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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cardy Glad To See Blockade Coming Down

5 RCMP cruisers set on fire, over 40 arrests and protestors getting a face full of pepper spray as the blockade in Rexton becomes violent.

The RCMP are now enforcing a court injunction obtained by SWN Resources and have closed parts of the highway in the area.

Those opposed do not want seismic testing done as part of shale gas exploration.

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy tells CHSJ News the lack of action by the government and police up until now looks like a failure to act.  

He says it's good the blockade is coming down adding he hopes there is no more violence.

Cardy says you need a rule of law in this province which means roads are not blocked by protestors but it also means the government has to have meaningful discussions with First Nations.

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant says he saw the protest this morning firsthand noting the angst and anxiety at the site adding he hopes the dialogue resumes in order resolve the differences.

No Everyone So Positive About ZoneSJ

The public consultations haven't even started yet and already some concerns are being raised about ZoneSJ.

Common Councillor Shirley McAlary raising questions about what happens to properties that were rezoned for subdivisions under the old zoning by-law.

Common Councillor Bill Farren also raising concerns about rural landowners who want to parcel out some of their prperty to their children and whether that will be more difficult under ZoneSJ. 

You can ask your questions at the public meetings coming up from October 30th to November 7th. For the full details, click here

A Tense Situation In Rexton

 Black smoke and flames can been seen in Rexton today as vehicles including an RCMP cruiser have been set on fire.

The RCMP are now enforcing a court injunction obtained by SWN Resources and have closed parts of the Highway 134 and Highway 11 in the area.

Snipers can be seen lying in the grass off the side of the road and police, some in riot gear, are coming face to face with the protestors.

Many of the protestors are from First Nations and want SWN Resources to stop seismic testing in the area and leave.

Solving NB's Population Bomb

How do we keep the youth here and deal with the exploding senior population?

It's a huge question and the Provincial Growth Secretariat wants your ideas on how to fix it.

Over the last twenty years,  50,000 youth between the ages of 15 and 34 have left the province combined with 40,000 New Brunswickers turning 65.

Lisa Hrabluk of tells CHSJ News we need to examine if it easy enough to accomplish what you need to do here.

She says we definitely need a more diversified economy adding the Energy East pipeline will create a lot of jobs but they are a very specific type of job.

To learn more about the issue and find a link to share your ideas, click

Canaport Staff Sent Home As Federal Agents Investigate

All non-essential staff at Canaport LNG have been sent home today as federal agents from Canadian Wildlife Services  investigate the deaths of 7,500 birds at the facility one month ago. 

Kate Shannon with Canaport tells CHSJ News officials at the facility were not aware the agents were arriving today. The birds, some of which are considered endangered, were attracted to the large flame at the plant in the foggy weather.

The plant is still operating. Shannon says while she can't disclose exactly what the agents are looking for, Canaport is complying fully with all their requests.

Shale Gas Protestors Confronted By The RCMP

A court injunction issued a while back to end a blockade by shale gas protestors near Rexton is now being enforced. 

The RCMP closed highway 134 near Rexton as well as a section of Highway 11 between Rexton and Sainte-Anne-de-Kent.

The Mounties moved in around 7:30 this morning. The injunction was granted earlier this month to end the blockade of a SWN Resources compound. 

The protesters, many of whom are from First Nations, are demanding the energy company stop seismic testing and leave the province. 

Talks to end the blockade involving the Premier were not successful.

The Best Musical Talent The Province Has To Offer Is In The City

The best musicians in the province will be performing in Saint John over the next few days as part of Music NB. 

26 awards will be handed out Sunday during the gala at the Imperial Theatre which will also include a tribute to Ken Tobias of Saint John. 

Music NB Executive-Director Jean Surrette tells CHSJ News some musicians from the province are making names for themselves elsewhere including bluesman Matt Anderson, David Myles and Lisa Leblanc from Rogersville who was the top seller on I Tunes for four months, selling 80 thousand albums.

Surrette says there will be performances in the uptown through the weekend. 

NB Power Offering Rebates

NB Power says it's willing to pay you next month to buy selected energy saving appliances. 

The utility will pay out a 75 dollar mail in rebate for if you buy clothes washers and fridges that meet the eligibility. 95 thousand dollars in rebates are on offer from Efficiency New Brunswick.

Community Remembers Rev. Lloyd Lake

Fellow man of the cloth Rev. Chris McMullen is remembering the contributions of the Reverend Lloyd Lake, who passed away this month after many decades of volunteer work and service in Saint John.

He was known for his work with the Rotary Club, the Boys’ and Girls’ Club, the Legion, Scouts and more community organizations. McMullen saying Lake was a model for others.

Lake was awarded a Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 among other distinctions.

Man Sentenced For Attempted Murder

You might remember a woman being shot in the driveway of her home last January in the Fredericton area followed by a standoff involving the RCMP. 

A Fredericton judge has sentenced 38 year old Benjamin Nason to 15 years in prison for attempting to murder Beth Ann Wallace outside her home in Lincoln. The two had once been in a relationship. 

Wallace has not regained use of her left arm and hand and has undergone 9 surgeries after being shot with more to come. She also suffers from post tramautic stress.

Gas Prices Rise

It will cost you more to fill up after the weekly setting. 

Self serve regular is up by a couple of cents a litre at $1.25 in the city. 

Diesel also is slightly higher at $1.38.8. 

Heating oil increasing as well to a maximum of $1.18.1 and propane is at a max of $1.07 a litre.