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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Website Aims To Answer Consumer Questions

The Financial and Consumer Services Commission has a new service where New Brunswickers can find answers to consumer and financial questions. It has launched a website to answer frequently-asked questions about pensions, credit union depositions, gift cards, and more, including:
●    Can I withdraw the balance of my pension account if I become disabled?
●    Where can I check to see if my insurance agent is licensed?
●    When does a gift card typically expire?
●    Are deposits in New Brunswick Credit Unions insured?
●    How can I find out if a securities salesperson is registered?

The website provides the answers to these questions and to other concerns like avoiding buyer's remorse, dealing with door-to-door sellers, and how to avoid fraud.

You can check out the site here

Should You Be Able To Will Your Property To Whomever You Choose?

An estimated quarter of a million dollars in ancient artifacts, coins and documents that once belonged to Saint Johner Robert McCorkill is in legal limbo, because McCorkill bequeathed them to the American antisemitic and white nationalist organization, the National Alliance.

The court heard that it's not the job of lawyers to decide whether a beneficiary of a will is morally worthy of receiving it. That, argued lawyer Andy Lodge for the Canadian Association for Free Expression, would create  a slippery slope wherein none could then argue that a drug dealer or a rapist shouldn't be able to inherit property.

McCorkill's will itself is legal and does not specifically say the funds should be used to promote hate--just that they be given to the National Alliance. The National Alliance also  paid for McCorkills final expenses.

Little information had been revealed about McCorkill other than that he was a friend of one-time teacher and noted Holocaust denier Malcolm Ross who was present in the courtroom.
Conversely, lawyers representing McCorkill's sister who is challenging the wil arguedthat leaving the estate to the National Alliance would be contrary to public policy in Canada.

Man Finds 7 Kittens At Fernhill Cemetery

A man walking his dog in Fernhill Cemetery found 7 kittens left in a laundry basket.

Melody McElman of the Saint John SPCA says they were freezing, wet, hungry and not in very good shape.

McElman says the kittens would have died with the flash freeze warning last night but the man took them home.

The man who discovered them has found homes for 3 and the other 4 kittens are being fostered as the shelter is full to capacity with cats and kittens.

The kittens will be available for adoption through the shelter within the next two weeks.

McElman says it was a very timely rescue or the kittens may have met a cruel fate.

Saint John M-P Finds Criticism Of Harper Government Over The Senate "Ironic"

The federal budget will be unveiled on February 11th. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is promising to present a balanced budget in 2015 without raising taxes or cutting transfer payments to the provinces.

While the Harper Government wants to steer clear of the Senate expense scandal and concentrate on the economy, the opposition has other ideas.

Saint John M-P Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News he finds what has transpired very odd because it's the Harper Government that wants to reform the Senate, yet it's getting all the criticism.

Weston accuses the Liberals of not having anything to say about reforming the Senate and the NDP just wants to abolish it which may be popular these days but could very well be unconstitutional unless all the provinces agree.

Weston applauds the Alward Government for coming out in favour of an elected Senate.

Crews Hauling Away Fire Debris

 What is left of two buildings at the corner of Waterloo and Union streets may be nothing but a memory later today.

Crews are in the process of hauling away the debris following the structure being knocked down late yesterday.

City fire officials in discussion with Technical services deemed burned out building was too dangerous to be left standing and might fall on its own.
Platoon Chief Peter Saab tells us investigators will take all their facts and over the next week come up with an origin and cause for the fire.

A large fire broke out in the corner buildings around 3am Monday morning.

The Red Cross says two men are homeless are as a result of the blaze.

Man Facing Charges For Assault and Harrassing Phone Calls

Saint John Police responding to 86 calls for service over the last 24 hours.

Sgt. Jay Henderson tells us officers arrested a 25 year old man late Monday afternoon for assault, harassing phone calls, uttering threats and more.

Henderson tells us the man and the victim know each other adding the man was held in custody pending a court appearance later today.

City police are also looking into the theft of a 42 inch tv from an apartment on Elliot Row from a tenant who had just moved in.

If you have any information on this crime or any other, call City police at 506-648-3333 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or click here

SJ Council Looking To Lead The Way In NB's Energy Future

Saint John council looking to lead the way when it comes to the province's energy future. 

A report from Moncton consultant David Campbell being presented at a special meeting of council, giving an overview of New Brunswick's energy sector and how energy impacts our economy. 

Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News City Council needs to send a message to everyone in New Brunswick that this is the kind of opportunity that can pay huge dividends, can provide real services, can keep people in this province and bring people who have left the province back home.

While the Saskatchewan government gets 21-per-cent of its revenue from energy royalties, New Brunswick gets only 1-per-cent. Campbell says our economy has been flat-lining since 2008 partially because of a lack of energy infrastructure investment.

Campbell says there's an estimated 70-trillion cubic feet of gas in the McCully and Stoney Creek fields, which would translate into about a 50-60 year industry.