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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Volunteer Recruitment Drive Underway in Uptown Saint John

24 non-profit groups and social agencies are hoping to increase their volunteer numbers in a recruitment drive at Brunswick Square.
Bathurst MLA Brian Kenny says we have to make sure the volunteer sector thrives.
A variety of agencies are taking part including Passage Saint John, the Council of Canadians and the Children's Wish Foundation.
The recruitment drive continues tonight until 7pm and again tomorrow from 9am to 7pm at Brunswick Square.

Imperial Campaign Nearing Goal

(Back wall of Imperial Theater under construction - photo courtesy of Imperial Theater)

The Imperial Theater's Keep It Live Campaign has almost reached it's goal -- with $2.3 million in the bank, the group hopes to lock up $2.5 million as they kick off the public portion of it's campaign.
Peter Smith is General Manager of the Theater and tells CHSJ News, a good portion of the cash was spent on the back wall of the building to stop leaks.
The first phase should be done by the end of the month with the second phase to be finished by next summer.
Smith adds they have a lot of projects still to finish including burying the sound cables that currently run across the aisle, a handicap bathroom and access seating.

Queen Victoria Arrives For Her First Visit To Our City

Influenza Watch Continues

The seasonal flu campaign kicks off today and Provincial Health Officials are encouraging everyone to get the shot. Preperations continue to be rolled out to ward off influenza. In the past week, only four cases have been recorded in the Atlantic Region which works out to one person per million. The western half of the country is harder hit with over 160 cases in British Columbia only. Dr. Paul van Buynder is Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health and says they are ready to protect the Province.

Dr. van Buynder adds they are hopeful by the middle of next month, the entire Province will have gotten the season and influenza shots. The high risk target groups that should get the seasonal shot are the elderly, parents of very young children, pregnant woman and anyone living with someone who may be at high risk including chronic disease.

Gas Prices Drop Nearly Four Cents

Good news for drivers heading into the first weekend of October. The price of gasoline has taken another tumble--this time by nearly four cents a litre. The Energy and Utilities Board has released its maximum price schedule with regular self-serve gas coming in at 89.8--plus a possible two cent delivery charge. That's down from 94.5 yesterday.

Diesel fuel has taken a 3 cent drop for a maximum price of 92.7 and furnace oil has also dipped to 74.5 cents a litre. Propane is holding yesterday's maximum price at 87.5.

Non-Confidence Motion to be Voted on in House of Commons

(MP Greg Thompson--File Photo)

With all the speculation about another election this fall, South West MP Greg Thompson tells CHSJ news it makes no sense to have an election when we just had one less then a year ago.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has introduced a non-confidence motion in the Commons to try to topple the government, but the minority Conservative government will likely be propped up with support from the N-D-P. It's expected to go to a vote later today.

International Day of Older Persons

Today is the International Day of Older Persons as designated by the United Nations. Jean Taylor of Greater Saint John Seniors says they will celebrate at Market Square. She says the senior ambassadors will be acknowledged today.

The party get started at 2pm today with refreshments, music and local politicians including Brian Kenney, the Minister of State for Seniors.

NB Conservation Council Pleased NB Coal and Grand Lake Generating Station Closing

The upcoming closures of the Grand Lake Generating Station and NB Coal in Minto are long overdue according to the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. David Coon says this idea came up when Louis Robichaud was premier.

He tell CHSJ News with the removal of the pollution people can breathe easier. Coon says the impact the air pollution may have had on people's health should be checked out.