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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Power Lines Cause Traffic Tie Up

A truck carrying very tall cargo temporarily holding up traffic at Simm's corner.

City police tell us the truck could not pass underneath a set of power lines without striking them. 

A call has been put into the power utility so they can lift the lines and let the truck through.

The truck has been moved to the side of the road until the lines can be lifted.

No word on how long the procedure will take.

Deputy Mayor Seeks Federal Nomination

Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase is shooting for a move up the political ladder -- Chase confirms to CHSJ News he has filed papers seeking the federal Liberal nomination in the Saint John riding.Chase is the second councilor in less than a year to with loftier political ambitions.Last fall -- former councilor Carl Killen was successful in winning the Saint John - Harbour riding for the provincial Conservatives.