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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sights & Sounds Of The Queen's Square Market

The first in a series of weekend markets opened to a throng of people this morning in the city's south end. The market features crafts - a variety of foods - and - entertainment for young and the not quite as young.

Warm Weather Means More Crime

When the heat rises, so does the rate of crime.

Sergeant Derrick Forret of the Rothesay Regional Police tells CHSJ News that in the valley, they see an increase in property crime when the weather warms up including stealing from cars that aren't locked and knocking over mailboxes because more people are roaming around during the nighttime.

Forret tells us that you should be making sure all your valuables are out of your car, or stored in your trunk. He says even bicycles in your driveway should be stored out of sight.

Local Surfers Brave The Bay Of Fundy

Turns out you don't need to head down to Lawrencetown Beach or way out to Tofino to go surfing if you live in the Port City.

A small but enthusiastic group of surfers are catching waves a lot closer to home. Firefighter and surfing fan Joe Cormier tells CHSJ News stand up paddle surfing, or SUP, makes use of the smaller waves we get in the Bay. Further, Cormier says the size of the wave is inconsequential compared with the ride you get and the shape of the wave.

It's possible to paddle  surf in Courtney Bay, occasionally Mispec, Red Head, and other secret spots. Cormier says he's also heard of people surfing in the river. 

As a firefighter, Cormier urges safety first: while the waves generally don't get too crazy, you should definitely wear a wetsuit and go with people who know what they're doing.

To see Cormier in action on the Bay of Fundy click here