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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Former Glen Falls Resident Comments on Flooding

(Rothesay Avenue---Photo by Jim Hennessy)

A politician who built her career on the flooding problem in Glen Falls is shocked at the latest water problems for the area. Former Mayor and MP Elsie Wayne tells CHSJ News, this issue has to find a resolution once and for all.

Wayne says along with the flooding there are health issues at play here with many seniors trapped in their homes and who knows what kind of contaminants are in the water itself.

Latest on Road Closures----New for 11am, Sunday, Oct.25th/2009

            (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

· Rothesay Avenue from McLean to Rothesay Road

· Retail Drive at Oakland

· Westmorland Road from McAllister Avenue to Consumers Drive

· McAllister Drive from Rothesay Avenue to Westmorland

· Ashburn Road from Rothesay Road to Foster Thurston

· Foster Thurston from Crowley Road to Ashburn Road

· Golden Grove Road from John T. McMillan Avenue to McAllister Avenue

· Several other local roads throughout the Glen Falls neighbourhood:

City crews continue to monitor road closures and perform maintenance and repairs in various locations throughout the City. The public is reminded not to drive through water-covered or closed roads as doing so may cause vehicle damage or damage to adjacent properties. Barricades have been placed in the area of the road closures and City police are out to aid in enforcement and traffic control.

Mayor Court's Father Loses Battle With Cancer

It was with a heavy heart Mayor Court took a tour of the flood damaged area's in the metro. His father passed away on Friday after a lengthy battle with cancer. The funeral service is set to go on Tuesday morning at St. Pius Church at eleven o'clock.

Visting is today and tomorrow between two and four and seven and nine at Fitzpatricks Funeral home on Waterloo Street. Harvey Court was 84 years old.

Heavy Rain Brings More Flooding Headaches

(Flooded Area in Glen Falls--Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Just weeks after a lot of homes in Greater Saint John took on water, more heavy rain and high wind has blanketed the area. Several homes and streets not only in the metro but Sussex as well just couldn't handle how fast the rain was falling and are knee and hip deep. They include Foster Thurston Drive, Rothesay Avenue under the train bridge, Ashburn lake Road, McAllister Drive and McLaren Boulevard. Part of the problem is leaves are covering a lot of the sewer drains which is backing things up.
Staff Sargeant Steve Patterson tells CHSJ News, barricades are up on those roads which are impassable and City Police have a zero tolerance policy in effect today.......any vehicles caught trying to run through a closed area will be ticketed. Several homes and businesses around the Province are with-out power as well. Sussex, the Rothesay area and Fredericton combined have close to 6000 off the NB Power grid.

Outlying Areas Hit Hard By Flooding as Well

(Rothesay Avenue---Photo by Jim Hennessy)

The Saint John area not the only area suffering from flooding - we have reports of flooding in the Sussex area with some home owners and farm animals being stranded. On the Kingston Peninsula - we have received reports of some washouts along road shoulders and even a mud slide.

A lot of homes and even one volunteer fire department have been hit by flash flooding. If you are out on rural roads today - be careful and watch for washouts and water over the road. For a complete list of the area's closed to traffic, check out our web page at news.

Home-Owners React to Flooding

(Shot from Palmers Porch---Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Glen Falls is one of the hardest hits areas follwing this latest rain storm. Norman Palmer lives at 97 Golden Grove Road and tells CHSJ News, this is beyond bad. Palmer says the water on his property has risen three feet since six this morning. His neighbor is Zoe Nicholas who tells CHSJ News, he is getting close to packing up for higher ground and blames all the recent development in the East Point Shopping area for the water problems.

Both home-owners can't get insurance because their homes are listed as being in a flood zone.


Mayor Court Comments on Flooding

(Photo by Jim Hennessy--Vehicle on Golden Grove)

Mayor Ivan Court was out surveying the damage and tells CHSJ News, this is some of the worst flooding he has even seen with water up to the roof of vehicles and people out on their roof-tops tryign to escape the rising water. Court is no stranger to flooding as his home also took on water during last night's storm.
As for a solution to the problem, Court says it may be time to declare Glen Falls and other area's as disaster zones because no matter how much they do, you can't control mother nature.