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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snowfall Warning In Effect

A snowfall warning is in effect for New Brunswick.
Andy Firth, Meteorologist at Environment Canada tells us to expect up to 25 centimeters of snow.

"Over the extreme south western corner, it will change to rain by late this evening," he says

Other areas in the southern regions of the province can expect snow to change to freezing rain. He tells us, the worst of the storm will be late this evening to dawn tomorrow, and is expected to last about 12 hours.

The Department of Public Safety says avoid unnecessary driving. The storm will leave more risk of power outages and hazardous driving conditions. NB Power says some customers might be out of power into the new year.

Right now, almost two-thousand customers are still without power in the St. Stephen region, more than three-thousand in the Rothesay region, and more than one-hundred in Sussex.

Safety Tips From KV Fire During Power Outage

The Kennebecasis Valley Fire Department advising the public not to use makeshift heaters during the power outages. Captain Bill Gentleman speaks for the department.

"We want every body to stay safe, he says. Running generators inside of houses, barbeques, charcoal heaters, anything like that people shouldn't be doing."

He says if you see an issue with wires down or transformers smoking,   report it through 9-1-1. He adds, it's a good idea to check on neighbors, to see if anyone needs help.

Gentleman says a big problem during the storm is broken pipes because of freezing. He says when your power comes back on, you could be finding leaks throughout your house.

If you think your pipes are frozen you may want to contact a plumber, to take action and prevent flooding  damage to your house.

Emergency Measures In City Monitoring Storm Situation

There's some concern in the city about what might happen to trees near power lines that are already under alot of strain from the ice storm withe the latest weather maker. 

The E-M-O in the city, under Fire Chief Kevin Clifford, telling CHSJ News it's monitoring the situation and is prepared to open up warming centres should there be power outages that are prolonged. 

According to the weather forecast, there could be some more freezing rain in the morning in addition to the heavy snow beginning tonight.

Kingston Peninsula Devastated By Ice Storm

The aftermath of the ice storm is hitting the Kingston Peninsula especially hard. Howard Heans, who operates the Harding's Point campground at the Westfield ferry landing, has been without power for over a week. 

Heans telling CHSJ News he drove to Carter's Point and the damage is mind boggling with downed trees covering both sides of the road forcing you to drive down the centre. Heans says, at times, he had to stop and lift trees that were in the way. He's worried what might happen if the winds become gusty.

Heans goes on to say the sound of tree limbs falling in the deafening silence sounded like shotgun blasts.

Warming Centres Open In KV

For those still without power in the Valley, a warming centre is open at the Q-plex today until 8pm.

Residents can warm up, get a coffee and fill water bottles.

GoodLife Fitness on Hampton Road is offering shower facilities today, all day until 8 this evening.

 Rothesay residents can refill water supply at the Rothesay Arena. It's all day until 10 tonight.