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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Truck Parade On King Street

You might have watched a steady stream of Irving Oil trucks driving down King Street earlier this morning, slowing down traffic for a brief spell. 

If you were wondering what was going on, we have the answer.

Darren Gillis of Irving Oil tells CHSJ News they were re-creating a picture of a truck parade from 1960, the year the refinery opened. Gillis says, to mark the launch of their new Air Miles Campaign, they're re-living that celebration with another celebration.

The truck parade is slated to drive down Garden Street, Lancaster Street and Route 1 today. 

Red Cross Sends Atlantic Volunteer Group to Alberta

A volunteer team from the East coast is out West. 

24 Red Cross volunteers are in flood-ravaged Alberta, helping with the flood relief effort on the ground. The 22 disaster volunteers and two staff who have traveled to the province will help run emergency shelters in the Calgary area and other evacuated areas. 

Meanwhile, a much larger group continues to help flood victims from offices located in Darmouth and Sydney, Nova Scotia, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, and here in Saint John. The support will continue through the Canada Day long weekend and likely all of the following week.

The volunteers from New Brunswick now in Alberta are: Catherine Vautour from Bronson Settlement, Gail Brownlee from Moncton, Glen Martin from Lower Kingsclear, Jeanette Miller from Oromocto, Julie Basterache from Jardineville, Lindsay Mitton from Moncton, and Renée Cormier from Shediac.

Police Look For Suspect In Fiery Causeway Crash

City police are looking for a suspect who fled the scene of a fiery car crash on the causeway which sent a woman to hospital.

At 5pm yesterday, a car speeding on the eastern part of the causeway veered out into oncoming traffic, then swerved back, hitting another car. Both vehicles were pushed into the guardrail and the suspect's car burst into flames. 

Police say the suspect then fled the scene on foot, and the woman in the other vehicle was brought to hospital with injuries.

Mounties Reminding Motorists To Drive Safely This Holiday Weekend

Long weekends are made for kicking back and relaxing, except when you hit the roadway. The RCMP say on holiday weekends, there's a lot of traffic on the roadways, so they're reminding drivers to obey the rules of the road. 

The minimum you'll have to shell out for a violation under the provincial Motor Vehicle Act is $172.50, and you can lose demerit points. Constable Derek Black of the Oromocto RCMP says depending on the type of infraction, fines can increase. Fines for speeding can go up to nearly $292.50 when a car is going more than 25 kilometres an hour above the speed limit, and fines double when speeding in a construction zone. 

Here's a list of the most common infractions seen by the Oromocto RCMP:

-Failing to have a front license plate displayed on a vehicle
-Not being able to produce upon request from a police officer an insurance card, drivers license, vehicle registration
-Having a vehicle with tinted windows that prevent more than 30% of light to enter the vehicle

-Passing on a solid line
-Failing to wear a seatbelt, both the driver and any passenger over the age of 16 can receive a ticket. It’s also the responsibility of drivers' to ensure that children are buckled up.