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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Armed Robbery in the North End

A North End convenience store is the latest victim of an armed robbery. Just after midnight a man entered "At Your Convenience" store on Adelaide Street with a weapon demanding cash.
City Police tell us they expect there were three people involved in the incident, and the robber got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.
There were no injuries, and Major Crime is investigating.

Deal Still Being Ironed Out

[Health Minister Mary Schryer---File Photo]
After reaching a settlement in principle back on the 22nd of last month, the wording on a final contract between doctors and the province continues to be ironed out. Health Minister Mary Schryer tells CHSJ News, there isn't a lot of details she can speak about at this point:

The doctors launched legal action after the government threatened to impose a two-year wage freeze. That came after the medical society reached a tentative agreement with the province that was never implemented, but was ratified by the doctors.

Student Joins District 8 Education Council

[Elizabeth Murphy Being Sworn Into the DEC----Photo by Dave Briggs]

District 8's student representative is now a full member of the District Education Council. Elizabeth Murphy is the student council president at St. Malachy's and was sworn into the DEC earlier this week.

Murphy tells CHSJ News, the reason she wanted to join the council was to try and make a difference.
Murphy is the first student to sit on District 8's education council.

Rothesay Student Survey

Rothesay town council wants to have detailed information on the assets of youth in the community. School District 6, together with the Atlantic Health Science Corporation, is conducting a Developmental Asset Survey of students in grade 6 through 12. Spokesperson, Thelma Messer explains, the survey will give decision makers an idea of how successful teens will be:

The survey was last completed in 2002. The town has agreed to pay for data on youth specifically in Rothesay.

Green Party Okay With Ideas Being Borrowed

[Green Party Leader Elizabeth May-----file photo]
Green Party ideas being borrowed by other political parties is not an issue with it's leader.
Elizabeth May tells CHSJ News, it shows other parties are thinking about the environment.
May says it's great that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is retaining a lot of the green iniatives put forth by former party leader Stephane Dion.

City Police To Discuss Graffiti

[Police Chief Bill Reid---File Photo]
The City's Police Chief will sit down with the Acting City manager about Graffiti in Saint John.

Chief Bill Reid and Pat Woods may use the Halifax Graffiti Managemant Plan as a model.
Chief Reid says he remember Sgt. Jim Fleming bringing this subject to senior management at least 6 years ago.
Chief Reid will report back to the Police Commission at their next meeting in November.