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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reid Weighs In on Police Force's Operating Costs

As the Saint John Police Force prepares for a big change to its new HQ at Peel Plaza next month, Police Chief Bill Reid tells CHSJ news the force is doing well on the financial side of things. Reid tells CHSJ News according to April's reports the police is operating at $50,000 to $150,000 under budget.

 He says although things are looking great at the moment there are always unexpected factors at play with police work--and it's hard to predict what kind of numbers they could be facing down the line.

 Reid says the police force has been on budget for the past two years but that kind of track record does mean they have to do careful monitoring.

Homeless Teens At A Loss On Getting Help

You can't turn your life around if you don't have a place to stay or food in your belly. 

So says June Breau-Nason of the Saint John Teen Resource Centre which just got 30 thousand dollars from the federal government. She says when teens who are up against it show up at the Teen Resource Centre, they are treated with respect....... It doesn't matter who they are or where they come from.
Breau-Nason says young people also have a tough time getting the help they need because they have trouble navigating the system and that's where the people at the Teen Resource Centre can help.

Federal NDP Leader Campaigning In Rothesay

Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair will be in Rothesay this afternoon to give the campaign of provincial party leader Dominic Cardy, who's running in the June 25th byelection, a boost.
Interim Provincial Liberal leader Victor Boudreau tells CHSJ News the appointment of former Rothesay M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney as the C-E-O of Efficiency NB is turning more and more into a campaign issue. Both the Liberals and New Democrats have been hammering away at that appointment. 

Boudreau accuses Premier David Alward of taking patronage to a whole new level and the provincial economy to a whole new low. The Premier has countered by accusing the Liberals of increasing the provincial debt by 50 per cent during their last term in charge.
Mulcair will be speaking at a 1:00 rally in the Bill McGuire Community Centre.

Car Break-In Uptown

Keep your car locked and don't use it to store valuables--that from the Saint John police force in the light of a late-night car break in in the uptown area,

At around 12:30 last night police responding to a call that someone had their car window smashed on Canterbury Street and some personal items taken. Staff Sergeant Tanya Leblanc tells CHSJ News there are steps you can take to prevent thefts from your car, including hiding valuables under the seat or not leaving them in your car to begin with. 

Leblanc says people breaking into cars is a fairly regular occurrence in Saint John.

Van Struck By Bike

No serious injuries after a van getting struck by a motorcycle near Simms Corner. Sergeant Brian Wilson of the Saint John Police Force tells CHSJ News the van was hit by the bike at Bridge Road, which is near the infamous intersection. 

The driver of the motorcycle was taken to hospital by ambulance.

No word yet on the cause of the crash.