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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Folk Music Fans Won't Want To Miss This

The times, they are a changin'....folks music is back in a big way, and the Canadian Folk Music Awards are kicking off in Saint John. 

The Awards are being held at the Imperial Theater from November 15 to 17th and organizer Dave Ryan tells CHSJ News it was a grassroots effort with local musician Brett Mason that ended up bringing Folk On The Water to the Port City.

Performances will include  Matt Andersen, The Spinney Brothers, The Atlantic Ballet and many others and will take place at venues around town. 

For more information, click here

Historian Is Glad Fishing House Finally Fell

A local historian is glad to see the old green fishing house by Reversing Falls gone, but says now we have to do something with it. 

Harold Wright tells CHSJ news
it represented a significant part of our harbour fishing history which lasted until the beginning of the seventies. He says it was used as a shelter and a place for fishermen to store their supplies. But now that it's in the water it's a navigational and environmental hazard, as well as a loss of our heritage says Wright.

20 years ago Wright approached Common Council and asked the city to designate it as a heritage site but it didn't go through. He says we now have maybe one or two fishing houses left.

Wright adds that now it's floating in our waters, chemicals from the wood could now be in the water and someone needs to pick it up.

Old Fishing House Disappears Down River

Going... going... gone!

The old dilapidated green fishing house off Reversing Falls has finally met it's end. Parts of the 150-year-old building could be see floating down river just before lunch this morning.

Candice Paulin works at the Reversing Falls restaurant, and tells CHSJ news it took about 15 minutes to gradually get out of site. She says it grabbed the attention of the workers and customers. Paulin says everyone has been waiting a long time for it to finally crumble.

The old fishing house was unused and has been falling apart for quite some time.

Job Opportunities Are There In Some Sectors

20% of people under 24 in New Brunswick don't have jobs, and it's no secret that staggering statistic has left many with no option but to move elsewhere. 

But Janet Scott of Enterprise Saint John says the picture is actually brighter in the IT sector and other specialized skills. She tells CHSJ News people should follow the trends if they want to be assured of gainful employment after they get out of school.

Scott also says it's a great time for people without a mortgage or kids to take a risk and start a small business. For more information on the opportunities available to the twentysomething set, including hiring subsidies for workers, click here

MLA Doesn't Understand Why DFO Approved Sale Of Lobster Licenses

Charlotte-The Isles and Liberal MLA Rick Doucet says he's mystified as to why the Department of Fisheries and Oceans would sell lobster licenses along the coast of Grand Manan.

Fishermen protested outside the DFO this week against the sales. Today the Federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea will be speaking with the fishermen over a conference call, but Doucet says the fishermen want a face-to-face meeting.

Doucet tells CHSJ news when you remove this way of life from a coastal community there's a rare chance it will come back. He says there's a lot of grief and anxiety with both young and old fishermen right now, and says the more licenses they see leave the harder it is on the community.

Inventory Shutdown To Impact Potash Workers

A slowdown in sales means the Potash mine in Sussex will layoff workers for up to 8 weeks and they don't know why. Inventory here in Saint John and in Dairytown is full and they can't move product until things change.

PotashCorp General Manager Stewart Brown says they can't give a reason for the shutdown adding potash sales are cyclical. He tells CHSJ News company operations here and in Saskatchewan are being impacted.

He says they have to look at the work they have available and at some point they will have workers laid off during the 8 week period.

The shutdown is scheduled to start December 30th and is scheduled to last until February 24th. Brown says if conditions change the shutdown period could be shortened. The potash mine near Sussex currently has 500 employees.   For more info, click here

Seawolves Take Home Hardware

The Saint John Seawolves handing out awards for their season in the Atlantic Football League.

Jason Doucet wins Offensive MVP, Colin Gallagher is the Defensive MVP, Mat Porter takes Gerry Pond Award for Community Player and Rob Fox is the Overall team MVP.   

All the players, including Alex McGarvey, Andrew Palmer and Charlie Harroun, were also named AFL all stars.

Point Lepreau Hosts Exercise Today

The Point Lepreau Generating Station is conducting a security exercise today.

It will involve the Point Lepreau nuclear response force team along with emergency personnel and police. The exercise will test security contingency procedures required under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act.

Residents may see emergency response vehicles and hear radio communications at the station.

Three Years In Jail For Syringe Robbery

A 30 year old woman gets three years in jail after trying to stick up an Oromocto McDonald's using syringes.

Just after 4am on September 18th, a woman entered the restaurant in Oromocto with a blanket over her head. 

She was carrying syringes and demanded money from the employee.
The employee locked herself in a back office and called the RCMP.

30-year-old Cassandra Paul pleaded guilty to robbery with an offensive weapon and being disguised with intent to commit an offence.

Ross Named Parade Marshall

We know who the Parade marshall for Saturday's Santa Claus Parade will be.

The honorary parade marshall is artist Fred Ross who will be joined by his daughter Lorna in the Parade.

The 60th annual Santa Claus Parade is this Saturday beginning at 6pm.  The theme is children's dreams, wishes and imagination.

Gas Price Increases

You will feel a pinch at the pump today.
The price of regular self serve gas is up to 128.5 a litre from 125.9 last week. 

Diesel is down a tiny bit from 138.2 to 138 even.
Heating oil is up slightly to 116.8 a litre from 115.9 last week.

At some city pumps, self serve is still going to 125.9 a litre while diesel is 135.3 a litre.