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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Group Opposed to NB Power Deal Wants Referendum

Put NB People First are continuing their efforts to get a referendum vote for the proposed sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec.
Spokesperson Bethany Thorne Dykstra says by holding a referendum it will give members of the liberal cabinet who oppose the sale a way out.
Dykstra says anyone who says the new deal is better, such as Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams, they are looking after their own vested interests.
She says under the new deal Quebec has exclusive rights to the transmission line heading into New England. She says it sounds better, but doesn't believe it's changed.
So far the Put NB People First petition has over 3000 thousand signatures.

Put NB People First Spokesperson Bethany Thorne Dykstra Discussing New Deal

Students at Saint John High Helping Out

     (A Haitian Child Being Given Medical Attention)
                          (File Photo)

It is not just businesses in Greater Saint John looking to help those suffering in Haiti. A group at Saint John High, Club Hope, is selling pizza and pop during the lunch hour with all of the moey raised going to doctors with-out borders. Maggie Higgins is part of the group and tells CHSJ News, their student advisor, Lynn Kristofferson came up with the idea.

Higgins adds today was the first day of the sale and they will continue it for a few more.

Award Winners are Announced

(Leah Richardson and Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre)
                   (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre and UNB Saint John student Leah Richardson are being honored by the YM-YWCA. MacIntyre is the recipient of this years Red Triangle Award winner and Richardson is the Leader to Watch winner. Richardson tells CHSJ News, this is a great honor. MacIntyre tells CHSJ News, this is nice recognition with nine months left to go in his political career.

Both awards will be handed out April.22nd at the Trade and Convention Center and you can get tickets by calling 634-4937.

Old Downey Ford Building has a New Tenant

You may have noticed there is some activity in the former Downey Ford building on Crown Street, well so did we and here is what we can tell you. Murray O'Conner is the General Manager of the dealership and tells CHSJ News, the company still owns the property on Crown Street and a new tenant is ready to set up shop.

At this point how-ever, O'Conner says they aren't ready to tell everyone who they are and when they will be open for business. The property was vacated for the new dealership on Consumers Drive five years ago.

RCMP Officers Return Home

 (Sargeant Mark Gallagher)
(Photo Supplied by RCMP)

It will be a sad day for the RCMP tomorrow as the bodies of two of their fallen colleagues are brought home. Superintendent Doug Coates and Sergeant Mark Gallagher will arrive on a flight in Trenton tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock after being killed in last weeks earthquake in Haiti.

The family of Sgt. Gallagher has requested a RCMP Regimental Funeral to take place in Woodstock but a date and time are still being finalized.

Parking Ban for South Central Peninsula

City Works crews are going to be working overnight to get rid of some of the snow from the latest storm. That means there is a parking ban for the South Central Peninsula tonight. Anyone with a vehicle is reminded to get it off the street before eleven o'clock until seven tomorrow morning. If it is not moved, it will be towed at your expense.

Five lots are available to park your vehicle at the corner of Princess and Charlotte Streets, King Street East, Peters Street, Carmarthen Street and the corner or Mecklenburg and Wentworth streets. To get a look at the parking lots available, go to our web-site at and click news.

Storm Roundup

Yesterday's storm which hit the Saint John region turned out to be more intense than predicted with centimeters being reported at the airport but the totals outside the city were higher than that. 23 centimeters was reported at Point Lepreau and 26 in Grand Manan. The treacherous driving conditions played havoc with traffic yesterday afternoon especially during the commute home. City Police tell CHSJ News there were 27 accidents yesterday through last night and early this morning. One of the more serious mishaps occurred late in the afternoon when a car and school bus collided at King Street East and Pitt Street. There were 21 young people on board the schoolbus at the time but none was injured. The airbags deployed in the car and one person was taken to hospital for treatment of a cut.

Revamped NB Power Deal Gets Support

Not everyone outside the confines of the Provincial Government is opposed to selling at least parts of NB Power to Hudro Quebec. An energy consultant, based in Fredericton, likes the revamped deal because it retains ownership. William Marshall of W-M-K Energy Consultants admits he had problems with the original proposal but the revised deal leaves room for regional energy co-operation which has been something he has been calling for. He tells CHSJ News NB Power's debt is really staggering, much more serious than most people in the province realise. Marshall says the revised proposed agreement better increases the province's ability to control rates and set future energy policy.

Gas Prices Are Lower

There's good news this morning for those drivers who have to fill up today. The price of gas is down after the weekly setting by more than 2 cents a litre. The maximum price for self serve regular has been set at 102.1 a litre. It's being sold in the city, however, for 99.4 this morning. The maximum for diesel is 106.5 but is 103.8 a litre at most gas stations around town. If you're in Grand Bay-Westfield the prices are even lower. A caller to our 648-3000 newsline tells us self serve is 98.4 with diesel at 100.2 a litre. Heating oil, meantime, is four cents less expensive this week at 89.9 and propane is listed at 116.7.