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Thursday, April 4, 2013

CHSJ News Nominated For An AJA

The folks at the CHSJ Newsroom really are Your Source For Local News--but of course, you knew that already.

CHSJ News is proud to announce our newsroom has been nominated for an Atlantic Journalism Award in the Best Newscast Category.

The Atlantic Journalism Awards honour excellence in the content and presentation of a radio newscast on any Atlantic Canada radio station. 

The awards are handed out May 11.

The Big Apple Meets The Bay Of Fundy

Big Apple, meet the Bay of Fundy.....Tourism Minister Trevor Holder announcing our province will be renting some ad space in Times square. 

Holder tells CHSJ News the City of New York approached the province to run the ad....and we got a surprisingly good price.

He says it will cost $20,000 and it will come out of the tourism budget for this year. 

He adds his department needs to be more strategic in how they advertise and this an example of how they can do that with the money they have.

The ad runs until June. About 1.5 million people pass through Times Square every day.

One In Custody After Motorcyle Theft

Did you notice the big police presence in East Saint John earlier this afternoon?

City police got the call about two men trying to steal a motorcycle from a Rothesay avenue business.

Sergeant Jim Fleming tells CHSJ News the call came in just 
after 1.

He says police were on scene within a minute arresting one man as he fled in the woods and the K9 unit and other officers are looking for a second suspect.

Fleming tells us their officers set up a perimeter in Fernhill Cemetery and he says they did recover some evidence in the woods.

The second man police are looking for has been identified and the pair face charges of Theft Over $5000.

Surveillance Cameras In The Uptown Could Soon Be Reality

With repeated arson attempts, vandalism, and other issues at buildings throughout the city, city police are looking for better ways to remedy the ongoing issues.

Police Chief Bill Reid tells CHSJ News some areas including King Square could soon be outfitted with closed-circuit cameras to catch the culprits in the act.

Reid says it's not totally new--the police force has already installed cameras where there's an ongoing crime problem with the permission of the property owners.

Weston Hands Symphony Over $100K

If you never miss a performance by Symphony New Brunswick, you'll be happy to know the Feds have given their foundation over $120,000.

MP Rodney Weston announcing the money at the Imperial Theatre on behalf of Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore.

Symphony New Brunswick Foundation President Reid Parker tells CHSJ News they have benefited from the Sistema program of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra.

He says a substantial number of those teachers are now performing with the symphony and they are fantastic musicians.

For more information on Symphony New Brunswick, click here

Mayor's Suggestion Where The Marco Polo Should Be Is Welcomed

A thumbs up from the face and voice of the Marco Polo tall ship project to the suggestion by Mayor Mel Norton where the replica should be permanently located.

The Mayor would like to see it close to Market Square with the volleyball pit redesigned.

That's fine and dandy with Barry Ogden who's predicting the Marco Polo will become a big tourist draw and perhaps the most photographed attraction in the province when it's finally up.

The Marco Polo is still in storage on the west side but Ogden tells CHSJ news it's being protected and is in good shape.

Ontario To Investigate Watered Down Chemo Drugs

An investigation will be carried out in Ontario by an independent third party into how watered down chemotherapy drugs were given to more than 1,100 patients, including 186 at the Regional Hospital.

The issue of whether privatization of the preparation of the chemo drugs might have been a factor has been raised by Ontario's Health Minister after a pharmacy technician noticed a discrepency in the amount of fluid in some of the bags.

Chief of Staff Dr. John Dornan is promising the Regional Hospital is going to be alot more careful in the future. He's vowing there will be more specificity with suppliers. 

Most hospitals mix the medications themselves and, even though the Regional has a new supplier, Dr. Dornan says it's a possible option.

Gas Prices Rise But Not By Much

If you have to fill up today, you'll be paying a it more for gas after the weekly setting. 

Self serve regular has risen by just over a cent a litre to $1.30.4 and diesel is up just under a cent to $1.36.4. 

Heating oil has increased by almost a cent with a maximum price of $1.16.4.

Prominent City Lawyer Faces Possible Prison Time

A well known Saint John lawyer Rod Gillis is scheduled to be in court today in Moncton at a sentencing hearing for attempting to obstruct justice. 

The actual sentence itself won't be delivered by Judge Irwin Lampert until a later date because of all the documentation that has to be gone through.

The charge was laid in connection with Gillis's legal representation of former Liberal M-L-A Frank Branch. 

The former Speaker of the Provincial Legislature was charged with fraud and extortion. He was also also legally involved in a civil suit against the North Shore Forest Products Marketing Board.  Branch pleaded guilty to fraud over 5 thousand dollars, ordered to pay restitution and was sentenced to house arrest and probation. 

Meanwhile, according to the Law Society of New Brunswick website, Gillis has been suspended from practicing law but there's no explanation why.

Halfway House Can Handle Violet Rapist, Says Police Chief

As an online petition against the release of a violent sex offender in the Saint John area continues to gather steam on Facebook, Police Chief Bill Reid wants to address the public outcry over the so-called Motorcycle Rapist living in our community.

The Chief tells CHSJ News Parole Services has an excellent track record of monitoring offenders. Further, an officer embedded in the halfway house will act as eyes and ears for the force and alert them immediately if something untoward happens.

Reid says while there's always the possibility someone could get up and walk out of the house unescorted, the team there has the right procedures in place and he feels comfortable they can handle the placement.