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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Information Could Be Released On Oland

The prosecution has withdrawn an application to prevent the release of search warrants in the investigation of the killing of businessman Richard Oland.

Instead, provincial court Judge Leslie Jackson has been asked to decide what, if any, of the information can be released.

Lawyers will be back in court Wednesday arguing what information can be released and what should still be kept under wraps.

Oland was found dead in his office on Canterbury Street last year.

The Crown had previously argued that releasing the documents could jeopardize the ongoing police investigation but a lawyer for media organizations has said the prosecution didn't produce any evidence to support its request to keep the documentation sealed.

Canada Wide Warrant For Missing Man

RCMP need your help in finding a man missing with an outstanding parole warrant.

21-year-old Brandon Anderson failed to return to a half-way house in the city, and now a Canada wide parole warrant for his arrest has been issued. There's belief he's heading to Halifax.
Anderson was on parole for manslaughter and investigators believe he poses a risk to the public. He is described as white, 6’ tall, 210 lbs., with green eyes and brown hair.

Anderson is considered dangerous and police advise you shouldn't approach him. Anyone with information is asked to contact Saint John City Police (648-3333) and Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-TIPS [8477]).

Locations & Jobs With New Air Service

More travel locations and jobs is what you can expect from the Saint John Airport this fall.

Quebec aviation company PASCAN will open up daily flights, five days a week from Saint John to Bonaventure, Quebec City, and Wabush in Newfoundland and Labrador. Saint John Airport President Bernie Leblanc tells us it's a targeted service that will benefit the province for business and leisure travel.

LeBlanc says the timing was great. He says it's booming in Labradors so they thought it's a great opportunity to launch it. He adds they'll have to make sure people will use the aircraft so the service keeps growing.

PASCAN President Serge Charron says the British C-FPSJ planes link small communities. They hold about 19 passengers and the company owns 13 of them. Charron estimates the service will create 6-7 direct and indirect jobs in Saint John.

Saint John Airport is the first in the province to work with PASCAN.

How Much Money Should Be Spent Consulting The Public

What is the price of public consultation and how far do you need to go? The new Common Council is grappling with that dilemma as it looks to save taxpayer dollars.
Ward 4 Common Councillor David Merrithew says if the city didn't hold public meetings as part of  budget consultations, it could save 50 thousand dollars. Merrithew is proposing the consultations be limited to online. 

Ward 2 Councillor Susan Fullerton says she did plenty of consulting while on the campaign trail and if you don't know what Saint Johnners want, you need a medical evaluation.
Besides that, Fullerton questions "why ask people how the city should spend money it doesn't have"? It sounds a bit ridiculous to her.

Ward 3 Councillor Donna Reardon argues the public still needs a voice at the table but if it can be accomplished online then that would be great.

Work Set To Resume On Welsford Bypass

There may be no construction activity at the moment - but - the provincial Transportation Department says that's about to change.
A department spokesperson tells CHSJ News a 3-million dollar contract for grading and paving of the Welsford Bypass will be awarded soon.
The contract involves grading and paving of 5-kms of new highway and four ramps in the Welsford area - and - we are told that work will start in about 3-weeks.
The 60-million dollar project is now scheduled for completion in the fall of next year - about a year later than originally planned.

Two Councillors Not Happy At Committee Proposal

Not everyone on Common Council is over the moon about what's being proposed for a committee form of local government. 

Councillor Donnie Snook points out Vision 2015 envisioned more direct participation by Saint Johnners.

Fellow Councillor Bill Farren thought one or two people on each committee would be members of the public. Farren wonders whether these committees will be viewed as just a rubber stamp and not pass what he calls the smell test.

Farren objects to the Mayors, whomever he or she is, appointing the chairs of each of these committees fearing that could lead to favourtism.
Common Council will be hearing directly from its counterparts in Fredericton about how it works there and why Bathurst decided it wasn't for them. The councillors may even attend council meetings in Fredericton and Sussex to see first hand how the committee system works.

Common Council hears Pros And Cons About Changing The Way City Is Run

Common Council hearing about the benefits, for the most part, of switching to a committee form of local government where the back and forth would take place before various committees, depending on the issue, with less debate before the full Common Council. 

Common Clerk Elizabeth Gormley says there could be separate committees for growth and development, the environment, transportation and water with a co-ordinating committee dealing with the city budget.
Gormley says each committee would meet once a month and the full Council would still meet every two weeks. 

She maintains this form of city governance would lead to better decisionmaking, greater public participation and transparency although there are pitfalls which could include buck passing. 

Common Council wants to hear directly from Fredericton Council on how the system works in that city but also from Bathurst where it was tried and then discarded before deciding.   

Common Council Undecided About Mixed Martial Arts

Common Council isn't ready just yet to allow mixed martial arts bouts to be staged in the city at the L-B-R. It wants to first hear from City Solicitor John Nugent on the legal ramifications, if any. 

Councillor Ray Strowbridge wants the city to move ahead, saying it will allow Saint John to compete on this level with Moncton and Halifax. He also argues mixed martial arts is one of the hottest sports around these days and staging bouts in the city would boost the local economy.
Council also wants to hear from the city's Leisure Services Committee before it decides whether or not to spend 3 and a half million dollars to turn the ice surface at the L-B-R into Olympic size which would benefit figure skaters in the area.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Belleisle Ferry No Go Tomorrow

You need to change your travel plans if you hope to take the Belleisle Ferry tomorrow.

Starting at 8:30am it won't be running until late in the afternoon for scheduled maintenance and repair work.

Man Fined More Than $17,000

A fifty-eight year old man has been fined more than $17,000 after pleady guilty to charges related to contraband cigarettes.
Harold Ronald Davidson from Lincoln was arrested in May after an eight-month long RCMP investigation where police seized 24,000 illegal cigarettes and a quantity of cash.
Davidson pleaded in Burton Provincial court.

New Virtual College In Saint John

Classroom learning this September is getting virtual.

The Atlantica Centre For The Arts announcing their new "virtual" college. Unlike online courses, the program offers real-time, virtual classrooms complete with live lectures, classmates, study rooms and even a Foosball table.

Atlantica President Mike McGraw tells CHSJ news the virtual classroom is the first of it's kind in the world, a combination of traditional and online learning.

Mobile app development will be the first course taught, which McGraw says is the worlds fastest growing sector of the economy.

The course will be a year long and cost under $15,000. The first four instructors are from Saint John, but McGraw says students and teachers from around the world have access to be a part of it.

For more information on the program, click here.

Teenager In Critical Condition After Accident

One teenager is in critical condition and three people were sent to hospital in Fredericton after a car crash.

The people from Brampton Ontario included a man and women in their forties and a 14-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy.

RCMP say the accident happened on the Trans Canada Highway near the Deerwood weight scales this past weekend. RCMP believe the vehicle left the road and rolled.

Mounties believe alcohol was not a factor. No charges are expected to be laid.

Is City Ready To Embrace Mixed Martial Arts?

The city is being asked to regulate and stage mixed martial arts until the province creates a governing body and the Attorney-General isn't objecting.

That word delivered to Common Council along with the estimate that a large mixed martial arts card at the L-B-R generate as much as 300 thousand dollars in spending. 

The overall rate of critical injuries is said to be low with mixed martial arts and there are fewer knockouts than in boxing. 

The city would rename the Saint John Boxing Commission, the Mixed Martial Arts Commission to oversee the matches that are staged locally. The city would still like to see provincial regulation and will be hearing back from its Solicitor John Nugent.

Fighter Jet Makes Emergency Landing At Airport

A CF-18 fighter jet from Bagotville, Quebec was forced to make an unscheduled landing at Saint John Airport after experiencing engine trouble while in the air over the Kennebecasis River. 

Colleen Kemp-Mitchell of the Airport Authority tells CHSJ News the pilot landed safely around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. The pilot may have lost power in one of its engines.

The all clear was given about half an hour later after the fire department monitored the jet for overheating. 

The plane remains on the ground at the airport. Mechanics from the Air Force will be coming to Saint John to look over the plane to determine what went wrong.

Cause Of Two Fires Being Investigated

An early Sunday morning fire in a building at 10 Spruce Street was contained to the living room on the first floor and there were no injuries but 15 people have been forced to find somewhere else to live for the next while.

Some anxious moments with a car fire early morning on St. John Street on the west side because of how close it was to a nearby building. The fire was snuffed out quickly without spreading to the building itself which was 15 to 20 feet away.

The cause of both fires under investigation.

Douglas Ave. Traffic Calming Idea

Designed like a drag strip is how EXP Architect's Morgan Lanigan describes Douglas Avenue in the North End.

After hearing complaints about heavy traffic from people who live on the street, he's come up with some solutions to make it more safe. Lanigan hopes to present his  "Traffic Calming Pilot Program" to Common Council. He tells CHSJ news marked pedestrian crossings, restricting left hand turning off Douglas and making the street more narrow are all inexpensive ways to reduce congestion.  He says if the pilot project is accepted by Council, he hopes it could transfer to similar roads.

He adds part of Plan SJ is to attract more families, and this project would make the street more desirable.

Councillor Mackenzie is scheduled to present the idea to Common Council tonight.

Airport Will Have To Diversify

The Saint John Airport Authority will be announcing a new direct air service to Quebec City and Newfoundland tomorrow. 

The airport is always on the lookout to generate new revenue. Airport President and C-E-O Bernie Leblanc warns if it depends only on passengers, this can be risky given the volatility of the market. 

Leblanc tells CHSJ News there are 400 acres of land around the airport, if developed, could generate alot of new revenue and help guarantee long term sustainability.

He says the airport also keeps in regular touch with Porter Airlines about establishing another air service from Saint John to Toronto.

L-B-R Ice Expansion Won't Come Cheap

Expanding the ice surface at the L-B-R to Olympic size will be alot more difficult and expensive than it would appear at first glance. 

The city has received a report on what's involved and there are alot of hurdles. 

Common Council is being told the estimated cost, barring any unforeseen circumstances, is around 3.5 million dollars. 

Expanding the ice surface could reduce spectator seating by 50 per cent. The report also points out the concrete beams that now support the ice slab would not be able to handle any additional loads.

Two Weekend Stabbings In City

Arrests were made after a couple of stabbings early yesterday morning. 

One happened on Cedar Street when a man in his early twenties was stabbed. A 19 year old man was arrested by City Police who say the two know eachother. 

Another man in his twenties was stabbed on King Street West during a fracas. A 22 year old man was arrested for that and there's also a Saturday afternoon robbery reported on Visart Street.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Accident Sends Person To Hospital

One person is in hospital after a car accident around 6:30 last night.

The two vehicle accident occurred at the Southridge Road and Golden Grove Road intersection.

About an hour later fire crews responded to another 2-vehicle accident on Bonita Avenue and Cindy Lee Street in East Saint John but no one was sent to hospital.

Rider Federation Encourages Safety

After 8 ATV deaths in the province this year, many considered preventable, the Provincial federation is echoing the RCMP's call for safety and better decision making.
Many of those deaths involved drinking alcohol and not wearing a helmet or both.

The Provincial ATV Federation President Daniel Boucher tells CHSJ News these issues are covered in the safety courses they offer.

Boucher says in their ATV rider course they educate the riders on the proper techniques to use.
He says they spend time on the laws and regulations in the province and the good driving ethics like not drinking and driving and the impact it has on other riders.

To learn more about the Federation and ATV safety, click here

Month Long Construction In Quispamsis

One intersection in Quispamsis will be the site of construction for a month.

Water Main construction will be done between the KenVal Co-op on Market Street and the Gondola Point Arterial starting tomorrow until late August.

There will be temporary traffic signals and limited access for traffic.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Free Air Balloon Rides In Saint John & Sussex

You weren't imagining things when you saw a big RE/MAX air balloon in the sky!

The 2012 Atlantic Canada Hot Air Ballon tour is here, offering free air balloon rides to Saint Johner's. The balloon, fully equipped with a wicker basket, can goes as high as 50 feet.

Chief Pilot Scott MacRitchie says it's for big kids and little kids. He adds the shear volume of the balloon is breathtaking, saying it's a 90 thousand cubic foot balloon and 70 feet high.

The balloon will be tethered tonight around 5 or 7pm, at Kings Landing by Water Tower on the West Side. Tomorrow morning it's set for Sussex and will be back in Saint John on Monday at 7:30am as part of it's Atlantic tour. MacRitchie reminds all times and flights are weather dependent and there are no rain dates on the tour.

For more information on the RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc.'s balloon program, click here.

Lepreau Low Power Restart A Success

After being approved by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Point Lepreau has successfully completed the low power reactor restart.

This comes after extensive testing and refurbishments. More test will be done in the future to make sure the reactor components and plant systems are working properly. It'll involve raising and reducing reactor power, along with shifting down and restarting.

The reactor power will gradually be increased to certain levels to warm up the heat transport system, run turbines and sync the generator to the province's electricity grid.

Two Local Students Win Big Award

Two grade 10 students from Saint John have been awarded CIBC Youthvision Scholarships, worth up to $38,500 each.

Samantha Paulin from St. Malachy's High School and Deanna Wilson from Saint John High have the award that targets high-potential youth who might not have the opportunity to go to university or college.

Big Brothers Big Sisters help find the students through their mentorship program. Along with funds, the two students will also get a summer internship for up to six years through the YMCA and contributions to tuition for 4 years.

Every year the CIBC Youthvision Scholarship program gives more than $1 million to help give post-secondary education for youth in need.

Assaults Send Two Men To Hospital

Two separate overnight assaults leaving two men in hospital and another appearing in court tomorrow.

Saint John City Police tell CHSJ news in the first incident a group of people assaulted one man outside his home on Saint James Street West around 1:15am.

Almost an hour and a half later on Catherwood Street, a 30-year-old man was sent to hospital with head injuries after being assaulted by a 40-year-old man with what police say appeared to be a baseball bat.

Neglected Pot Causes Fire

When they say a watched pot never boils, that's not exactly true.

A neglected pot on a stove was the reason fire crews cleared out a 7-unit apartment building at 101 Elliot Road just after 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Crews had to force their way into the apartment and quickly put out the small fire, but stayed an hour to ventilate the smoke.

Fire crews were also busy looking for the source of a propane smell at Canadian Tire West yesterday afternoon. Crews couldn't find the source of the smell, and after everything was deemed safe the store and gas bar opened back up.

Mayor Sad To Hear Of Horne's Death

St. Paul's Anglican Church in Rothesay will be the site of a funeral for former Rothesay Mayor Don Horne this afternoon at 1:00.

Current Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop will be at the funeral. He tells CHSJ news the town's flag is at half mass in honor of his memory. Bishop says he was sadden to hear of his death, adding he was a bright citizen, did a good job for the town and was well respected by those who knew him.

Horne, an active member of the Conservative Party, was Mayor of Rothesay from 1983 to 1995 and pushed for the four laneing of the McKay Highway.

Friday, July 27, 2012

World Championship Cancels Saint John

A year after Saint John was announced as the host city for the 2013 IFAF Women's World Championship, it finds out it will no longer be hosting the football tournament.

Football Canada and the IFAF says the decision to pull the tournament was due to liability, lack of suitable fields and international travel costs.

President of Football New Brunswick Lisa Harlow tells CHSJ news there are plenty of fields in Saint John and 68% of the budget was already covered, so the decision to pull was a surprise. Harlow says they tried to having meetings to make changes but were unsuccessful.

Harlow adds one concern was having Canadian sized football fields instead of American, but they were working with companies to get them changed over.

She says despite the disappointment, women's football is growing. There's still no word yet on where the new host city will be.

Funeral Service Set For Former Rothesay Mayor

A funeral service for former Rothesay Mayor Don Horne will be held tomorrow afternoon at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Rothesay at 1:00.
Horne, who was also active in the Conservative party, served as Mayor of Rothesay from 1983 to 1995.
He worked for more than 30 years at NB Tel and was a driving force behind twinning the McKay Highway.
There will be visitation today at Brenan's on Paradise Row from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 tonight.

New BMO Opens On King Street

The new location of the Bank of Montreal is now open on King Street.

The heritage style branch is returning home after many years in City hall.

The new BMO used to be located on King street back in the early 70's.

More Flight Locations For Saint John Airport

Saint John Airport will be extending where it flies.

The airport will over new direct air services and connections to major centres in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The news means the Saint John Airport will be the only one in the province offering direct flights to Quebec City and Bonaventure.

The official announcement will be made this Tuesday at the Saint John Airport.

M-P's Told To Get Real With Their Platinum Plated Pensions

Members of Parliament are being pressured by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to radically change their pension plan.

The Federation's Atlantic Director, Kevin Lacey tells CHSJ News each M-P can start collecting a pension at age 55 and is eligible to collect after serving for only 6 years.

Lacey points out the average M-P in the province will be eligible for a pension of over 50 thousand dollars a year.

The Federation has calculated Saint John M-P Rodney Weston can collect a pension of 33 thousand dollars a year by 2015. By contrast the average New Brunswicker receiving the Canada Pension gets 536 dollars a month.

The Federation says the MP's should be on the same type of R-R-S-P plan as anyone else instead of having taxpayers shelling out 24 dollars for every dollar being contributed by each M-P.

Blind Driver's Behind The Wheel For MIRA

Bet you've never 'seen' this before... a car race with drivers who are blind.

That's exactly what's happening tomorrow at 7 o'clock at the Centre for Speed in Shediac. The first blind driver stock car race in the Atlantic provinces will have 10 blind drivers competing in a 10 lap race.

Participant Brian Thorne tells CHSJ news each driver will have a co-pilot to give instructions, but they won't be allowed to touch the brakes or steering wheel.

All the money raised goes to the MIRA foundation, who train seeing-eye dogs.

For more information on tickets and to donate, you can call Brian Thorne at 672-5574 or e-mail

Tickets are $10 each or $25 for a family pass.

Alward Government Pressed on Lepreau Compensation

The Liberals are accusing the Alward Government of dragging its heels on getting compensation for the cost overruns with the refurbishment of the Point Lepreau nuclear power station.

Liberal energy critic Brian Kenny tells CHSJ News we're talking a billion dollars and that will have some impact on what you pay for electricity each month.

Kenny is worried when he hears acting Energy Minister Craig Leonard indicate compensation may not have to be paid if the federal government helps out with projects down the road like the restoration of the Mactaquac dam.

Youth Hunting Sparks Debate

The province wants to hear from you on lowering the legal hunting age from 14 to 12 with adult supervision.

It's a polarizing subject for many given the recent gun violence in Toronto and Colorado and our listeners are speaking out online.

Matt says it gets the kids out with mom & dad to help them build responsibility while Jimmy mocks the idea saying 'let's put guns into more hands even little kids".

Wendy thinks with adult supervision, it's a great idea. Colton says all four of his daughters have shot a gun at a target adding there is absolutely nothing wrong with teaching your children to be independent and live off of the land.

Liz thinks the post is in poor taste but says there are always two sides to a debate but in her opinion, there is something not right about any child holding a weapon.

In a recent CHSJ News poll question we asked you if the legal hunting age for youth should be lowered from 14 to 12 with adult supervision and 78 per cent of you said no.

To add your voice, click here

For more info on the government's proposal, click here

Changes To Construction Work Today

Due to today's weather, paving on St. Patrick Street is postponed until Monday.

Between 8am and 6pm on Chesley Drive, traffic will be reduced to one lane in both directions.

Crown Street is closed to south bound traffic. Motorists will be detoured via Pitt Street to King Street East and back to Crown.
This work is part of Harbour Clean up and should last three weeks.

Crews Rescue Pair From The Water

A terrifying situation for two people boating on the Kennebecasis River ending with no injuries.
About 5:30 in the afternoon, emergency personnel in the KV including Coast Guard and the RCMP got the call about a boat sinking in the water.
Luckily the two people on board were able to hold on to a nearby kayak until help arrived.
Lieutenant Mike Boyle of the KV Fire Department tells CHSJ News the two experienced boaters who know the river were on a 16-foot power boat.

He says they actually hit something in the water hard enough causing it to sink almost immediately.

The KV Fire rescue boat picked up the boaters bringing them to the Meehan's Cove Wharf.
No word on what they may have hit in the water.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boat Sinks On The Kennebecasis River

It would have been quite the show for those waiting for the Gondola Point ferry on the way home tonight and luckily no one was hurt.

Two experienced boaters had to be rescued after their boat struck something in the Kennebecasis causing their 16 foot power boat to sink.
Lieutenant Mike Boyle of the KV Fire Department tells CHSJ News luckily a kayaker in the vicinity was able to let them hang on until help could arrive.

Bus Shelter Needs Renos To Curb Loitering

A retired police sergeant offering better lighting, repairs, and a clean-up as a solution to distasteful behavior at the Sydney Street bus shelter.

Robert Buck tells CHSJ News it's become an eyesore--and a hazard.

He says there have been several incidents with groups of homeless addicts congregating in the bus shelter, drinking publicly there, and using it as a washroom. Buck recounted one incident when a woman waiting for a bus was yelled at by one of the men and charged with mischief.

Buck says better lighting is a positive step, as was the recent move to take out the bench--but more needs to be done.

Work On New Terminal Is Progressing

Construction of the new cruise ship terminal on Water street is progressing for a September opening.

Saint John Port Authority President Jim Quinn tells CHSJ News the warm weather is helping.

He says they have had great weather for the pouring of concrete.

Quinn says the cruise industry is growing in North America and this expansion will allow Saint John to have three of the larger ships in Port on the same day.
He adds the project is moving along for the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal to open on time on September 5th.

Cardy Says Smart Grid Deal Needs Review

Dominic Cardy says Siemens Canada is a company with a good internatioal reputation but he does have a few issues with NB Power's new deal with them.

The Provincial NDP leader tells CHSJ News wonders if the Alward government will be putting consumers first because right now it comes with many unanswered questions.

Cardy tells us we don't know how much it's going to cost and we don't know if the prime goal is to reduce costs for consumers or large commercial clients.

He says in any other jurisdiction that could be easily fixed with a full review by the Energy and Utilities board but here it's not completely independent.

Bacchus Chapter President Pleads Guilty In Shooting Death

The 50 year old President of the Saint John chapter of the Bacchus motorcycle gang has pleaded guilty to manslaughter for shooting 31 year old Micheal Schimpf to death July 14th on Pitt Street.  

The heard what Matthew Thomas Foley of Russell Street told city police after he surrendered the night after the shooting.

City Police were told by Foley two bricks were thrown through the windows of his tattoo shop on Union Street July 6th and Schimpf was involved. 

On July 13th, Schimpf returned to the shop with two big rocks and threw them at Foley damaging some of his equipment. 

Foley got a gun and the very next night was standing outside the Bacchus clubhouse on Pitt Street when he saw Schimpf walking towards him with his hands behind his back. 

Foley claims he didn't know whether Schimpf had a weapon so he pulled out his gun. The victim started running down Pitt Street. Foley says he wanted to shoot Schimpf in the legs and had no intention of killing him. Schimpf died after his aorta was lacerated by a bullet.

Police recovered 8 shell casings from the street. The court was told Foley helped police find the gun and has written a letter of apology.

Tire Kickers Checking Out Repsol L-N-G Assets

At least one company is reported to be taking a look at Repsol's liquefied natural gas assets including its 75-percent share in the Canaport L-N-G terminal.
Industry publication Platts is reporting Spanish based Gas Natural Fenosa is giving the assets the once over to see if there's anything of interest.
Gas Natural's C-E-O told analysts in Madrid his company has been invited by Repsol to review the holdings and that will take place.
Repsol has a ten percent stake in Gas Natural which has - among other things - a fleet of 11-tankers - two of them jointly owned with Repsol.
Last week - Repsol confirmed to CHSJ News it was doing a preliminary evaluation on the possible sale of its L-N-G assets as the company looks for ways to boost its financial picture and credit ratings.

Coyote Attacks On The Rise

Hungry coyotes are ripping into the profits of local farmers...Jennifer MacDonald of the Agricultural Alliance tells CHSJ News with each calf worth $1000 or more, recent coyote attacks on nearly a dozen calves are disastrous. 

She says they've tried electric fences, keeping the calves close to barns, and shooting the varmints where possible, all to no avail. Fortunately, she's not aware of any attacks on humans so far.

MacDonald questions who the government doesn't have a program to protect farmers from wildlife attack--as one exists in every other province.

Oromocto Fires Set On Purpose

The RCMP in Oromocto are concerned after two fires were deliberately set last week and they're asking for information in order to make an arrest.

Firefighters were called July 20th to a blaze on Mockler Street. A neighbour phoned 911 to report a shed and a utility trailer on the property next door were on fire. When firefighters arrived, they noticed there was also a fire on the deck of the neighbour's home who made the 911 call.

There was significant damage after all was said and done.

Anyone with information, or who may have witnessed suspicious activity in the area, is asked to contact the RCMP at 506-357-4300. Information can also be provided anonymously through Crime Stoppers at or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible could qualify you for a cash award of up to $2,000.

The Latest On Gas Prices In City

Self serve regular is less expensive after the weekly setting but diesel will cost you more. 

Self serve is selling for $1.24.7 a litre in the city. 

Diesel is at $1.28 a litre. 

Heating oil is up by more than 3 cents a litre. 

Propane also rose by almost 2 cents to a maximum of 94.4 cents a litre.

St Andrews Rally Against Federal Budget Cuts

A big turnout at Indian Point in St. Andrews to protest recent federal budget cuts. 

More than 600 people turning out to rally against job reductions that will close the Biological Station Library, eliminate the Contaminants and Toxicology programme and severely cut the Habitat programme. 

The protestors also claim scientific research will be impaired with the reductions.

Car Leaves Highway One

Another reminder to drivers to take it easy when going through construction zones. One driver along Highway 1 at Prince of Wales had to swerve to avoid hitting a large rock and wound up in the ditch. There were no injuries but there was another vehicle on the shoulder nearby which was damaged after not missing the same rock. The highway is down to one lane in each direction.

There's more construction in the city to tell you about. Construction, as part of Harbour Cleanup, getting underway this morning along Rothesay Avenue. Traffic will be reduced to one lane each way from 8 in the morning until 6 at night until August 22nd.

Construction is also starting on Thorne Avenue between Egbert and Russell Streets as part of the same project.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Man Falls Off Ladder

City police, fire and ambulance called to a workplace accident in Millidgeville just before 4pm.
A man fell off a ladder hurting his ribs in the process.

It took place at a Bell Aliant building on Boar's Head Road.    Worksafe NB is looking into what happened.