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Monday, March 4, 2013

Warrant Out For Arrest Of Man In Stabbing Near Sussex

There's now a warrant out for a man wanted in connection with a stabbing near Sussex last Wednesday.
49-year-old Robin White is charged with attempted murder and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He is described as a white man, approximately 5'11'' tall, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing glasses, a black coat, blue jeans and black boots. He may be driving a 2009 grey Honda Ridgeline truck with N.B. license plate CPM 926.

The woman was seriously injured and remains in the Sussex Regional Hospital.
If you see White or his vehicle you're asked not to approach him and to contact police or Crime Stoppers immediately.

Aquarius Tavern Closes Its Doors

The Aquarius Tavern, a landmark watering hole since 1970,  is closed.     

Blaine Harris of the Saint John West Business Association confirms to CHSJ News the famed west side bar is closed throwing about 10 people out of work.

He says they have had a downswing in both the bar and food business over the last few years.
Harris says the owners have decided as of today that it's just costing too much to maintain the property and the staff.

When asked if anyone else might take it over, Harris tells us he doesn't know if anyone would take it over the Aquarius Tavern as a bar/restaurant adding it needs some work.

KV Fire Conducting A Station Location Study

Neither Quispamsis nor Rothesay have said yes to a new fire station but that isn't stopping KV Fire from scouting out the perfect spot for a new one.

Tenders are currently being accepted for a fire station location study.

KV Fire Chief Bill Ireland tells CHSJ News the current fire station on Campbell Drive is no longer suitable for their needs.

He says they have exceeded the capacity of the building that they currently operate out of in Quispamsis.

Ireland points out neither community has committed to building a new fire station but they are just doing some of the work needed should that decision be made in the future.  

The deadline to submit tenders for the location study is March 22nd.

Depending On Your Meds, Be Wary Of Grapefruit

A seemingly harmless grapefruit could be the source of a life-threatening reaction to some prescription medications.

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month and those in this province are trying to create awareness about the harmful drug interactions between prescription or over the counter meds and even food.

Paul Blanchard of the provincial pharamacist's association tells CHSJ News as many as 1 in 9 ER visits are the result of at-risk drug events.

He says it can be the abuse of a narcotic and it can also be the interaction of someone taking a medication and consuming foods like grapefruit.

To help spread the word on the 6000 dangerous combinations and 11,000 possible side effects, the Association are making available a new pamphlet outlining the most common drug interations. 

It will be available in provincial pharmacies this month.

NB Power Lowers Point Lepreau's Power

NB Power tweeting earlier today that the Point Lepreau Generating Station is temporarily reducing power to allow adjustments to re-fuelling equipment.

The move is necessary to allow adjustments to be made to equipment associated with re-fuelling the reactor.

Site VP and Chief Nuclear Officer Sean Granville says the restart of the station has gone extremely well given all the factors involved and they have been very pleased with reactor performance to date.

Before Point Lepreau came back online in November of 2012, the reactor was filled with new fuel.

Granville says they have now reached the point in the operation of the Station that online fuelling is required on an ongoing basis to sustain the operation.

Price Of Gas And Heating Oil Rising

The Energy and Utilities Board has come to a decision on how high the maximum wholesale profit margin should be for gas and heating oil. 

It means you'll have to pay half a cent a litre more after the weekly setting on Thursday regardless of what happens with the price of oil this week. 

Irving Oil had applied for a higher increase in its wholesale profit margins for both gas and heating oil and the E-U-B decision falls short of what it had applied for. 

The maximum wholesale margin for gas will increase from six cents a litre to just over 6 and a half cents. For heating oil, the wholesale margin, which had been five cents a litre, will rise to 5 and a half cents a litre on Thursday as well.

P3 Could Help Deliver Clean Water--But At What Cost?

As the city decides whether or not to go ahead with a public private partnership, some concerned taxpayers are criticizing P3 as an example of the federal government abandoning its responsibility to this municipality. 

Letitica Adair of the Council of Canadians tells CHSJ News while they'll listen to what P3 Canada has to say they don't think depending on private companies for safe water is wise--since by definition, private companies are interested exclusively in fattening their bottom lines.

P3 Canada has 1.2 billion dollars in funding available for major projects like clean water. Its advocates, who appear to include Mayor Mel Norton, says the people of Saint John have spoken loudly and clearly and it's up to the city to explore all the available avenues to deliver. As well, P3 Canada representative John McBride pointed out in a presentation to council last week that it's obvious the private sector performs better if it's their money on the line.

Councillor Raising Questions About Aging Water Pipes

An evaluation is being done by Price Waterhouse Cooper about whether the public-private partnership called the P-3 model is the best way to pay for the water treatment plant on the east side when it comes to spending tax dollars. 

Mayor Mel Norton expects that study will be done and a report prepared for Common Council in a couple of weeks.

Some questions being raised by Common Councillor Bill Farren on what the cost of clean water will be when it's all said and done. 

He wants to know if all the aging underground pipes will have to be replaced when a water treatment plant is constructed and if they're not, will there still be boil orders if there are continuing watermain breaks.

Attempted Robbery And Missing Man Found

There was an attempted armed robbery in the uptown last night around 9 at King and Germain. Police say no one was injured and a suspect is being sought. 

They also tell CHSJ News an elderly man who went missing over the weekend has been found and is alright. Police had issued a public alert yesterday asking for help in finding 80 year old Donald Cook, who's legally blind and uses a white cane when walking.

Old North End Is Becoming A Better Neighbourhood

The Old North End is not a writeoff and the neighbourhood is slowly changing for the better..........That, from the President of One Change Scott Crawford who has spent ten years in the neighbourhood trying to make things better. 

Crawford tells CHSJ News he can understand why other Saint Johnners might think that if they're unfamiliar with the neighbourhood.

Crawford estimates there are something like 18 hundred people who live in the old North End and likely less than a dozen who cause the trouble but reports in the media tend to concentrate on crime and fires which give a negative impression of the community to other Saint Johnners. 

He points to Victoria Park as an example of change for the better where in the summer you see neighbourhood festivals and cultural events taking place.