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Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's National Organ & Tissue Donation Awareness Week

Showing your support for organ and tissue donation is as easy as changing a lightbulb. 

Nurse Betty-Anne Waugh says they're asking New Brunswickers to take part in the Green Porch Light campaign by installing a green light outside of their homes during National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness week from April 20-27.

She tells CHSJ News the campaign is about awareness, showing support and recognizing their heroes. She says people who donate their organs are saving seven lives and tissue from those who donate can go to more than a 100 people.

Over 4500 people are currently waiting for a life-saving organ in Canada including 300 in New Brunswick.

Many Wealthy Canadians Have Pessimistic Outlook About Kids' Future

The kids of Canada's wealthiest citizens may be getting a rude awakening in a decade or two according to a study by BMO that examines trends among the most affluent in this country.

Just a quarter believe their kids will be better off financially then they are and whopping 41% believe their kids will be worse off.

Interestingly, our cousins South of the border have a brighter view of what the future holds for their kids with 43% saying they think their children will be better off than them.

Methadone Treatment For All NBers Who Require It Not Mission Impossible

Delivering methadone to all New Brunswickers that need it isn't an insurmountable task. 

That's according to Police Commission member Dr. Timothy Christie of Dalhousie University who estimates there are only about 5000 people in the province who require it. A study published last year by Christie about the methadone clinic in uptown Saint John showing a 95-percent retention rate and a 60-percent reduction in crime.

He says there's no reason we can't do this on a province-wide basis.

He says we should develop a system that can deliver methadone to the number of people that require it, instead of saying what kind of services do we want to deliver and how much are we going to spend on those.

Warning For Those People With Wells

Private wells should not be used while flooded and once flood waters have receded, the well should be disinfected and tested, no matter what water treatment device is installed.

The Province's Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Eilesh Cleary warns until your water supply has been tested and shown to be safe, water for drinking and personal use should be brought to a rolling boil for at least a minute and then stored in clean, covered containers.

Private water supplies may be contaminated by such things as furnace oil, gasoline or agricultural chemicals. If you believe your well has been affected by such chemicals, the water should not be used  at all, even if it has been boiled, until it has been determined to be safe.

If the soil around your house and septic system is flooded, you should conserve water and avoid flushing the toilet if possible. Avoid using dish washers and washing machines as the septic system will not work under these conditions and sewage could end up in the home or backyard.

Water Levels Will Not Be Going Down Until Later This Week

Water levels will remain high over the next 48 hours or so and be above flood stage in several areas according to the latest report from River Watch.

That large ice jam, which at one point was 40 kilometers in size, broke into two blocks in the upper St. John River and began moving down river with water levels increasing in the Perth-Andover-Tobique region. The people there and in Doaktown remain under voluntary evacuation.  

Water levels in Quispamsis,  Fredericton, Maugerville, Jemseg, Grand Lake and Sheffield-Lakeville Corner are expected to stay above flood stage over next two days. 

The water levels also remain high at Oak Point and the city has closed Beach Road, Ragged Point Road, Dominion Park Road and Lawrence Long Road because of flooding.

Road Closures Due To Flooding

The City letting us know that the following roads have been closed because of flooding:

-Beach Road
-Ragged Point Road
-Dominion Park Road
-Lawrence Long Road

Crews will be keeping an eye on conditions. Drivers are being asked to use caution and observe all signage.

Local Water Levels Will Reach Flood Stage Today

The threat of flooding still looming over many parts of the province, with River Watch warning water levels are forecasted to reach flood stage in the Saint John-Quispamsis and Oak Point areas today. 

Other areas of the province including Fredericton and Grand Lake stay will see water levels stay above flood stage. The organization calling the flooding situation in the province continuously changing and asking people to be on alert for ice movement and rising water levels.

Other areas of concern include the upper St. John River at St. Anne-de-Madawaska, the St. John River at Perth-Andover and the Tobique First Nation, Woodstock and the Nashwaak rivers where ice jams are predicted and water levels may rise. Click here for more information on these areas.

The Department of Public Safety's EMO warning people to keep away from the edge of waterways and not to use boats or kayaks in open water because the currents are fast, could be carrying debris and is cold.

EMO and local authorities coordinating emergency social services in a number of communities. For more information on shelters, call the Red Cross at 1-800-222-9597.

UPDATED: Evandale Ferry Not Running

The Department of Transportation letting CHSJ News know the Evandale ferry is off its run until further notice due to river conditions.

UPDATE: The Evandale Ferry is now operating again, subject to ice conditions.