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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Suspicious Fire Out East

City Fire Crews called out shortly after 4 this morning to find two vehicles ablaze on Golden Grove Road, including a trailer. The cause is thought to be suspicious.

A fire off of Route 111 destroying a garage and the car inside.

When firefighters from the Simonds and St. Martins Fire Department arrived at the scene of the fire on the Taylor Lake Road yesterday morning, the garage was fully engulfed in flames. Crews spent three hours on the scene.

Nobody was hurt.

Young Man Charged With Second Degree Murder

A teenager being charged with second degree murder in the death of an elderly woman.

On Saturday morning, police were called to a home on Route 555 in Richmond Corner, near Woodstock, where they found the body of 82-year old Sarah Kennedy. Later in the day, a man was arrested and taken into custody.

19-year old Kyle Edmund Scott being remanded into custody and is scheduled to appear in Woodstock Provincial Court on Thursday morning to enter a plea.

RCMP say they expect an autopsy to be conducted tomorrow.

Gallant Admits There Are Concerns Over Proposed Energy Projects

It was the previous Liberal government under then Premier Shawn Graham that first looked at shale gas development as a way to boost the provincial economy. 

The Liberals appear not to be as enthused these days in light of the public opposition including a highway blockade. Provincial Liberal leader Brian Gallant says the concerns being expressed by those opposed are legitimate.

Gallant says he's all in favour of the Energy East pipeline and wants to see it happen but also wants to ensure the province gets the maximum benefit from that project. 

There has been some question of whether there will be that many permanent jobs created after construction of the pipeline is completed and even Gallant admits that is a concern.

Premier Meets With Chief On Shale Gas

First Nations Chief Aaron Sock, who has been at the forefront of the opposition to shale gas exploration, is meeting this afternoon with Premier David Alward  in Moncton

The Premier believes shale gas is key to turning around the sluggish provincial economy and he doesn't appear ready to make a U-turn on that, saying his government is determined to responsibly develop the province's natural resources. 

Shale gas protestors have blockaded Highway 134 near Rexton and demanded SWN Resources leave the province. 

A judge granted a court injunction late last week ordering an end to the blockade.

St. Stephen Police Looking For Missing Man

RCMP looking for your help finding a missing man.

51-year-old Roger Allen McLaughlin was last seen in the St. Stephen area last Monday. Family and friends have not been able to contact him since. He was reported missing on Friday.

Police say McLaughlin is described as being 5 feet 9 inches tall, 160 pounds with brown hair and a moustache. They don't believe he has a car.

Anyone with any information about where he could be is asked to contact the RCMP at (506) 466-7030 or 1-888-506-RCMP (7267).


Acts Of Bravery Recognized At Firefighters Gala

An awards ceremony honouring the heroic acts of our firefighters at their inaugural gala.

District Chief Donald Walker was recognized with the Award of Distinction for rescuing a woman trapped behind a door during a fire at 45 St. Paul Street. Walker tells CHSJ News he simply went and did what he had to do. 

Firefighters Peter Alexander and Doug Trentowsky and Lieutenants Peter Woodhouse and Mike Shelley getting the Award of Distinction for rescuing a woman whose car was in the water back in 1995. Shelley tells us he remembers the top of the vehicle was about a foot underwaterthey were only able to see it because the lights were still on.

City Fire Chief Kevin Clifford says their actions serve as a reminder of the dangerous situations firefighters put themselves in when they go out on calls. The sold-out charity event marked 227 years of service for the Saint John Fire Department.

Certificates of Merit:
Salvation Army Major Rowena Wiseman
Salvation Army Member Dorothy 'Dot' Porter
Former Police Officer George Stackhouse, now of the Salvage Corps
Firefighter Corey Cassidy

Award of Distinction:

Captain Kenneth 'Kenny' MacDonald
District Chief Donald Walker
Firefighters Peter Alexander and Doug Trentowsky and Lieutenants Peter Woodhouse and Mike Shelley

Medal of Valor:

Lieutenant Conrad Northrup
Firefighter Gary Breen

Risk of Listeria, Allergens Prompts Food Recalls

Two food items you can buy at major retailers being recalled.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency warning the public not to eat Reser's Fine Foods brand cheesy macaroni salad because it could be contaminated with a bacteria that can cause
listeriosis, leading to high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, and nausea. They are sold in Wal-Mart stores across the province and nationally at Loblaw banner stores.

They're also advising people with allergies not to eat Armella Duo brand Hazelnut Spread with Milk and Cocoa because it may contain almonds which is not written on the label. The product is sold at Dollarama stores across Canada.

Both companies voluntarily recalling the products. The CFIA has not received any reports of people getting sick from eating these products