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Friday, February 28, 2014

Renous Death

A 25 year old inmate of the Atlantic Institution in Renous has died.

Keegan Periard died on Thursday in a Miramichi hospital.

Periard was serving a life sentence for murder that began in February of 2010.

Clark And Morrison Are 2014 Inductees

6 people will be inducted in the provincial sports hall of fame later this year and they include Gordie Clark and Nancy Morrison.

Clark is from Saint John and currently the director of player personnel for the New York Rangers.   He is also known for winning the Calder Cup with the Maine Mariners in 1979.

Nancy Morrison of Quispamis is a well know umpire who was selected for the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and is the volunteer athletic director at KV High.

Other inductees include curler David Sullivan of Fredericton and Rheal Cormier of Cap Pele who spent 16 years in Major League baseball playing with Boston, Philadelphia and Montreal.

To see the rest of the list, click here

The induction ceremony is coming up on June 7th in St. Stephen. 

Faces of Fusion Honors Youth Leaders

Glitz and glam will be on display tonight at the Faces of Fusion gala.

Eric Savoie of Fusion Saint John tells CHSJ News the event is a bit different now as they focus on the youth of Saint John in categories like sports, arts and culture and immigrant entrepreneurs.

He says rather than having key note speakers from outside Saint John they have decided to focus on the young leaders that our shaping the future of the community.

CHSJ's own Julia Wright is nominated in the personal achievement category.    

The awards will be handed out in a gala awards ceremony tonight at the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Ship Terminal. 

For more info, click here

Horizon Gets Standing In The Perry Inquest

In a historic decision in this province, a judge in Saint John has overturned a coroner's decision that Horizon Health does not have standing in the upcoming inquest into Serena Perry's death.

With this move, Horizon can now call witnesses and cross examine witnesses in the inquest that is set to begin on March 17th--although Horizon's lawyer, John Barry, predicts it could take considerably longer than the 2 weeks that have been set aside.

It's also unclear whether the suspect in her death, who the court understands now lives in Alberta, will be called as a witness unless he decides to come willingly. Perry died at the Regional two years ago and criminal charges were never laid in her death.

Another hearing in this matter is set for March 10th.

Serena's mother Rose Perry was in court today.

Bald Is Beautiful Support Grows Online

"Embrace your baldness" That phrase attached to a selfie from a Saint John woman who is battling cancer is creating a buzz online.

Michelle James tells CHSJ News says she got a response from her own pic but it really took off when her daughters posted their "bald" pics.

She tells us her daughter's posted pics and sent it out as a Bald is Beautiful nomination challenge instead of the negative drinking challenge that was out at the time.

James says at first a friend shaved her head in support and she said you don't have to shave your head just cover your hair up with a scarf or hats.

To see a series of the bald is beautiful pics, search #bib or #bald is beautiful on Facebook.

Health Minister Says Pharmacists Are Underrated

The Alward Government says it will be making changes to the Pharmacy Act to allow pharmacists to prescribe medications for minor ailments. 

Provincial Health Minister Ted Flemming says pharmacists probably know more about drugs and their effects than other health care professionals.

Flemming points out they have a four year post graduate degree in pharmacology which is the study of drugs and their effects so they do a lot more than just count pills and put them in bottles.

Event For Outdoorsy Types Starts Today

Folks who love ATVing, boats, tractors, and all things outdoors won't want to miss the inaugural Southern NB Outdoor Sports Show at the Trade and Convention Center.

The show starts today at 3pm and runs through the weekend. It's put on by the Musquash ATV Association, and organizer Chris Taylor tells CHSJ News it's about getting people off the couch and out in nature.

Taylor says there's something at the show for everyone. The hours are as follows

 Friday, February 28 : 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday, March 1 : 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday, March 2 : 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Fredericton Police Officer Arrested

Fredericton Police announcing the arrest of one of their members after responding to a domestic dispute call. 

The unnamed officer was off duty at the time and has been suspended with pay. 

The investigation will now be handled by the West District RCMP.

Missing Woman Found Safe

The Saint John Police Force are letting the public know they've successfully located Karen Ogden, who was reported missing earlier this week, and ensured her safety and well-being.

The police would like to thank the public and the media for their help in this matter.

Deer Island Will Get A New Ferry

A Saint John company is partnering with the Province to build a new 24 car ferry for Deer Island to replace the John E. Rigby next spring.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams is happy the work will be done in the province by Custom Fabricators and Machinists.

Williams adds the deal with CFM will include other provincial suppliers up north stimulating economic activity.

The project will create work for about 35 full-time skilled tradespeople at CFM.

Senior Arrested In Suspicious Powder Incidents

A 79-year-old man has been arrested after two suspicious packages were sent to Saint Joseph's Hospital and a local funeral home late yesterday morning. Sergeant Jay Henderson tells CHSJ News it caused quiet a commotion, since part of the hospital had to be quarantined and employees decontaminated as a precaution.

The envelopes containing a white powder were tested and found to be powdered milk.  

Obviously, no one was hurt.

Police people if they ever find a suspicious package to not open, it but call police. The senior citizen was taken into custody and is facing charges.

Arrest Made In Suspicious Package Incidents

Police confirm an arrest has been made in the suspicious package incidents at St Joseph's hospital and a local funeral home yesterday. 

More details are expected later this morning.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Celebrating Saint John's Social Media Community

The best of the best of Port City social media receiving their Salty's at the annual awards tonight.

Jane Logan won coolest blog for her blog 'Hungry Janey'.

She tells CHSJ News she is a stay at home mom who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and she wanted to record it.

She says when checking the Google analytics last spring she found lots of people were checking it out so she bought the domain name.

Awesome Instagram went to Mike Capson, Best Facebook page goes to Chris Donovan for his page Humans of Saint John and the Hottest Youtube went to the video "I Wish" from the Boys and Girls club.

Twitter Person of the Year goes to WhiskyLassie aka Johanne McInnis.  

The Salty for best use of social media in a campaign goes to Joanna Vlamakis and Amber Hachey for their use of a Kijiji ad to get Joanna's stolen iPhone back.

To check out Hungry Janey click here

Charges Laid In Saunders Murder

28-year-old Victoria Henneberry and 25-year-old Blake Leggette are now facing charges in connection with the murder of Loretta Saunders.

They are scheduled to appear in Halifax Provincial Court tomorrow to each face a charge of first degree murder.

Yesterday afternoon, Loretta’s disappearance was declared a homicide. Her body was later found off the highway in Salisbury and transported to the Coroner Services office in Saint John, where an autopsy will be conducted in the coming days.

Who's Getting The Money From 911 Charges?

The Alward government is coming under fire for taking money out of 911 services to pay for the Emergency Measures Organization. Liberal MLA Rick Doucet tells CHSJ News the 911 charges on everyone's phone bill has been paying the salaries of EMO workers.

Doucet claims the government has misled the people by changing the definition of the telephone service to include co-ordinating emergencies -- in turn -- paying EMO workers while volunteers like the Fire Departments are still giving their time.

On the other side of things, Conservative MLA Curtis Malloch tells CHSJ News the government has to find places to find money to deal with emergencies.

Malloch says he doesn't understand why Doucet is acting like this is a surprise because the Minister stood in the house and clearly said the amendment was taking place.  He accuses Doucet of politically grand-standing during an election year.

Politicians, Community Members Wonder If Sally Ann Can Be Saved

With the news that the Salvation Army on Saint James Street is closing on April 30th, many are wondering if it's too late, and whether something can still be done.

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant tells CHSJ News he's very concerned to hear about the closure, because in his view, the Salvation Army has been doing great work with the city's homeless population since the early 80s.

Gallant says over that amount of time, workers building up a level of expertise it would be a shame to lose. Gallant visited the facility today to speak with workers and gain a better understanding of what the future of the Salvation Army in Saint John could look like.

Debunking Myths About Partridge Island

Local Historian Harold Wright wants to debunk what he says are some of the common misconceptions about Partridge Island in a presentation at the Main Branch Library.

Wright says contrary to popular belief, there aren't thousands of Irish immigrants buried there, but only 850. As well, he says it's inaccurate to compare Partridge Island to Ellis Island, as many people often do, because the role Partridge Island played in immigration was comparatively miniscule. As well, he says while arsenic and other unhealthy compounds were found on the site they don't make the island inherently dangerous.

He estimates vandals have done as much as 1 million dollars worth of damage to the island.

Wright says we need to stop thinking that Partridge Island is going to be a popular tourist attraction and try to build something there than this community can enjoy along the lines of the Irving Nature Park.

Cardy Speaks To BOT on Education, Energy and Jobs

For the first time in many years, the Saint John Board of Trade inviting the Provincial NDP leader to come and speak to its members.  

Dominic Cardy hit many topics including education, small business and the energy sector. 

Cardy tells CHSJ News the security is built in with the Energy East pipeline but the prospect of controlling a shale gas industry is another matter.

He says with shale gas you have hundreds if not thousands of wells scattered all through the backwood of the province in many cases and we don't have the inspection regimes so he can't see where we can safely regulate this industry.

Irving Oil was on hand at the Delta luncheon today along with Port Saint John and Mayor Mel Norton.

Police Confirm Connection Between SJ & Freddy Drugstore Robberies

Two robberies at drug stores three weeks apart are connected---the first at MediTrust on Manawagonish Road and the other at a Pharmasave in Fredericton.

Sgt. Jay Henderson confirms to CHSJ News there is a connection between the two crimes.

Two men in their 20's including one from Saint John are facing charges after a Pharmasave was robbed in Fredericton on Monday and that resulted in a standoff at a nearby hotel.

Kyle Alexander Cameron of Saint John and Tyson Paul Colford of Moncton are both facing charges.

The Saint John robbery occurred on February 4th and at the time police thought two people might be involved

Flemming Says Healthcare Costs Have Been Reined In

Provincial Health Minister Ted Flemming has unveiled details of the 2.6 billion dollar healthcare budget for 2014-2015. 

He says health care expenditures are expected to be under budget for the second year in a row because the province can't afford to do otherwise.

Flemming maintains the cost of healthcare was rising at such a yearly rate, it was becoming financially unsustainable.

As for the Liberals' plan for healthcare, Flemming charges they don't have one.

The budget includes 27 million dollars for the drug plan, more than 367 thousand dollars to improve the health of expectant moms and newborns and 2.2 million for mental health initiatives.

Flemming also announcing no one will have to pay for the cost of an ambulance as of April 1st. 70 per cent of New Brunswickers are covered by their own private plans if they have to use an ambulance.


Ice Storm Cost NB Power Big Bucks

NB Power has reduced its net debt by $55 million and expects a fourth consecutive year of earnings in 2013-14 despite incurring millions of dollars in storm expenses during the last quarter and some of the most volatile natural gas market prices in years. 

Restoring power to more than 88,000 customers following a series of destructive winter storms cost NB Power about $12 million. The 12 million  was made up of nearly $9 million for contracted crews from within and outside New Brunswick as well as $3 million in extra costs for utility crews and materials plus meals, travel, vehicles, and lodging.

NB Power says it's preparing for an expanded tree trimming program which is expected to get underway in April and May. 

UPDATE: Two Envelopes Containing Powder Found In SJ

A commotion in two corners of the City after a suspicious envelope arrived at St. Joe's and at an East side funeral home containing a white powder.  

No one was exposed and four people nearby at the time were  decontaminated along with the area involved.

Around the same time, another envelope with something suspicious inside was found at Fundy Funeral Home on Westmorland Road. 

That was taken away for analysis and again, no one was exposed.
Both Police and Fire believe they know the source of the envelopes.

Sgt. Jay Henderson of the City police tells us no one was hurt and they ask the public should they ever find a suspicious package to not open it but call police.    

The Major Crime Unit is looking into the incident. 

Changes For Spring Weight Restrictions

The start date for spring weight restrictions for truck traffic in southern New Brunswick has been delayed by one week due to all the cold weather in the forecast

Now, these restrictions will come into effect at midnight on Sunday, March 9, until midnight on Sunday, May 18.

These are the same dates set for restrictions in northern New Brunswick. 

District engineers are authorized to close roads to trucks or impose weight restrictions on highways or portions of highways depending on the road conditions.

Man Burned Trying To Save Garage

An attempt by a man on Latimore Lake Road to prevent his garage from catching fire resulted in him suffering minor burns. 

It all happened when his vehicle caught fire inside the garage and he tried to push it out of harm's way to prevent the fire from spreading.

Gas Prices Continue Upward Climb

There's no relief for drivers after the weekly setting of gas prices. Self serve regular in the city has gone up by two and a half cents to $1.36.9 a litre. 

The increase for diesel is even higher at 3 and a half cents a litre to stand at $1.54.8 around town. 

The maximum price for heating oil has risen by nearly a cent to $1.35.2 a litre.

 For the second week in a row, propane went down in price to a maximum of $1.49.2.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

UPDATE: Loretta Saunders's Body Found West of Salisbury

Halifax police are treating the disappearance of Loretta Saunders as a homicide.

The 26 year old pregnant St. Mary's student was reported missing to police on the 17th after last being seen in Halifax on the 13th.

Her car was found in Ontario where 25-year-old Blake Leggette and 28-year-old Victoria Henneberry were arrested by Ontario police.    Both have been returned to Halifax.

Police say they have identified suspects in this homicide and are not looking for anyone else. 

At about 430 this afternoon, police found Loretta’s body in the median off of the Trans-Canada Highway west of Salisbury. 

High School Kids Get Shot At $5,000

This afternoon, 900 students from high schools across the region gathered for the Student Superpower Challenge.

Three teams of students could win as much as $5,000 to pursue innovative ideas that solve real-world problems in the categories of Our Town, Our People, Our Environment, Our School, and Our Style.

Olivia Wills is in high school at J.M.A Armstrong in Salisbury She tells CHSJ News she learned a lot about what's trending in the tech sector--particularly, that coding isn't just for "hackers" like one sees on TV and movies, but that it's simply about problem-solving.

Students have been challenged to find a real-world problem they want to solve and pitch it by April 30 to T4G, Brilliant Labs and Wicked Ideas.

The winners will be announced May 16th.

VIDEO: Salvation Army's Centre of Hope Closing

See Rhonda Harrington of the Salvation Army speak about why the Centre is closing on April 30th and what they are doing to mitigate the impact.

Support A Local Program For Young Girls With Just One Click

It can be a hard world for girls in 2014, given our fast-paced, celebrity and weight-obsessed culture. That's why healthy eating, physical activity, and self-esteem are all the more important for girls ages 10 to 14.

A local program that helps young girls weather those essential tough issues in a fun, supportive environment could win as much as 25,000 dollars in a contest by Goodlife Fitness--but they need your vote.

Big Brothers Executive Director Laurie Collins tells CHSJ News the Go Girls Program is setting many local young women on a better path--but with that prize money, they'd be able to do much more. With the money, Collins says they could afford to run a summer camp and reach for more girls.

You can vote online until noon tomorrow on the Win 4 Kids Facebook page. You can vote for them here.

Liberals Accuse Alward Government Of Not Having A Plan On Education

The opposition Liberals are accusing the Alward Government of having no plan for education. Moncton East M-L-A Chris Collins wants to know how the province is going to produce better educated students.

Education Minister Marie Claude-Blais disputes that contention and calls it insulting to suggest those people who work in education are flying by the seat of their pants ever since the Alward Government abandoned the 21st century learning agenda. Collins is pressing Blais to be specific about what has taken its place.

Blais maintains incredible work is being done just on inclusion alone.

Warrant Issued For Fredericton Teen

The RCMP are looking for help finding an 18-year-old Fredericton man in connection with an incident that occurred in December of last year.

18-year-old Nicholas Daniel Bain is wanted in connection with a Boxing Day incident in Pennfield.

RCMP seized a significant quantity of drugs, a loaded handgun and body armor during a traffic stop.  He's facing several charges related to alleged drug trafficking and weapons offenses.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Nicholas Bain is asked to contact the RCMP at 506-755-1130, their local RCMP detachment or Crime Stoppers at or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Man Arrested In Drug Store Robbery

City Police arresting a man in connection with the robbery of a drug store on the West side earlier this month.

On February 4 a man came into the MediTrust on the Manawagonish Road demanding prescription pills then took off into a waiting truck after getting some.

The 22-year-old will be appearing before a judge at a later date.
Two men are believed to be involved in the incident

BREAKING: Salvation Army In South End Announces Imminent Closure

The Salvation Army has announced the Center of Hope on Saint James Street, which provides emergency and longer-term housing for the city's homeless, will be closing its doors as of April 30th.

Rhonda Harrington of the Sally Ann tells CHSJ News the organization has offered residential services in this city since 1906, with the current facility operating since 1982.

The Center of Hope has been receiving $1 million annually from the province. Recently, a request for additional funding to repair the aging building was turned down. The organization has released a statement explaining the Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters has had to provide significant emergency operating funds to fill the gaps, and the shortfall has made the operations unsustainable.

The Salvation Army is now working to place all their current clients elsewhere. According to their website, the shelter has 67 beds in total for men, with 27 of the beds for the Community Housing Program and 40 for the Special Care Program.

Harrington says talks have already began with an eye to offering services at a new location in Saint John--however, no details are forthcoming on when and where that might be.

Missing Woman Last Seen On King Street

The Major Crime Unit of the SJPD is looking for your help finding Karen Lynn Ogden.....the 35 year old was reported missing on Sunday. She was last seen on the 19th at an uptown bank on King Street.

She is described as being 5'7"- 5'8", about 170lbs, wearing black ¾ length jacket, dark pants, shoulder length brown hair with blond highlights, brown eyes, facial piercings including- an eyebrow ring, nose ring, a loop earring in her lip, a tribal style tattoo on her lower back with "Jamie" written in it.

The Saint John Police Force is continuing the search and is asking anyone who has any information in relation to this missing person to contact the Saint John Police Force at 506-648-3333 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Van Seized After Striking Woman

A 73 year old woman is fighting for her life at the Regional Hospital after being struck by a van while making her way to the Mercantle Centre across the Viaduct. 

City Police say their investigation continues and the van has been seized. It will be examined for any mechanical problems.

Saint John Man Charged In Fredericton Holdup

A 24 year old Saint John man has been charged in the aftermath of an armed robbery earlier this week at a pharmacy on Prospect Street in Fredericton followed by a standoff at a nearby hotel which ended peacefully. 

24 year old Kyle Alexander Cameron is charged with robbery and disguise with intent. 

A Moncton man, 26 year old Tyson Paul Colford has been charged with robbery. 

The two have been remanded to jail until they next appear in court.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nominate A Worthy Volunteer For NB Human Rights Award

The NB Human Rights Commission is seeking nominations for the 27th annual New Brunswick Human Rights Award.

The awards recognize outstanding volunteer achievements and leadership----either by individuals or organizations-- in promoting equality and human rights in the province.

The deadline is April 1. The award was founded in 1988, and last year, the recipient was John Wood of Oromocto.

For the nomination form, click here

All LLCC Users Found Another Home

Every group using the old dilapidated Loch Lomond Community Centre has found a new home.

Regional Services Commission Chair Grace Losier tells CHSJ News says all users have found space elsewhere and some wouldn't go back if given the choice.

She says the City was approached after the centre lost because many were fearful about what it's absence would mean to the community.

The City has said if as a region they want to build a new facility or repair the old and someone from one of the LSD's wants to take the lead they they can have that discussion but as it stands now all the groups have been accommodated.

The RSC passed a motion to share the information from the City's report to the LSD's who may have used the Centre.

A Pedestrian Crash, and Shoplifters Busted

Some shoplifters who tried to make away with merchandise from a local sports store were busted shortly after leaving the store yesterday afternoon.

Sergeant Jay Henderson of the Saint John Police Department explains a 36 year old man and a 19-year-old woman were arrested for stealing $430 worth of goods. They were charged with theft under $5,000.

As well, around 2pm crash on the viaduct, near the intersection of Union and St. Patrick Streets, between a van and a 73-year-old pedestrian resulted in the senior being taken to hospital with serious injuries. 

The traffic division is looking into what happened.

NB Power Now Testing Smart Grid Technology

Data Science will allow NB Power to be more efficient and could even reduce your electricity bill if it costs the utility less to operate.

 Brad Wasson who's in charge of rolling out the smart grid tells CHSJ News someday NB Power might even be able to predict when an outage might happen with the use of sensors.

Wasson says if there is an outage, Big Data would allow NB Power to respond faster instead of waiting until someone gives them a call.

He estimates the smart grid technology will be implemented in stages over the next five to ten years.

Local Housing Market Will Remain Lacklustre

The Saint John housing market in 2014 will be flat but the worst is over. So says analyst Jason Beaton of Canada Mortgage and Housing who tells CHSJ News it's a good time if you want to buy a home because there's an over supply but if you are looking to sell your home, there's a lot of competition for buyers and it's taking, on average, 120 days to make the sale.

Beaton doesn't expect growth in the housing market until 2016. He says there's an over supply of homes and apartments in Saint John with the vacancy rate at a record 12 per cent which accounts for the incentives being offered to renters.

He does say the housing market is healthier in the Kennebecasis Valley than it is in the city proper.

A Saint Johner and Another Man Choose Judge And Jury For Arson Trial

Two men including one from Saint John facing arson charges relating to a 2010 motel fire in St. Andrew's choosing to be tried by a judge and jury.

The owner of the motel, Gordon Lankisch of St. Andrews is charged with arson and conspiracy while Robert Levesque of Saint John is also charged with arson.

The Blue Moon Motel in St. Andrew's was destroyed by fire in June of 2010. 

The judge set a date of May 22 for preliminary inquiry.

VIDEO: Renovated K-Park Elementary Officially Opens

Applause rang through the gymnasium at Kennebecasis Park Elementary School as students, teachers and others celebrated the official opening of the upgraded facility. 

Superintendent of the Anglophone South School District Zoe Watson tells CHSJ News the gym is probably one of the biggest highlights for the kids because they didn't have a gym before, they had a large multi-purpose room you had to walk through to get to the office.

Renovations include upgrades to its architectural, mechanical and electrical systems along with a wheelchair lift. The school also grew in size with the construction of a more than 1,500 metre addition, and can now accommodate about 200 students.

What Does Big Data Have To Do With Healing Rates For Chronic Wounds?

"Big data" isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think about treating diabetic ulcers and chronic wounds--but actually, the vast information doctors collect on patients could be used more efficiently, speeding healing by as much as a year.

Health Outcomes Worldwide CEO Corinne McIsaac presented this morning at the T4G Big Data Congress. She tells CHSJ News users of their database have the tools to heal patients faster. On a yearly basis, $3.9 billion is spent on would care in Canada.

Doctors, RNs, and other healthcare professionals can access the database from their phone or computer and see a graph of all the information about a particular patient.

Even though McIsaac says they've demonstrated the dramatic benefits of the service, McIsaac says they're having a hard time getting New Brunswick to sign on--despite having clients across Canada and overseas. McIsaac says they've met with Health Minister Ted Flemming, but haven't received any word about using the system here in New Brunswick.

New Planning Regulations For Future Development In City Moves Forward

If you're sick of noise from illegal car repair shops or seeing buildings torn down to make way for vacant lots, you might be pleased to see Common Council voting to take the steps to finalize ZoneSJ by this summer. 

The draft zoning bylaw is the result of numerous public info sessions and workshops, and presents a roadmap of where new development should be located and where it shouldn't. 

Common Councillors John Mackenzie and David Merrithew say they hope the city can enforce it.

The zoning by-law is also supposed to keep heavy industrial developments away from residential areas although some people who live in rural areas of the city complain it focuses too much on the urban core, neglecting the interests of those outside. 

Only Common Councillor Susan Fullerton voted against moving forward with Zone SJ but she declined to comment on why.

Probe Underway After Fire On East Side

A fire on the east side is under investigation. It broke out in a baby barn on Knox Court but was prevented from spreading.

The fire department also reporting a woman was struck by a car on Union Street outside the Mercantile Centre. Police say she was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Men Arrested In Armed Robbery

Fredericton police have arrested two men in connection with the robbery of a pharmacy at 640 Prospect Street this morning.

Around 11am, one man went into the business carrying a weapon and made demands, then fled in a black SUV with undisclosed items.

No one was injured, and the suspects were tracked down at an uptown hotel around 3pm. They eventually surrendered to police without incident.

Salvation Army's Funding Request Denied By DSD

A request from the Salvation Army for more funding to go towards the Centre of Hope getting shot down by the Department of Social Development. 

Minister Madeline Dube tells CHSJ News they have been reviewing the request for the past few weeks and says based on the business plan and financial information given to them by the Salvation Army, they've decided they're not able give them more than the $1.1-million already being given.

The department says they could find efficiencies and that they will work with the non-profit to identify those so that it can be more financially sustainable. She tells us in terms of changes, a combination of things would need to happen including reducing services and staffing.

The centre's future is currently uncertain, and it could be closing by the end of February.

MLA Surprised At Salvation Army's Dire Situation

The Saint John Harbour M-L-A says the possible closure of the Salvation Army Centre of Hope in the South end seems to have come out of left field. 

Carl Killen calls the situation totally unexpected and tells CHSJ News he toured the facility a short while ago and things appeared to be going well, and now he's hearing they're in trouble.

Killen says no matter what happens, he's confident the government will continue to make sure that people who are now using the facility on St. James Street continue receiving the services they require.

Fatal Snowmobile Crash Near Bathurst

A Moncton man being killed in a snowmobile crash in northern New Brunswick. 

The 21-year-old died after being ejected from the snowmobile on a trail located about thirty kilometres south of Bathurst. 

RCMP did not release the man's name.