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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Greyhounds Celebrate 40 Years

The Saint John High Greyhounds is celebrating 40 years of football this weekend.

Head Coach Dave Grandy tells CHSJ News they will honour the legendary Fran Hughes,who started the program in 1970 and ran it until 2002.

Grandy calls Hughes an icon of Saint John high football who in his 32 year coaching career worked with over 800 athletes.

Hughes will be honoured in a roast tomorrow night in the Saint John high school gym at 7.
Tonight at 7, The Greyhounds host Oromocto at Millidgeville Field.

Man Dies Near Havelock

RCMP are investigating a fatal single vehicle crash near Havelock.
The crash occurred about 8 this morning when an eastbound passenger vehicle lost control and went off the road.

The 53-year-old driver who is from Harvey was pronounced dead at the scene.
The driver was not wearing a seatbelt and his identity is not being released at this time.

Simonds High Adds Inductees To Wall of Fame

Athletes, a coach, an entertainer and a longtime politician are some of the inductees for the Simonds High Wall of Fame.
Saint John born entertainer Terry Hatty and Mel Vincent Senior, the longest serving Saint John councillor are on the list.

Simonds High Vice-Principal Jill Eckstone tells CHSJ News that well-known coach Mike Upward will also be honoured.
Upward is known as Mr. Football and was instrumental in re-establishing football at Simonds back in 1988.
Eckstone adds they are also inducting former teacher Gary Marsh and the original Simonds athletic committee which is a group of 14 people.

The Simonds High Class of 1970 Reunion is taking place tonight at the Officer's mess at Barrack Green Armouries.
Alumni weekend activities start tomorrowing morning at 11am, there is a Seabees football game at 1 and the Wall of Fame induction ceremony at 7:30 tomorrow night at the school.

Kingston Man Found Guilty On Dope Charge

Michael Summerville from the Kingston Peninsula has been found guilty of conspiring to produce marijuana.

The charges stem against the 39-year old after a lengthy investigation which wrapped up in February of last year.
Eight of the people charged in the case have appeared before a judge and found guilty of conspiring to produce and traffic drugs and are now locked up for a period of between six months and seven years.
Summerville will be back in court for sentencing on November.10th.

Cupe Ratifies New Deal

Plenty for Cupe Local 1253 to give thanks for this Long Weekend.

The union representing school bus drivers, custodians, gardeners, engineers and maintenance trades-people have ratified a new four year contract.
Workers have been with-out a deal since the old one expired back in March.
Some of the demands from the union were more money and better conditions for bus drivers.

New Ideas On What Could Be Done With Revitalised Paramount Theatre

(Cultural Affairs Officer Bernie Cormier For City Of Saint John)
                       (Photo by Brian McLain)

There's a new idea of what to do with the now closed Paramount Theatre in King's Square  should it ever be purchased by Uptown Saint John. 

It comes from the city's Cultural Affairs Officer, Bernie Cormier. He tells CHSJ News with all the cruise ship passengers coming to the city as well as other tourists, much needed revenue could be generated by turning the building into an Interpretation Centre to tell the history of Saint John.

Cormier says another idea is to use it as a traning centre for the arts community but the big challenge for anything to do with the arts in Saint John is how you can be financially self sustaining.

He worries this effort is similar to the failed attempt several years ago to save the Odeon Theatre that was located across from the Admiral Beatty from being demolished.

Crane Crashes In The South End

(Shot Of Crane That Crashed Along Charlotte Street)
              (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

Nobody hurt after a crane owned by J.D. Irving toppled over in the South End this morning.  It was just after ten o'clock when the machine was getting in place to move pieces of wind turbines.

Deputy Fire Chief Mark Gillan tells CHSJ News, the crane crashed just after ten o'clock and fire crews had to be careful in approaching it as the motor was still running and there was fuel leaking from it.
The operator of the crane is a 66-year old man and has been taken to the Regional to get checked out but from all reports is going to be fine.

Charlotte Street between Broad Street and Broadview Avenue is closed after the Crane accident this morning.
The city telling CHSJ news that heavy equipment is on the way to clean up the site and we are told the street will not re-open before tomorrow morning.
Work-place, Health and Safety is trying to figure out what happened.

Boil Water Order Won't Be Lifted For Few Days Yet

The first series of tests is seeing the end of another boil water order for thousands of Saint Johners will be taken today.

The boil water order remains in effect for residents east of the Reversing Falls bridge after strong winds and heavy rain stirred up turbidity levels.
The order will be in place until at least Sunday night.

The city is advising you to boil your water for at least a minute before drinking it.

It is safe to shower or have a bath and wash dishes but, the water must be hot and soapy.

Construction Slated For Major East Side Thoroughfare

East Saint John residents will be happy to hear that a portion Westmorland Road is in line for some major repairs.

Randy Charlton is with Genivar Engineering, the firm hired by the city to put together the final plan and tells CHSJ News, part of the road will be reconstructed from Westmorland Mall up to Mountain Road and beyond.

Charlton says they hope to name a contractor by the end of the year, start the project in the spring and finish it up in three to four weeks.

West Side Business Looking To Boost Local Economy

A west side business is hoping to expand and bring more jobs.

American Iron and Metal has it's eye on a $30 million dollar expansion which establishes Saint John as it's new regional hub for processing recycable metals. The paperwork continues to be filed for the proposal and the company hopes to break ground in the coming weeks and be open by the spring.

The new setup would be capable of processing up to 250,000 metric tonnes of recycable metal every year. The proposal means 23 permanent jobs and 20 construction jobs which translates to $1.8 million in salaries and wages.
The project would also contribute $44 million dollars every year to the local economy in both direct and in-direct benefits.

Halloween Will Be Marked On The Sunday

Even though most people are still trying to find the right costume, some communities around the country are still fighting over what day Halloween should be celebrated on.

In Raymond, Alberta, the mayor says they will bump it back to Saturday because the 31st falls on Sunday. Here at home, officials at City Hall and the Town of Rothesay say they have no plans to move Halloween....... the day falls when it falls.

You might remember a few years back, then Saint John Mayor Shirley McAlary tried to bump back the day which created a hornets nest of controversy and eventually resulted in the day being celebrated on the 31st which fell on a Sunday.

Local Veterans Outraged Over Leak

Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn says a report by the Privacy commissioner about his department is an embarrassment.
The medical information of a Gulf war vet ended up in a government minister's briefing notes.

Bob Butt of the Royal Canadian Legion tells CHSJ News it's unacceptable to have a veteran's information leaked and vets from across the country are outraged over this incident.

Canada's privacy commissioner says the Veterans Affairs Department broke the law by failing to protect the personal information of outspoken critic Sean Bruyea.

Mayor Vows City Not Deterred Despite Little League Ruling

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
            (File Photo)

In the aftermath of the brawl which marred the Canadian Senior Little League championship at Memorial Field back in August, Little League International has ruled Saint John will not host any more national tournaments until the city can provide better safety and security.

Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News, this is a black eye for the entire community and doesn't believe the coaches from Saint John were treated fairly and if Little League International wants more security at its games, then it should make it part of its constitution.  

Court says this won't stop city officials from moving forward to attract more National and International sporting events for the area.