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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RCMP Cracks Down On Off-Road Vehicle Offenses On Weekend

St. Stephen RCMP and the New Brunswick Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement unit recently cracking down on offenses relating to off-road vehicles.

Three people were charged over the weekend with offences under the Off-Road Vehicle Act.

Police were looking for impaired drivers, as well as valid vehicle registrations, insurance and trail permits. 

Social Assistance Cheques Need To Be Picked Up

The Department of Social Development wants to remind you that tomorrow is the the second day you can pick up your monthly social assistance cheque at designated distribution sites.

Cheques can be picked up from 9 am to 4 pm. For those in Saint John, you can go to the Exhibition Park Raceway on the city's east side. 

You will need to bring your health card and one other piece of identification.
For other locations, go to and click here.

New Dialysis Unit Opens In Charlotte Country

A new satellite dialysis unit is now open at the Charlotte County Hospital.

The new unit will be open for 12-hours a day, 3 days a week, and treat 10 patients.
MLA for Charlotte-Campobello Curtis Malloch says it's important to keep health care close to home in order to improve a patient's quality of life.

The province contributed 1.2 million dollars while the Charlotte Country Hospital Foundation kicked in 350-thousand dollars.

NB Powers Is Mum On AECL Deal

Many people are wondering how a deal that would see the sale of a part of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited to a Montreal-based engineering firm might impact the Point Lepreau refurbishment.
An NB Power spokesperson tells CHSJ News it's too soon to say anything where the deal is not yet finalized.

Energy Minister Craig Leonard told us last week that negotiations are going well to have AECL cover the cost overruns for the Lepreau refurbishment which is 3 years behind schedule and more than 1 billion dollars over budget.

Mayors Worry About Possible Reductions In Wood Harvesting

As the province mulls over possibly reducing the amount of Crown Wood that can be cut, mayors across the province are warning of the consequences of such a move.

They have put their signatures on an advertisement warning of job loss and loss revenue if the province goes ahead with a reduction.

Sussex mayor Ralph Carr tells CHSJ News municipalities are not anti-green but there is a balance that should be maintained.

He says the sawmill in Sussex employs over 30 people and worries about job security if there is a harvest reduction.

Man Ok After Car Flips Near Rowley

He might be counting his lucky stars...A 56-year-old man is ok after a rollover on Highway 111 last night.

Hampton RCMP responding to the scene in Rowley about 10pm after his car flipped. 

The man was taken to hospital to be checked out.

KV Skaters Invited To Give Input On New Park

Skateboarders in the Valley get a chance to have their say tonight on what they want to see included in the design of a new skateboarding and bike park in Quispamsis. Designer Jim Scott of Collab-plan tells CHSJ News the proposed location near the Arts and Culture park by the town hall is a good one to work with.

He says site will be very different from Saint John because the site slopes down over a hill.  Tonight's open house gets underway tonight in the town hall at 7:00.

One Arrest After Police Recover 10 Guns Uptown

One man is in jail after 10 guns were recovered at a Mecklenburg Street apartment last night.
Rothesay Regional Police making an arrest earlier in the day leading to information that the weapons would be found in Saint John.
The guns were stolen during a break and enter in Rothesay earlier this month.
Rothesay Regional Police working with Saint John Police in seizing the weapons last night.

Higgs Says The Province Will Monitor Internet Gambling

No final decision has been made yet but Provincial Finance Minister Blaine Higgs believes the Atlantic Lottery Corporation will be expanding into internet gambling. It's estimated more than 74 million dollars is spent each year on illegal internet gambling in Atlantic Canada. Higgs tells CHSJ News the Alward Government is concerned gambling addiction could worsen but it would, at the very least, be monitored and regulated.

Higgs says he knows it's a worldwide industry that they can't control but they can monitor it closely.

If the lottery corporation moves ahead with online gaming, a British company would be involved in getting it off the ground because Higgs says it has the expertise whereas A-L-C is still on a learning curve.

Saint John Gets A Turn To Talk Auto Insurance Caps

The province holding it's last two public consultations sessions this week on the 2,500 dollar minor injury cap on auto insurance. Saint John's goes tonight at 6:30 at the Hazen Hall Lecture Theatre at UNBSJ.

Michael Leger is the Chair of the Auto Insurance Working Group and says he's been impressed by information people have brought forward so far. He says this is the final opportunity for people to voice their opinions on the issue.

Community groups have called for the elimination of the injury cap or suggested a model like Newfoundland's where people pay a 75-hundred dollar deductible.