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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crash Victim Identified

New for June 18 09 5:42pm

A radio listener has helped RCMP determine the identity of a woman who remains in a Moncton hospital in critical condition. Sussex RCMP tell us the 1990 Pontiac she was driving hit a moose last night at ten o'clock on Route 114.

Police have confirm the victim as a 32 year old woman from the Mechanic Settlement area. Her name has not been released. She remains in the Intensive Care Unit.

Decision Expected Soon for Alternative Heating System for Landfill

New for June 18 09 4:44pm

It won't be long now before the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission decides whether or not to use methane gas coming out of the landfill to heat and power its buildings. General Manager Mark MacLeod tells CHSJ News they expect to finish measuring the amount and composition of gas coming out of the landfill within a month.

MacLeod says their engineers are in the process of mounting a business case for using the gas to take the landfill off the electrical grid. He says doing so wouldn't be cheap. A decision is expected by fall.

Rockwood Park May be Developed for Housing

New for June 18 09 4:44pm

The group Friends of Rockwood Park is accusing the city of trying to sell off bits and pieces of the park to private developers. Common council tabled a proposal made on Monday to construct 12 four-unit townhouses on 4 acres of park property. The group says the lot has been deemed surplus to help pay for water infrastructure along Sandy Point Road. Spokesperson Joan Pearce tells CHSJ news the city is going down a slippery slope.

Pearce says development will pollute the nearby lakes and streams, and blasting on the hillsides will destroy the local ecosystems.

Worker Recovers from Fish Farm Accident

New for June 18 09 4:44pm

A 60-year-old man taken to hospital earlier this week after falling into a tub of disinfectant chemicals at a fish farm is doing just fine. The accident happened Tuesday afternoon at Cooke Aquaculture in St. George.

Fire officials say the chemical is called Foam Force and is used to clean the plant. A spokesperson for the plant tells CHSJ News the man was checked over and released from hospital. She says the company is looking at ways to prevent a similar accident from happening again. WorkSafeNB is also investigating.

Ten High School Students to Ride the Bus to Prom

New for June 18 09 4:41pm

A group of high schools students will arrive at their prom tonight in style. Sherry Aske and nine of her friends will arrive at the Kennebecasis Valley High School prom tonight in a fully decked-out chauffeur-driven city transit bus.

Aske was selected as the winner of The 40-Foot Limo – Ultimate Prom Experience from well over one hundred e-mail entries sent to our sister station The Wave.

First L-N-G Tanker Due Monday

The first tanker carrying liquefied natural gas for the new Canaport L-N-G terminal is due Monday. The first tank is ready to receive liquefied natural gas, and will under go a cooling process once the shipment arrives. The flare will be visible near the seaside of the terminal located off Red Head Road in Saint John’s East end for up tp 10 days. Energy Minister Jack Keir says this marks the start of Saint John being the energy hub.The second natural gas tank will be operational next month with the third and final tank accepting product by the end of the year. MeanwhleAs part of the normal commissioning process, Canaport LNG will engage its safety release flare system which will be visible from some vantage points within Saint John for up to 10 days.

Students Arriving At Prom In Forty Foot Limo

A group of high schools students will arrive at their prom tonight in style. Sherry Aske and nine of her friends will arrive at the Kennebecasis Valley High School prom tonight in a fully decked-out chauffeur-driven city transit bus.
Aske was selected as the winner of The 40-Foot Limo – Ultimate Prom Experience from well over one hundred e-mail entries sent to our sister station The Wave.

Convenience Stores Helping Economy

Along with providing your favourite snacks, necessities and in some cases gasoline, a new study shows convenience stores in Atlantic Canada are a nice shot for the economy as well. The Atlantic Convenience Stores Association Industry Report says the businesses employ 16,500 and generate $1.6 billion in tax revenues every year.
There are just over 2300 convenience stores in Atlantic Canada and 10.4 million people shop at them every day generating three billion in sales every year.

Union Claiming Victory

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is claiming a victory for casual workers around the Province. A court of Queens Bench judge has ruled the Provincial Public Service Relation Act contradicts the Charter of Rights. Cupe says casual employee's have been working in the public sector for years with no rights, earn less and have no benefits.
The judge is giving the province one year to remedy this situation. Cupe began this court fight back in September of 2005 to obtain these rights for casual workers.

New Irving Hanger Nearing Completion

If you've been out to or driven by the Saint John Airport recently, no doubt you have noticed construction underway on a new hangar. What we can tell you is it is a new facility for Irving Oil.
Spokes-person Leslie McLoud tells CHSJ News, crews are just about finished but no word on the design of the many planes it will hold or how much it cost.

McAllister Place Banning Shopping Carts

McAllister Place is putting a new rule into effect concerning shopping carts. Beginning July.2nd, carts will not be allowed in the shopping center. They will be restricted to Zellers, Sears, Sobeys and Toys R Us. Marketing Director for McAllister Place Tanya McCluskey Kelly says there are several alternatives to assist shoppers with multiple bags or parcels. Shopping kaddies, walkers, and wheelchairs will be available at Guest Services. Child strollers will continue to be available as well but will cost a loonie.
Kelly says the goal is to provide a a cleaner, less cluttered shopping centre. During their recent Creek Clean-Up, the Atlantic Coastal Action Program says they pulled 100 shopping carts out of the creek.

RCMP Seeking Help To Identify Woman

Sussex RCMP are asking for your help. An accident last night around ten o'clock in Mechanic Settlement saw a 1990 Pontiac hit a moose on Route 114. The woman driving has been transported to one of the hospitals in Moncton where she remains in critical condition.
Officers are still trying to figure out who the woman is. If you can help, call RCMP at 433-7700.

Gas Prices Continue Upward Climb

New for June.18th/2009:

New for Thursday 5am:

For the seventh week in a is going to cost you more to put gasoline in your vehicle. The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's weekly price schedule which shows the maximum price for a litre of self-serve is $103.6 which is up just shy of four cents from seven days ago. Most stations in the metro area have a posted price of $103.9.

Diesel is up just over two cents at 97.6........furnace oil is also up over two cents coming in at 79.7 while propane tops off at 84.3 which is also up two cents.

Children Burning Others with Lighters

New for June.18th/2009:

New for Thursday 5am:

A disturbing trend appears to be emerging in the Kennebecasis Valley, just outside of Saint John, New Brunswick, among younger people. Rothesay Regional Police tell us they are investigating after finding two young teenagers that had been burned with a lighter. Officer's tell us one of the victims was held down while other children heated up the metal of a lighter and then carved letters into their arm.

No charges have been laid at this point but police are very concerned and urge parents to talk with their child or children about this type of activity and how if you are caught, can result in serious charges being laid.