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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Air Tank Leak Diverts Traffic

Police on scene at 430 Grandview avenue after an air tank started leaking. 

Traffic is being diverted from the area and Grandview avenue is closed from Bayside Drive to Champlain Drive. 

The HASMAT Unit was called in as precaution but the leak has stopped at this time.

New Gas Prices Released

A change in gas prices on a Saturday. 

The Energy and Utilities Board listing the maximum price for self serve regular at 135.9 cents a litre. 

Diesel going down 7 cents from 135.3 to 128, and heating oil going down 7 cents to 110.1. 

Our newsroom has put a call in to the utility board to find out why there's a change at the pumps on Saturday and is waiting to hear back.