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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Losier Says RVCC Tax Benefits The Whole Community

If people aren't thrilled about user fees, Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier says now is the chance to put their two cents in.

Residents of 6 local service districts are voting next month on whether to keep supporting the River Valley Community Centre. Some are upset since they don't use it, while others want to keep paying the taxes so user fees are low.

Losier says even if you're not directly using the arena, the whole community benefits by having this kind of facility. She says it draws young families into the area and keeps youth out of trouble. Losier says the proposed rate of $26 on a $100,000 home isn't a lot to ask, considering if the tax was dropped the user fees would increase dramatically.

Information sessions are happening this week until the vote on January 7th.

Frozen Beef Burgers Recall Might Expand

Officials say they might expand a Canada-wide recall of frozen beef burgers contaminated with E. coli.

The recall covers Butchers' Choice Beef Burgers made by Cardinal Meat Specialists in Brampton, Ontario and sold by Loblaws stores -- which owns Superstore.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is trying to determine if 5 illnesses in Alberta and Ontario are linked to the products.

The agency says the five patients have either recovered, or are recovering.  
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Xmas Fire Safety Tips Might Surprise You

Though the idea of "hanging the stockings by the chimney with care" sounds festive, it's actually a big fire hazard.

That's according to Saint John Fire Division Chief Mark Wilson, who says there a few steps you can take to have a happy and safe holiday.

Wilson advises you to buy fresher Christmas trees, which tend to be more moisture rich unlike dry ones which can ignite faster. For decorations, use ones that are flame retardants and are out of reach of small kids and animals.

A big no-no is using indoor lights outside or vise versa. Outdoor lights are too hot for indoors and indoor lights lack weather proofing connections. Before you use your lights, you should lay them out and check for any cracks in wiring or in the bulbs.

Don't leave candles unattended and make sure they're in a study holder.

And the biggest mistake people make? Throwing torn apart Christmas wrapping into the wood stove or fireplace. Wilson says that creates too much heat in a short period of time and results in chimney fires. He says very quickly the temperature can go from 200 degrees to 8 or 900 degrees.

True Growth 2.0 Support Grows

True Growth 2.0 is getting full support from communities in Greater Saint John.

The initiative, steered by Enterprise Saint John, is a regional development strategy to develop our business and culture. When it started in 2003 it focused on improving 4 sectors (energy, health and life sciences, tourism, and ICT) but now it's hoping to attract and keep new people to the region.

The town of Rothesay is committing $86,000 a year for 3 years, or about $3,000 a year more than before. Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ news economic development is the answer to improving our way of life and getting more tax dollars. He says if Saint John grows, it benefits the outlying communities.

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll agrees, saying if more business is brought to Saint John more people will move to Quispmasis. Driscoll says True Growth 2.0 has such a healthy attitude and provides fresh opportunities for the region. He says when that happens you can expect better things to come.

Car Accident Traps Two Women

Photo courtesy of Joseph Comeau
Two women being sent to hospital after a two car accident on the corner of Carmarthen and Union street last night.

Saint John Fire Department Platoon Chief Roy Byers tells CHSJ news the two women were trapped in an SUV that was flipped on it's side. Fire crews managed to pull the roof off and free the two.

The accident happened around 8 o'clock.