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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chair of Police Commission Stepping Down

Some seat changes at the Saint John Police Commission going on as well.

Chair David Emerson is stepping down from his position, and says it's because of a heavy workload coming from his job with the University of New Brunswick doing Government relations.
Emerson says, although it sounds cliche, he also needs to spend more time with his family, since he has 5 children currently in school.
Vice Chair Chris Waldshutz is taking his place, with Emerson staying on board as vice chair.

Deputy Police Chief Retires

The Deputy Chief of the Saint John Police Department is hanging up his shield this week.

Darrell Scribner is retiring after 32 years on the force, and says he has no regrets over his tenure with the department.
Scribner began his career as a constable, moved on to the family services department, led major crimes, and eventually became Deputy Chief.
Scribner's official last day is Thursday, and says he's not sure how he's going to fill his days after that.

Simonds Lion Club Donates K-9 Officer to Police Force

[Members of the Saint John Lions Club, "Arnhem", and Police Chief Bill Reid--Photo by Dave Briggs]

The Saint John police department is getting one more officer, thanks to the Simonds Lions Club.

Simonds Lions Club raised $7 thousand dollars to purchase a service dog named Arnhem.
President Blair Wetmore says they got the dog from Holland, and there is no guarantee it will work out in the line of duty.
Wetmore says this is the second dog purchased by the Simonds Lions Club for the Police Force. The dogs main duties include search and rescue, and sniffing out drugs.

More charges for City Man

A 55-year-old Saint John man accused in a late November armed robbery and abduction has been determined fit after a psychiatric exam and faces further charges.

Adrien John Lepage appeared in a Hampton court today where he was charged with attempted murder related to the incident where a woman working at a pub in Quispamsis was robbed and abducted.

Lepage has not yet entered a plea on any of the changes and will be back in court late this month.

Saint John Portland MLA Ready for Election

(Saint John Portland MLA Trevor Holder)
         (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

If Danny Joyce confirms he will fly the Liberal banner in Saint John Portland, the Conservative MLA says he is ready to defend his constituents. Trevor Holder tells CHSJ News, while he has a lot of respect for Joyce he feels who-ever runs for the Liberals is irrelevant in his opinion.

Holder adds at the end of the day, he is confident running on his record which began in 1999 when he was first elected to the Legislature.

More Questions Concerning Mike Muprhy's Decision

Even though he is citing personal reasons as his decision, many are still questioning as to why Justice Minister Mike Murphy is walking away from Provincial Politics. UNB Saint John Political Scientist Don Desserud tells CHSJ News, if there is disatisfaction among the cabinet ministers or even caucus, this is the kind of move that will precipitate others.

Many are convinced that Murphy is stepping aside to distance himself from the party because of the NB Power-Hydro Quebec proposal and will re-surface after the election in September.

City Hall Still Working on it's Budget

The city is getting close to revealing it's 2010 capital and operating budget. Acting City Manager Pat Woods says there will be a meeting on Thursday to discuss the numbers. Woods says after the meeting, councillors will have the weekend to review the numbers and then on Monday there will be a Committee of the Whole meeting with all department heads to review the details.

The meeting Thursday starts at 6 o'clock in the council chambers.

Trying to Find a Solution To Flooding

Common Council is accepting the proposal from CBCL Limited to take a look at the flooding issue in the Westgate Area. Councillor Patty Higgins asked why city staff could not look at the drainage problem in the area and director of works Shayne Galbraith says city engineers are already engaged in projects.

Galbraith says CBCL Limited should be provide the city with a report by March and that will determine whether it's a quick fix or a large scale project.

Youth Home in Quispamsis is Staying

The youth home for at risk teenagers in Quispamsis is staying on the Vincent Road. A hearing held late last month in Fredericton has dropped all appeals against the set-up for several reasons including jurisdictional grounds. Executive Director of Moncton Youth Services Mel Kennah tells CHSJ News, there is one resident at the home and expects it will stay that way for awhile.

Kennah adds he is glad this chapter is behind them and even more pleased the appeals board ruled everything in the process was above board. As for further expansion, Moncton Youth Services is considering one or two new projects for the near future and isn't ruling out another set-up in Quispamsis.

More Growth at East Point

There is a new tenant moving into the East Point Shopping Center. Tip Top Tailors is moving out of McAllister Place and taking up residence on top of the hill. An employee at the store tells CHSJ News, one of the reasons for the move is the increasing rent and in their new location will be able to offer a Big and Tall selection.

John Wheatley is Business Development Manager for East Point and tells CHSJ News, Tip Top and the new TD Bank are scheduled to be open in early spring. The new Costco location should be ready to cut the ribbon in May.

Radio Station Renovations

City Considers Lending Money For Harbour Bridge Repairs

Common Council is being asked to consider lending a bit of money to the Harbour Bridge Authority to do repairs.
Councillor Chris Titus is suggesting adding an extra percentage to the loan to create a new source of revenue for the city.
Titus says it's important to get the repairs done to this vital link of highway in the city. Mayor Ivan Court wants to know if there are discussions with the Department of Transportation, but Titus says the province says the bridge is not their responsibilty.
He says the province says the road leading up to, and directly after the Harbour Bridge is their problem, but not the bridge.

Maine Governor on NB Power Deal

After initially expressing reservations over the proposed agreement to sell the major assets of NB Power to Hydro Quebec, Maine Governor John Baldacci has changed his tune now saying the deal should mean good news for his state and the region.
Baldacci says he met with Quebec Premier Jean Charest over the holidays to find out if Maine's high power rates would be reduced under the deal and the state's growing renewable energy sector protected. According to the Governor, the discussions have been ``very positive toward that happening.''

Alzheimer's Disease On Rise in Province

The Provincial Alzheimer Society releasing a report that claims about seven people in the province are diagnosed with dementia every single day and that number is only expected to rise, perhaps doubling over the next thirty years overwhelming the health care system. Mel Vincent Junior who chairs the local chapter of the Provincial Alzheimer Society tells CHSJ News he's not surprised that 15 per cent of the 12 thousand people who suffer from some form of dementia in this province are baby boomers under the age of 65.

Liberals Recruiting for Next Provincial Election

The candidate recruitment drive continues by the Liberal Party in Greater Saint John. Danny Joyce, former owner of the Ultramar Gas Station in the North End, is considering a run for the Liberals in Saint John Portland. Joyce tells CHSJ News, he is pretty sure he is going to go for it.

The 51-year old Joyce says he gives Conservative Trevor Holder plenty of credit for the job he has done for the riding but admits sometimes a new broom sweeps a little cleaner.

Steady Night For City Police

A steady night for city police who made 7 arrests. One woman was treated in hospital after being assaulted with a weapon on Duke Street. 2 people were charged with a theft from Market Square and two others were arrested in East Saint John for possession of stolen goods and obstructing Police. CHSJ News has been told there were three or four domestic disputes called in.