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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heart and Stroke Bus Pull

[ Photo taken by Melissa O'Rourke]

Co-ordinators for the 1st annual Heart and Stroke Bus Pull say yesterdays event could only be described as a success. Terry Wagnor of the Heart and Stroke Foundation tells CHSJ news the event is aimed at putting AED machines into high schools in the Saint John area.
With the use of CPR, survival rate for cardiac arrest is 5 percent, but with the use of an AED machine, the rate increases to 50 percent. Saint John High School will be one of the recipients of the events AED machines.

Pay Equity

The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity is asking each political party to take a stance on implementing pay equity legislation for the private sector. Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Mary Schryer reviewed the liberals actions towards pay equity in a speech, but did not specify the party's position concerning legislation. Opposition M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney says her party would present its position on the issue in it's electoral platform, and NDP member Julie Michaud says her party is completely in favour of enacting pay equity legislation. The new leader of the provincial Green Party Jack MacDougall says he is in favour of pay equity in all sectors, but needs to consult his party before making an official commitment.

Senior Care

The Premier isn't mincing words about what his government is doing to improve care for seniors in this province. Shawn Graham took shots at the opposition government during the legislature Friday, and says the capital budget next week will have significant investments in nursing homes. Graham says the budget next week will benefit every single region in the province, and the Liberals will be doing what's right for seniors by not playing politics.