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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keir reacts to NB Power CEO stepping down

Energy Minister Jack Keir doesn't think there is anything suspicious about the timing of David Hay's resignation as CEO of NB Power.
Keir tells CHSJ news that the NB Power Board of Directors has taken a neutral approach to the sale of NB Power's assets to Hydro Quebec.
Keir says he has a great working relationship with Hay over the last 3 years.
David Hay has been honoured three times as one of Atlantic Canada's Top 50 CEOs.

N-B Power C-E-O Out

N-B Power is minus it's CEO -- David Hay has stepped down from the post -- the former top man at the utility hasn't had much to say since the provincial government first announced plans to sell N-B Power to Hydro Quebec last fall.
We are told Hay is remaining quiet on the proposed deal including the changes announced last week.
A formal statement from the utility's board of directors is expected shortly.

Over $10,000 for Haitian earthquake relief raised at local schools

Over 400 Millidgeville North students and staff will gather tomorrow to celebrate raising over $5000 for Haitian relief.

Middle school teacher Chris Graham who has been growing his hair for Locks of Love will get his hair cut to be donated for Cancer survivor wigs.
The school sold raffle tickets and the winner gets to be the first person to cut his hair.
The school's brave principal and vice-principal will let lucky student winners squish pie in their faces.

Students at the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John also raising over $5000 for Haitian earthquake relief.
The money came from the “Hearts for Haiti” benefit concert held this morning at the local NBCC campus. The concert featured Chris Cummings and 2008 Saint John Idol winner Cory Roberts and other musical guests.
All proceeds will be donated to the organization “One By One”.

President of Saint John Reacts to Rebate

Saint John Energy is going to be able to provide the same energy rates to it's customers as NB Power if the proposed sale to Hydro Quebec goes through.

President Eric Marr says in the Memorendum of Understanding it stated all rates would be frozen for residential and commercial customers, and Saint John Energy wanted to do the same.
Marr says the rebate on their utility taxes will help them provide the same rates as NB Power.
As for year six, Marr says he's still not sure what effects it will have on the municipal utility.

Doctor says New Equipment Will Reduce Wait Times

[Dr. John Whalen-----Photo by Dave Briggs]

The Clinical Department Head for Diagnostic Imaging at the Regional Hospital says the new equipment will make the department much more efficient.
Dr. John Whalen says there will still be a waitlist for patients needing the MRI but the new equipment will be able to process about 30 per cent more people.
Dr. Whalen says the current MRI machine was purchased in 2000-2001 and says like computer software it needs to be updated as technology changes.

New Equipment For The Regional and St. Joseph's Hospital

[Health Minister Mary Schryer---Photo by Dave Briggs]

The provincial government is announcing 4 major investments in new diagnostic imaging equipment across the province.
Health Minister Mary Schryer says $13 million dollars has been earmarked for new MRI machines for hospitals in Saint John, Moncton, Edmundston and Bathurst.
Schryer says it's a joint announcement so it can all go into the same Request for Proposal.
Schryer says the province is also fronting the operational costs for new cat scan equipment for St. Josephs Hospital. Schryer says the St. Josephs Foundation raised the money to purchase the machinery, and to alleviate costs it will go on the same R-F-P as the MRI machines.

Saint John Energy to Receive Tax Rebate

[Energy Minister Jack Keir----Photo by Dave Briggs]
Saint John Energy and other municipal utilities will receive a million dollar a year rebate each year on their utility taxes to help them cope with a five year rate freeze as part of the deal to sell parts of NB Power to Hydro Quebec. Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir says this answers their big concern.

Mayor Ivan Court, who has been silent on the proposed agreement, is now voicing his support saying it will be good for the city.

East Saint John Bar Broken Into

One person is behind bars awaiting a court appearance after a break and enter early this morning at Chuckle's Lounge in Parkway Mall. A window was broken shortly after midnight when the lounge was closed but an employee had not gone home yet. The suspect was arrested at the scene.