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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bridge Fixed

Finished ahead of schedule, the Millstream River Covered Bridge is re-opened to traffic. Crews replaced the cedar shingle roof on the structure which is 99 years old.
There are 59 covered bridges left in the Province.

Daylight Assault in Dairytown

A man from Bloomfield was beaten up while walking through Sussex yesterday afternoon. Officers tell us the 19-year old was walking along Winter Street with someone else when a truck stopped and three men got out of the vehicle.

The teenager was kicked and then hit with a piece of wood and ironically he knows two of the three men. The man driving the truck is described as five foot five, short black hair and wasn't wearing a shirt. The teenager didn't have to go to the hospital.

East Side Business Dealing With Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping has become a problem for a business on Rothesay Avenue. The Re-store is set up to collect goods to be re-sold and raise cash for Habitat for Humanity but lately staff have been finding items that don't fit the criteria. It is also piling up near the property which means they could be fined for unsightly premises. Spokes-person Brenna Farren tells CHSJ News, it seems to be a seasonal thing:

Farren adds in the past month they have hauled away a truck worth of garbage.

The Feds Respond To The Province's Offer On the Harbour Bridge

Ottawa is responding to the Province's proposal on the Harbour Bridge.
Saint John MP Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News that ACOA Minister Keith Ashfield wil be having a personal discussion with the Premier on this topic.
Weston says both parties agree on the debt issue, the removal of tolls and cost-sharing on the refurbishment.

In previous discussions, today's date of June 30th was given as a possible deadline for the Feds to respond to the provincial offer.
Weston adds he feels a final resolution between both levels of government can be reached.

Randy Jones Celebrity Tournament

The second annual Randy Jones Celebrity Golf Tournament was highlighted with a pair of hole in ones yesterday at Riverside. 

The aces were recorded on the scenic 18th and 5th holes with one player winning a brand new vehicle from Loch Lomond Mitsubishi and the other taking home an $8,000 Sandals vacation. 

The real winners are the pediatric care and pediatric diabetes units at the Regional as just over $106,000 dollars was raised for both.

Two Fires Under Investigation

A pair of fires in Saint John did some damage to a home and a garage.

Crews arrived at 161 Ludlow Street West this morning just after one to find a garbage container next to the home was in flames.

The fire did catch the vinyl siding and scorched the home but crews had the blaze under control in about an hour. City Police tell us it looks like the fire was intentionally set.
Earlier in the night just after ten, crews arrived at the corners of Elgin and Victoria Streets in the North End to find a vehicle on fire.
The heat from the flames melted the siding on a nearby garage and investigators are looking into how the fire started.

Headstones Vandalism Still Under Investigation

Plenty of tips and leads in relation to the headstone vandalism in East Saint John two months ago but no arrests yet.

More than 330 headstones were kicked over in St. Joseph's Cemetery causing over $86-thousand dollars damage sometime on the weekend of April 24th.

Inspector Glen McCloskey says they are now appealing to the public for their help.

Inspector McCloskey adds they have been flooded with tips and are still following leads but would like more.

Acadian Games Ready To Go

Over 1200 athletes along with organizers, volunteers and spectators are very excited for the start of the Acadian Games in Saint John.

The event will see athletes from all over Atlantic Canada competing in sports like track and field, softball and tennis.

Organizer Michel Cote tells CHSJ News, there are a variety of venues but, the action is focused in Millidgeville.

The 31st Annual Acadian Games continue in the Port City until Sunday.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Man Wanted In Moncton Stabbing

(photo provided by RCMP)

RCMP want your help in locating Michael Paul Hutchings.
The 33-year-old Moncton man is wanted in relation to a stabbing on Monday in Moncton.
A charge of attempted murder was laid in a Moncton court against Hutchings today.

A 19-year-old Moncton man remains in hospital in stable condition.

Police reminds the public to call if they see the suspect and not to approach him.
If you see him, call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Police Put A Stop To Graffiti

(Staff Sergeant Jim Fleming talks about getting rid of graffiti)
(Photo by Sherry Aske)

The two men responsible for spray painting the Imperial Theatre and the area behind the Hilton are facing charges.

Staff Sergeant Jim Fleming says the two men caused at least $20,000 dollars in damage and will appear in court on July 6th.

He says charging them is a key step in preventing more vandalism because it will stop young people from doing the same.

Fleming says the focus now is on ramping up the amount of public education around graffiti and removing as much of it as possible.

Public Landing Assault Update

Grand Bay-Westfield RCMP are still investigating a serious assault in Public Landing that left a 31-year-old man hospitalized.
On June 19th at about 9pm, several men got off a 26-foot white Baja speedboat at the Public Landing wharf.
A 31-year-old man at the wharf was assaulted and suffered serious injuries.
He remains at the Regional hospital and police have been unable to speak to him because of his injuries.

Several people were arrested, questioned and released and no charges have been laid.
The RCMP are looking to talk with witnesses to this assault.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Grand Bay-Westfield RCMP at 757-1020 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS..

Sexual Assault in Grand Bay-Westfield

Grand Bay Westfield RCMP are investigating a sexual assault against a 13-year-old girl on Friday night.
It occurred on a trail between the tennis court on Inglewood Drive and North Street when the teen was approached by an older man who touched her inappropriately. She ran off and was not hurt.

The suspect is described as in his 60's, less than 5 foot 9 inches tall, overweight with a very long white beard and long white hair that was grey on top.
He was wearing a camouflage ball hat and a bright orange t-shirt.

If you can identify the man in this incident, contact the Grand Bay Westfield RCMP at 757-1020 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800- 222- TIPS.

Long Wharf Restoration

No doubt you have noticed workers busy on Long Wharf returning the site to it's original state after the Irving Oil office building plan was shelved.

Paula Small with the Saint John Port Authority tells CHSJ News, the restoration work got started two weeks ago with crews capping the pilings that were driven into the ground and putting back in place under-ground services like water and electricity.

Small says the work is expected to be finished the work before the 15th of September.

That is when the Norwegian Princess is due to dock at Long Wharf.

Harbour Bridge Update

(File Photo)

You may have noticed the construction screening put on the Harbour Bridge running along the median has been down twice since work on the span got started.

General Manager Ken Anthony tells CHSJ News, it is in place to keep debris from hitting passing vehicles.

As far as the work on the bridge is concerned, Anthony says everything remains on schedule with the north and south approaches hydro-demolished on one side.

Restaurant Scam

Restaurant owners around the Province are being warned of a scam making the rounds.

Someone claiming to be a health inspector is calling businesses to set up an appointment for an inspection.

The caller then asks the restaurant owners to provide detailed personal and business information.

RCMP tell us health inspectors in this Province do not regularly schedule inspections with restaurants and will not ask for detailed personal or business information over the phone.

Also, they always carry identification.

$2500 Raised at McDonald's for Regional Hospital

The generosity of Greater Saint John has come through once again as $2500 is raised for the Randy Jones and family foundation at McDonald's locations yesterday.The money will go to the pediatric unit and pediatric diabetes unit at the Regional Hospital.

The Quispamsis hockey star's annual celebrity tournament, Golf For Kids Sake, is underway today at the Riverside Golf and Country Club.

Campbell Runs As Independent

(Campbell speaks to people from Saint John Harbour)
(Photo by Sherry Aske)

After being defeated by Carl Killen in the Conservative nomination, John Campbell is running in the fall election as the independent candidate for Saint John Harbour.

Campbell says one of the key issues in the election is going to be health care because it is going to become 50 per cent of the budget very shortly.

Campbell says he may not have the balance of numbers on his side running as an independent, but party leaders can't ignore logical arguments backed up with facts and figures.

Compensation Fight Continues For Widows

A fight to receive compensation they believe is rightfully theirs continues by Widows on the Warpath.

They have been left out of a $20,000 package offered by Ottawa to military and civilians who worked at -- or lived near Base Gagetown in the sixties.
That is when Agent Orange was tested in the training area.

Spokes-person Judith Saunders Wright tells CHSJ News, they are far from giving up.

Saunders Wright will be at the City Market's Germain Street entrance this morning at nine looking for more signatures with 91 already on the petition.
The widows have been shut out of the compensation package because their spouses passed away prior to the start up program in February of 06.

NDP Choose A Candidate For Saint John Harbour

Incumbant Liberal MLA Ed Doherty and Conservative candidate Carl Killen have competition for the September election.

Reverend Wayne Dryer is carrying the banner for the New Democrats after being nominated by acclamation in the riding of Saint John Harbour last night.

Dryer tells CHSJ News, he wants to be a voice for the constituents.

As for his competition, Dryer says he wouldn't be running if he didn't think he had a chance at winning.

A news conference has been called for ten this morning where it's expected John Campbell will announce he is running as an independent candidate in the riding as well.

Campbell lost by one vote to Conservative candidate Carl Killen.

Province's Population is Growing

The province is growing! Numbers from Stats Can show a net increase of over 6000 people since January 2007.

The number surpasses the goal of increasing the province's population by 6,000 by the end of 2009 as set out by the state of the province address.
The numbers are a quarterly estimate for January 1st to April 1st of this year and place our province's population at 751,300.

The province's population dropped by over 4000 people in the 13 quarters before January 2007.

Bike Safety For The Summer Season

School is out and many kids will be out on their bikes.

Wayne Young is the director of injury prevention for the Atlantic Red Cross and tells CHSJ News, parents and caregivers should really enforce the message to wear the right protective gear.

Young says it's also very important that motorists keep their eyes peeled for kids weaving in and around vehicles on their bicycles.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Randy Jones Way

(The street sign for the new entrance to the Q-Plex)
(Photo by Sherry Aske)

Quispamsis has a new road and it's named after the town's resident NHL player.

"Randy Jones Way" is the new name of the Vincent Road entrance to the Q-Plex after Randy Jones, defenceman for the L.A. Kings.

Jones is in town for his Celebrity Golf Tournament which takes place tomorrow to raise money for the pediatric care and pediatric diabetes units at the Regional.

He says he's looking forward to getting everyone together at tomorrow's tournament.

Last year Golf For Kids Sake raised 121,000 dollars for the Regional's neo-natal unit.

Police Looking For Speeding Motorcyclist

Hampton RCMP tried to stop a motorcycle on Friday night on Highway one that was doing a "wheelie".

The driver sped up and away and roadblocks were set up further down the road and the bike was clocked going more than 160 kms per hour.
The motorcycle drove past the road block, causing an accident and driving at more than 200 kms per hour before leaving the highway for Sussex.

No one was hurt in the accident.

The driver of the motorcycle is described as between 5'8" to 5'9" weighing 200 lbs with spiky dark hair, a pencil style beard wearing a green T-shirt, jeans and a dark helmet.

Contact RCMP at 832-5566 if you have any information on this incident.

One Victim Identified After Two Weekend Deaths

The name of one of the accident victims in Saint John has been released after two weekend tragedies.
26-year-old Ryan Ellis died on Friday after the motorcycle he was driving crashed into another vehicle on Manawagonish Road.

A 15-year-old girl was killed after a car she was in went off Hillcrest Road and down an embankment near the airport on Saturday night.
City police tells CHSJ News, her name is not being released at the request of her family.

Another Candidate Comes Forward For NDP

The NDP will unveil it's third candidate that will fly the flag for the party in Greater Saint John tonight.

Reverend Wayne Dryer is the only name that has offered for the riding of Saint John Harbour for the party and is expected to be acclaimed.

Party Leader Rogery Dugay will also be on hand.

Things get started at seven o'clock at the Fort Howe Hotel.

Passenger Volume At Saint John Airport Is Up

Officials at the Saint John Airport are feeling optimistic with the latest numbers on passenger volume.

Passenger stats to the end of May show a modest 2.3% increase in numbers for the first five months of the year, as compared to the same period last year.

Airport President and CEO Bernard LeBlanc fully expects the positive trend to continue and predicts the year end total to surpass 220,000 passengers for the fourth consecutive year.

What About An Oil Spill In The Bay

Provincial Environment Minister Rick Doucette says its time we took another look at the plans for dealing with an oil spill in the Bay of Fundy.

This follows Doucette's visit last week to the Gulf of Mexico to get a first hand look at what's unfolding there which he calls the largest manmade disaster in history.

Doucette says any re-examination of the plans that are in place should also involve officials from Nova Scotia and Maine.

Remembering A Former World Champion

They say no good deed goes un-recognized and that certainly holds true in this story.

Local artist Norm Jackson will unveil and present his latest work, a portrait of former world speed skating champion Charles Gorman to Irving Oil officials next week.
This after the company put forward the cash for a headstone at his un-marked grave.
Jackson tells CHSJ News, it wasn't easy trying to capture the true essence of the man from photographs but is pleased with the final result.
The dedication of Gorman's gravestone will happen on July.6th at the Old Cedar Hill Cemetery on Lancaster Avenue just after noon.

Traffic Deaths Over The Weekend

City Police are still piecing together what happened after two people were killed in traffic accidents over the weekend.
A teenage girl was killed when a car she was in with several other young people went off the Hillcrest Road near the airport at 11:30pm Saturday night.
The girl was pinned under the vehicle after it rolled down a steep enbankment and flipped onto it's roof.
One man was killed on Friday night when the motorcycle he was driving crashed into a vehicle on the Manawagonish Road just before ten o'clock.

Reaction To Word Of Second Reactor

Discussions about building a second nuclear reactor at Point Lepreau have begun in, of all places, Florida.
Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir is in the Sunshine state talking about the possibility with the French nuclear engineering group, Areva.
The Conservation Council's David Coon calls the whole thing insane.
Energy Probe in Toronto doubts whether anything will get off the ground but Coon says it could if the province offers sufficient concessions and Areva is assured of access to the U.S. market.

(David Coon - photo courtesy CCNB web site)

Robbery Last Night In The Uptown

One man is locked up and will visit with a judge later today after a robbery uptown last night.

City Police tell us it was just after 6:30pm when a man walked into the United Book Exchange on Charlotte Street. He told the clerk he had a weapon, wanted cash and took off out the door a short time later with a handful.

Quick work by officers on patrol how-ever found one person on King Street a short time later and he is now cooling his heels in a cell at City Hall. Nobody was hurt.

Putting A New Look On Cresent Valley

We've heard alot of talk from officials with both the city and the provincial government about the huge potential that exists to transform Crescent Valley into a vibrant part of Saint John.

Well now a private developer, Don Darling of Prestige Homes is also saying it as the province calls for proposals to build housing for families and seniors.

For Prestige Homes to get involved, Darling says the economics and time lines would have to be worked out to the benefit of all concerned.

Getting Geared Up For Acadian Games

A few last-minute tweaks are happening before the Acadian Games kick off on Wednesday in Saint John.

Michel Cote tells CHSJ News over 1000 athletes from Atlantic Canada will be here.
Cote adds the athletes are competing in eight different sports including soccer and track and field.

Volunteers are still needed for security and you do not have to speak french.

To apply to go this website........

Graham Spending A Lot Of Time in Greater Saint John

Premier Shawn Graham is making his rounds for the election season.
Despite a recent slew of of visits to the port city for funding announcements Graham says he is still looking at each part of the Province.

Graham says there is a strong team of candidates in Saint John and his visits have helped grow the economy.

Randy Jones Back Home

The Riverside Golf and Country Club will again provide the back-drop for this years Randy Jones Charity Golf Tournament tomorrow.

The L.A. Kngs defenceman last year with the help of many golfers raised $121,000 dollars for the neo-natal unit.
All money this time around goes to the pediatric care and the pediatric diabetes unit at the Regional.
Randy's brother Tim tells CHSJ News, Randy is looking forward to the day.

Some of the celebrities taking part in this years tournament include Team Canada gold medal winner Drew Dowdy, Wayne Simmons of the L.A. Kings, Aaron Asham with the Philadelphia Flyers and NHL referee Tim Peel.

If you aren't playing in the tourney, there is still a way to help the cause with food sales at all McDonalds between 4 and 8pm today to go toward this years charity.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saint John Players Go To Sweden

For the first time ever a Women's football team from Canada is competing for a World Championship which gets underway today in Stockholm, Sweden.

The team has 14 players from the Saint John area.

That doesn't come as a surprise to one of them, Lisa Harlow who plays quarterback for the Saint John Storm of the Maritime Women's League.

Harlow tells CHSJ News Canada has a good chance at picking up gold with the big competition coming from Team U-S-A.

New Vaccine For Babies

(Baby gets the pneumococcal vaccine)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

More details now on a story we brought you earlier in the week:

There's a new way to protect your baby against pneumococcal disease.

Dr. Paul Van Buynder says Prevnar-13 is a new vaccine being offered in the province that protects against 13 different strains of bacterial infection.

Van Buynder says there have been 40 severe cases of pneumococcal disease in the province over the last three years.

The vaccine is funded for children who are eight weeks to 12 months old starting July 1st.

Handprints For The Q-Plex

(David Boone with a Lasting Impressions Square)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

Quispamsis is launching a campaign to get the community involved in the Q-Plex Project.

Mayor Murray Driscoll says people can leave a lasting impression of their hand prints or foot prints by buying a square beside the Q-Plex sidewalk.

Driscoll says each square is individually made and it's a great way to get individuals involved.

Artisans Back In Action

(Artisans packing up after being told to leave)
(File Photo)

Artisans who sell handcrafted items in Loyalist Plaza are back in action on the long as there is nothing else going on.

The group that sells their work to cruise ship passengers was kicked out one Saturday despite a signed contract they had with the Hardman Group.

Artisan Lisa Mourade says the Hardman Group has since explained that they can set up shop on the weekends as long as there are no other events going on in the Plaza.

The artisans paid the Hardman Group $250 dollars for a spot in the Plaza so they could sell their items when cruise ship passengers came to town.

Poverty Levels Are Down

Poverty in Saint John is the lowest it has been in 20 years.

Researcher Kurt Peacock says this is largely because the diversity of jobs we have today.

He says technology is the driving force behind that diversity.

Peacock says poverty was worse in the 1990s because of the decline of manufacturing jobs at the ship yard and the sugar refinery.

He says our poverty rate is now less than the Canadian average.

Arrests For Public Landing

RCMP in Grand-Bay Westfield are busy making arrests after an incident in Public Landing.

Corporal Parisilla says they have made five of six arrests since a man was beaten up at the Public Landing Wharf last Saturday.

At the time RCMP reported that 8 or 9 men got off a speedboat and five of them beat up the man while the others went to a nearby store.

Parisilla says they are still talking with the public and looking for at least one more person they believe was involved.

He says the man that was beaten up is still in the hospital in an induced coma.

Deadly Weekend

Two families are mourning the loss of loved ones after a pair of accidents this weekend.

A teenage girl is dead after a car accident in East Saint John.

Sergeant Chuck Elgee says a car went off the road at 11:30pm last night at Hillcrest Road near the airport.

Elgee says the car went down an enbankment and a teenage girl was killed.

Other people were in the car but no one else was seriously hurt.

The girl's name is not being being released until her family has been notified.

On Friday night a motorcyclist was killed after hitting a car on Manawagonish Road.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saint John Women Football Players Compete For World Title

For the first time ever a Women's football team from Canada is competing for a World Championship which gets underway Sunday in Stockholm, Sweden. The team has 14 players from the Saint John area. That doesn't come as a surprise to one of them, Lisa Harlow who plays quarterback for the Saint John Storm of the Maritime Women's League. Harlow isn't surprised so many players come from the Maritimes because women's football has been established here for about 7 years.
Harlow tells CHSJ News Canada has a good chance at picking up gold with the big competition coming from Team U-S-A. The tournment concludes July 3rd.

Conservation Council Urges Province To Develop Policy On Renewable Energy

Irving Oil's decision to abandon tidal power research in the Bay of Fundy coming as a surprise to the Conservation Council and its Executive-Director David Coon. He says it points out the need for the province to have an energy strategy especially when it comes to renewable forms of energy. Coon claims New Brunswick is falling behind Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario in this regard.
Irving Oil is basing its decision on uncertainty over the viability of the technology at the moment. Even Coon concedes the technology with tidal power lags behind other renewables such as solar and wind. Irving Oil was working with the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews.

Moosehead Light Lime Takes Off In U.S.

Moosehead light lime is proving to be a huge success in the U.S. That's the reaction of Americans in six states to Moosehead Light Lime. Joel Levesque of Moosehead tells CHSJ News in just three months the brewery sold as much of the light lime that had been targeted for the entire year.
Levesque concedes Moosehead officials are even even astounded by how it has taken off.
Levesque says Moose Light Blackberry has been introduced in this province and Prince Edward Island and should be in all liquor stores within the next week.

Snorkel the Seal

There's a celebration in St.Andrews today for a very special seal.

Snorkel, at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, is having a party today at 11am where he will do some tricks and try to blow out a candle.

Snorkel and his dad Loki have been at the aquarium since May 2009.

Murphy In St. Andrews

Former Provincial Justice Minister Mike Murphy will speak to trial lawyers assembling for a conference in St. Andrews today.

Murphy is himself an Atlantic Canadian trial lawyer and the former Attorney General and former Minister of Health.

He resigned from Graham government's cabinet in January.

Murphy will give a lunch time address at the Algonguin entitled the "Transparency of Government and Preserving Access to Justice."

Motorcycle Accident

One man is dead after an accident on Manawagonish Road.

Staff Sergeat Steve Patterson says a motorcycle crashed with another vehicle just before 10 o'clock last night and the man driving the motorcycle died.

His name is not being released until his family have been notified.

No one else was seriously hurt.

Donnie And The Monarchs To Rap Up

It's the end of an era for one of Saint John's most famous band.

Donnie and the Monarchs are calling it a career this fall after 28 years of touring the Maritimes.

Founding member Gary Chase tells CHSJ News it started in Fairvale when they played at a wedding as "Basic 4".

Donnie and the Monarchs are planning a big farewell show in Saint John in November but details are still being worked out.

Chase and fellow bandmate Chris McIntyre adds the band will consider reuniting for special occaisions maybe once a year.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fisheries Minister Tours Gulf Coast Oil Spill

(Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet)

Provincial Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet is just back from the Gulf of Mexico where he got a first hand look at that massive oil spill which is still gushing. He calls it the largest manmade disaster that has ever taken place and is shocking to see and smell.

Doucet says the intense heat makes the smell of the oil on the water very strong.
In Doucet's words, they're trying to scoop up the oil with teaspoons.

Canadian Blood Services Says The Task Force Was Heard

Canadian Blood Services is refuting the comments of a local MLA on how the Task Force visit to speak to their national board went this week.
Rothesay Conservative MLA Margaret Ann Blaney said the CBS told them to go home and not worry about the move of the Millidgeville blood distribution centre to Darmouth.

Amanda Cullen of Canadian Blood Services tells CHSJ News the task force was listened to.
Cullen says Board Chair Leah Hollins thanked the Task Force members for their presentation and she asked them to work with CBS on testing the new system of delivery.

Vehicle Involved In Baby's Death Being Inspected

The vehicle involved a rollover accident that led to the death of a two-month old baby girl in Belleisle Creek is being inspected.

A 20-year-old woman was driving with her 2-month-old baby girl yesterday in Belleisle Creek when she lost control of her vehicle on Route 870.

The baby later died in hospital while the woman has since been released.
Both the woman and her child were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.
A mechanical inspection is being conducted on the vehicle.

Progress Continues On Allied Health Building

Work continues on the Allied Health building on the campus of UNB Saint John.

The 43,000 square foot facility will house programs including practical nursing, medical laboratory technology, and personal service worker.

Supply and Servies Minister and Saint John Harbour MLA Ed Doherty tells CHSJ News they are excited about how construction is moving along.
Doherty says a 10-million dollar contract for work on Phase 3 was recently awarded to Castle Rock Construction of Saint John.

Bill Best, NBCC interim president and chief executive officer,  says the increased seat capacity will also ensure more students have access to a post-secondary education.

NBCC Saint John Students Graduate Today

NBCC Saint John is graduating 593 students today from 29 different programs.
Power Engineering Technology student Elan Cole is this year's valedictorian and she is also the recipient of the Governor General’s Award.

Health Minister Mary Schryer and NBCC's VP of Academics Terry Dempsey and Principal Diane Burt will also speak to the graduates.
The ceremony is taking place this afternoon at Harbour Station.

Kingston Liquor Store Opens

The residents of the Kingston Pennisula can now grab a six-pack closer to home.
The new agency liquor store at the Kingston General Merchants opened for business this morning.
Owner Steve Gatien tells CHSJ News they are very excited to be up and running.
Gatien says the store hours will not change with the addition of the liquor outlet, the store will still close at 10pm.

Graham On Blood

(Millidgeville Blood Distribution Center)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

Premier Shawn Graham says he is extremely disappointed that Canadian Blood Services is ignoring their request to keep a blood distribution center in New Brunswick.

Graham says it's still too early to say what is going to happen next. 

He says they are still looking at going it alone or partnering with HEMA Quebec.

Graham says he is standing shoulder to shoulder with the medical community to come up with a solution.

Housing On Charlotte

(The Premier and friends in front of the Charlotte Street affordable housing site)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

Construction is starting on Charlotte Street for new affordable housing.

Peter Jollymore is Chair of the Abby St. Andrew's Group and says they did a survey that showed there was a need for low income housing.

The project will have 96 units, 55 of which are for people with low income.

Jollymore says there will also be 41 units that are available to anyone because having people with mixed incomes makes for a healthier community. 

They are set to be completed in August of 2011.

Baby Dies In Highway Crash

A two-month-old baby girl died from her injuries after a accident in Belleisle Creek.
Sussex RCMP responding to the single vehicle rollover on Route 870 just before 2pm yesterday.
A 20-year-old mother was driving with the baby when she failed to negotiate a turn and lost control of her vehicle. The vehicle left the road and rolled over.
The mother was wearing a seat belt and the baby was fastened in a child restraint seat.

People's Alliance Chooses First Candidate For Provincial Election

(Leader Of The People's Alliance Of New Brunswick Kris Austin)
                      (Photo by Brian McLain)

A small turnout in Lorneville for the selection of the very first candidate for the newest political party in the province, the People's Alliance. He's Ed Hoyt who will be seeking support from voters in Fundy River Valley. He'll be going up against Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir and retired heart surgeon, Dr. Jim Parrott who's running for the Conservatives. Hoyt says he's is offering to be more accessible to the people in the riding.
Party Leader Kris Austin also made the party's first campaign promise and that is to roll back the increases to the pensions and severance pay M-L-A's voted themselves.
Austin admits the party was born of discontent because people are fed up with both the Liberals and Conservatives. He maintains the time is right for a new party to make its mark.

City Fire Crews Called Out to Uptown Fire

(District Fire Chief Gerry Morris)
               (File Photo)

A kitchen fire last night in an apartment at 149 Waterloo Street. District Chief Gerry Morris says fire crews were able to extinguish it quickly but it did cause considerable damage to the kitchen. The cause of the fire was a pot of grease left on the stove which ignited into flames. One person suffered slight burns to his hand trying to put the fire out. Most of the tenents were able to return to their apartments but not all. The Red Cross was called in to help them out.

Graduation Ceremonies Continue Today For High School Students

It's the moment many students and their parents have been waiting 12 years for.
It's graduation day for hundreds of students at Kennebecasis Valley, St. Malachy's and Harbourview High.
Hampton High held its graduation ceremony last night.

New Medical School Building Ready For Viewing

(Provincial Health Minister Mary Schryer)
                 (File Photo)

Some politicians will get a look-see at how the new Allied Health building is coming along at the UNB Saint John campus. Health Minister Mary Schryer and Supply and Services Minister Ed Doherty will take part in the tour along with officials from the community college in Saint John and U-N-B Saint John. The tour is getting underway at 12:45 this afternoon.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Field House for Exhibition Park

(Preliminary rrecommendations for Exhibition Park)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

The Exhibition site in East Saint John may have an indoor field house in its future.

Wendy Donovan is a consultant with DMA Planning and Management and says they're looking at an artificial turf field and three lane walking track for the building.

Donovan says neither the Exhibition Association nor Harness Racing NB wish to rebuild a stadium just for harness racing so for the time being they plan to leave that section of the property as is.

Province Issues Call For Proposals To Build New Housing In North End

(Provincial Social Development Minister Kelly Lamrock)
                         (File Photo)

The Provincial Government is calling for private developers and non profit organisations to come forward with proposals to build new housing in Crescent Valley. Social Development Minister Kelly Lamrock says he's looking for diversity with the initial request for a minimum of 60 units for seniors, 30 of which would be suubsidised and a minimum of 56 for families, 28 of which would be subsidised.
Lamrock says the province has been talking to developers and he maintains there is interest in getting involved but the transformation of the neighbourhood into a community will take a number of years.

Holder Denies Charge That Conservatives Want To Take Jobs Out Of Saint John

(Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder)
                    (File Photo)

Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder is refuting the charge that Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward wants to move healthcare jobs out of the city. The accusation was made by Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir after Alward told reporters in Dalhousie the Liberals gave 150 jobs at Facilicorp to Saint John when the northern part of the province needs more employment. Holder tells CHSJ News the Conservatives don't want to take jobs out of Saint John and he would never support that.
Holder is accusing Keir of trying to deflect criticism of him over the failed NB Power deal by turning the tables. Alward will be making what is termed a major campaign announcement concerning health care tomorrow in Fredericton.

Province Provides Loan Guarantee for Processing Plant

The Province is providing a $3-million forgivable loan to Connors Brothers in Blacks Harbour.

It's part of a $12-million project aiming to keep 1000 jobs in the southern half of the Province.

Premier Shawn Graham says it's one of the oldest seafood producing plants in Canada.
Connors Brothers has been in operation since the 1890's.

Another Chance For Agent Orange Payment

The federal government has opened another window of opportunity to apply for a 20-thousand dollar one time compensation payment -- and -- Carol Brown Parker of the Agent Orange Association tells CHSJ News there is an additional piece of information required -- a note explaining why you didn't apply the first time the compensation was offered.
She says she thinks those who didn't apply originally probably hadn't heard about the compensation program.
Parker says there is a short time frame to apply -- the application must be in no later than September 17th -- you can get more information here.

Mom And Baby Hurt in Belleisle Accident

A young mother and her baby have serious injuries after a single vehicle rollover near Belleisle Creek.

RCMP and ambulance responding to the scene about 1:45 on Route 870.
Police tell CHSJ News the 20-year-old woman driving failed to negotiate the turn.

New Chair For Enterprise Saint John

Business in Saint John is moving forward by building on the relationships it already has.

Tony Gogan is the new chair for Enterprise Saint John and says the best way to grow the economy is to work with the home team folks.

Gogan says the city still welcomes major projects, but diversifying the city's economy has worked very well because not all the eggs are in one basket.

Gogan says one area that is really expanding is the health and sciences industry. He says the new medical school opening in September is going to provide huge opportunity in research alone.

The First PANB Candidate Nomination Meeting Tonight

The first candidate from the Province's newest political party will be nominated in Lorneville tonight.

Ed Hoyt who was the independent candidate for the riding of Fundy-River Valley is expected to be acclaimed for the People's Alliance of New Brunswick.

Leader Kris Austin says the party is very excited about having its first official candidate.

The nomination meeting gets underway at 7 tonight at the Lorneville Community Centre.
Hoyt will be running against incumbent Liberal Jack Keir and the Conservative nominee Dr. Jim Parrot.

Task Force Trip A Disappointing Journey

A disappointing journey-that is how Rothesay Conservative MLA Margaret Ann Blaney describes the Health Task Force trip to Ottawa to speak to Canadian Blood Services.

The group is opposed to the planned move of the Millidgeville distribution centre to Dartmouth in 2012.

The opposition health critic tells CHSJ News that could have feigned interest and they didn't.
Blaney says they basically told the six member group to go home and not to worrry about it.

Blaney adds the next step for the Task Force is to look at going it alone or teaming with HEMA Quebec.

Funding To Fix Forest Hills Ballfield

A giant hole at Forest Hills School will soon be a new playing field for students. The provincial and federal governments are putting almost $600,000 into the project which will allow for a new parking lot and field to be ready for the fall. Roly MacIntyre, MLA for Saint John East, says the kids are really excited for their new field.

MacIntyre says the old field was closed nearly nine years ago when the timbers supporting the field collapsed.

Sudden Death On The Highway In Rothesay

This doesn't happen all that often. Rothesay Regional Police telling CHSJ News they pulled a van over along the highway by the scales which isn't that unusual and then, without any warning, the 61 year old driver died instantly behind the wheel. Police are calling it a sudden death.

Also, City Police say the problem of drunnk driving continues unabated as they report three more drunk drivers were nabbed over a span of a couple of hours, two in the uptown and the other on Loch Lomand Road.

Gas Prices Take Another Jump In City

Drivers in Saint John are paying more for gas after the weekly setting. Self Serve regular has risen by more than 3 cents a litre to 99.6 cents and diesel is more than 2 cents a litre higher at $1.02.5. Propane is listed at $1.01.9 a litre.

Conservative Leader Accused Of Begruding Jobs To Saint John

(Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward)
                      (File Photo)

Another politicial storm is brewing...this time over Health Care jobs awarded to the Port City through Facilicorp which is the shared health services agency.
The Conservative Leader said in Dalhousie that the Liberals gave those jobs to Saint John over cities in the province's north. Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir accuses David Alward of begrudging 150 Saint Johners their jobs.
Keir wonders if Alward would say that in Saint John and thinks the Conserverative leader shouldn't be pitting the north and south of the province against each other over jobs.

Oil Spill Exercise Taking Place In Bay Of Fundy

80 people are participating in an 8-hour exercise today in preparation for an oil spill should it ever happen in Saint John.
The 15th annual exercise is timely given the effort to clean up the mess after an oil rig exploded in April causing a BP well to leak oil on the Gulf Coast.
The Atlantic Emergency Response Team or ALERT is conducting its exercise from Courtenay Bay to Lepreau.
The spill exercise is one of many proactive measures ALERT organizes all year that are regulated by Transport Canada and in partnership with the Coast Guard.
No actual product or materials will be placed in the water during any of the activities.
In Courtenay Bay, several hundred feet of orange boom will be deployed and then recovered from the water, to simulate this emergency measure in the event of a 10,000 ton oil spill from a ship.

Major Announcement Coming For Crescent Valley

(Social Development Minister Kelly Lamrock)
                      (File Photo)

It's being called a major announcement from the Department of Social Development. A public housing announcement will be made today and it will impact Crescent Valley. Social Development Minister Kelly Lamrock and Mayor Ivan Court will be on hand for the annoucement this afternoon at the Somerset Community Centre. The provincial government has made a commitment to revitalise that neighbourhood with the goal being upgraded housing and one thousand new homes. Deputh City Manager Andrew Beckett says the neighbourhood has huge potential but it will take from 20 to 25 years for it to be fully transformed.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keir Calls Out Alward

(Energy Minister Jack Keir)
(File Photo)

Energy Minister Jack Keir is calling out Opposition Leader David Alward for wanting to keep the Dalhousie Power Plant open.

Keir says this isn't something that has just come about in the last couple weeks.

He says NB Power has been saying for a long time that there is no alternative source of fuel that would make the Dalhousie plant competitive.

Keir says New Brunswickers have asked the government time and time again to keep out of NB Power when it comes to day to day operations, yet here Alward is involving himself.

A Saint John Experiences The Toronto Earthquake

It's been confirmed that a a ``moderate earthquake'' has rocked residents of southern Ontario, Quebec and the northeastern United States.
The U.S. Geological Survey says the temblor occurred just before 2:45 and was a magnitude 5.5 tremor centred about 60 kilometres north of Ottawa, in western Quebec.

A Saint Johner working in Mississauga, Ontario experienced it first hand.

Jenn MacDonald tells CHSJ News she was having lunch with her co-workers when the chairs and walls started shaking.
She says the whole thing lasted 30 seconds.

MacDonald adds the timing was strange since she and her collegeaues were talking about the film "2012" which deals with the end of the world.

Real Estate Board President Not Panicked Over Housing Numbers

The President of the Saint John Real Estate Board says prices in the local housing market did increase slightly last month.
Jason Stephen is reacting to the dismal numbers which show 170 homes sold in May down 26% from May of 09.

He tells CHSJ News that there is no reason to panic as they are month over month numbers, he says they pay close attention to year over year numbers which shows a small increase.
Stephen tells us things are not the way they were in 2007 but, on the whole he calls the Saint John housing market stable and balanced.

Canada Day Celebrations

Saint John is kicking off summer with five days worth of Canada Day celebrations.

Heather Peterson is Chair of the Canada Day Committee and says July 1st is going to be a day filled with family oriented events. 

There will be a parade, a show with Bob the Builder, face painting and giant bounce rides. 

Peterson says this year's theme is "We Believe," which is being carried over from this year's Olympics.

Peterson says there will even be events on July 4th to celebrate Independence day with people visiting from the States.

For more information you can go to

Canada Day Kick Off