taking part at Riverside along with the chance to win a million dollars with a hole in one on the 18th.

"Get Me The Money"

You have to be a bloodhound in search of federal and provincial money for the city. 

That's what Common  Councillor Bill Farren has told the city's Inter-Governmental Affairs Co-ordinator Phil Ouellette. 

Ouellette has told Council federal and provincial money has, by and large, dried up until 2014 but Farren believes there's money to be had and argues the city can't wait that long. 

He points to the upgrade of the Trade and Convention Centre as an example.

City Retirees Said To Be Nervous

With all the uncertainty over what's going to happen with the city's pension plan has many of the city retirees a bit nervous. We get that word from Councillor Shirley McAlary who's telling them not to panic.
City Finance Commissioner Greg Yeomans is telling the retirees their benefits will not be clawed back with any reductions being made on a go forward basis. 

The city will start meeting with the provincial task force on pension reform July 9th and recommendations from that are expected by the end of August.

Paddlers Will Celebrate Canoe Week At Lily Lake

It's National Canoe Week and members of the Fundy Paddlers Club are celebrating with a competition at Lily Lake.
Participant Karen Vanderwolf tells CHSJ News the celebration begins on Saturday with a 2-kilometre race around the perimeter of Lily Lake.

She says the second part involves detailed manoeuvring of the canoes between buoys.

Vanderwolf says 4 person teams will compete in the 20 foot boat and the 6 person teams in 26 foot boat. 

It's not too late for volunteers and participants to get involved.
For more info call Evan at 672-8964 or click here

Police Search For Missing Man

The police are looking for your help in the search for a missing Charlotte County man.
60 year old Jeffery Albert Ingalls was last seen June 22 at his home on Route 760 in Oak Bay.

Ingalls is 5 foot 11 with grey hair and moustache. He's known to wear glasses, a grey leather hat and work pants, and a green khaki jacket.

If you have any information on where Ingalls can be found, contact the District 1 RCMP at 506-466-7030, or Crime Stoppers at or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Eco-Challenge Repairs Creek's Stinky Reputation

Running, cycling, canoeing and tree-planting athletes completed a gruelling 6-hour course at the second annual Marsh Creek Eco Challenge. The Challenge, organized by ACAP, is meant to raise awareness of the Marsh Creek Watershed.

ACAP Executive Director Tim Vickers tells CHSJ News while Marsh Creek doesn't enjoy the best reputation, parts of the watershed are actually a beautiful habitat for wildlife. He says it's an underutilized resource that deserves positive publicity.

Vickers says they'd like to see trails running from the Harbour Passage to some of the scenic vistas along the Creek, and maybe even out to Rothesay.

A Spate Of Vehicles Broken Into

Don't leave your vehicle unlocked......That message from Rothesay Regional Police who report 15 to 20 vehicles were broken into in the Rothesay area in just one day. Police believe there could even be more than that. 

City Will Begin Work Soon With Provincial Task Force On Pension Reform

Mayor Mel Norton is confident as the work with the provincial task force on reforming the city's pension plan gets underway July 9th with the hope being to have something in place by the end of August. 

The city's Finance Commissioner, Greg Yeomans says, if successful, the city won't have to pay as much into the pension plan yearly but the contribution will still be substantial at 17 million dollars. 

He also believes the overall pension deficit will go down which is now at over 190 million dollars.
Yeomans warns if nothing changes that yearly payment from city taxpayers will be over 26 million dollars.

Long Time Volunteer Wins Top Award

President and CEO of Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation wins highest honor from Canadian Red Cross. Tim Cameron was inducted in the Order of Red Cross at it's annual general meeting this past weekend in Halifax. Cameron was a long-time Red Cross staff member and has stayed active as a volunteer for years. 

Canadian Red Cross President Ted Tanaka says Cameron is recognized for his longstanding commitment, tireless dedication and outstanding commitment to excellence.

Antique Cars, Country Music And More

Less than 1 week until your Canada Day weekend--and the Market Square Boardwalk leading up with music, antique car, and multicultural celebrations. 145 hours of music being planned for Canada's 145th anniversary.

Stephanie Peterson of the Hardman group tells CHSJ News the celebrations will have something for everyone.

Tonight--Tuesday--about 50 vintage cars will be on display on the Boardwalk starting at 6pm.

For the full schedule of what's going on at Market Square in the days before Canada Day, click here

More Smart Phone Users, More Business

We're texting less and searching products more when it comes to our mobile phones. According to a new study almost 50% of Canadian smart phone users are interested in loyalty programs, gift cards and coupons from their cell. Big Fish Media spokesperson Sarah MacQueen tells CHSJ news Canadians are relying on their phones for comparing prices, searching coupons and reading reviews.

"There's huge opportunities here for businesses. Canadians are very open to connecting with companies and brands on their mobile phones."

Businesses can reach mobile marketing audiences by apps and ads on mobile websites. Big Fish Media is an internet and mobile marketing agency in Saint John.

Rothesay Byelection Results In

Progressive Conservative Ted Flemming is the new MLA for Rothesay. Flemming says it's important for the electorate to remember the win was a team effort achieved with the support of loyal conservatives.

Liberal candidate John Wilcox says the close numbers send a message to the Conservatives and Premier. Wilcox says all three parties were quite close and that shows some people, at least, aren't content with the status quo.

NDP candidate Dominic Cardy tells CHSJ news his goal as NDP leader is to prepare his party to take government.

Flemming won with 1,568, Liberal Wilcox came second by 260 votes, NDP Cardy followed behind by just over 200 votes.