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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Teddy Bear Fair Celebrates 18th Year



The 18th annual Teddy Bear Fair will be held today a the Regional Hospital to dispel children's fears about the hospital. Staff and volunteers will show children how to put on a cast and stitch up a cut on their beloved stuffed toys, as well as showing them hospital equipment.

Teddy bear boo-boos will be tended to between 9am and 3pm by hospital staff and volunteers.

Affordable Housing in Hampton



Fundy Royal MP Rob Moore will be joined by several other dignititaries for an affordable housing project in Hampton this afternoon.

Things get started at two o'clock at 24 Robb Court and the project involves cash for low income seniors.


Busy Harbour This Weekend--- 60 Reserve Soldiers Training



The Saint John Harbor will be busier than normal this weekend as 60 Naval Reserve Sailors from across Atlantic Canada and Quebec will take part in a security exercise. The teams will conduct training including force protection, small boat tactics, port surveillance, jetty security, communications and vessel escorts.

The training will take place today and tomorrow until four in the afternoon and normal marine traffic will not be disrupted.

Remember Candlelight Safety during Earth Hour



And if you plan to light a few candles during Earth Hour, the Musquash Fire Department is reminding everyone to use them safely. Whether it may be for a romantic purpose or just to throw off some light so you don't run into the furniture, candles can easily be knocked over especially with small children or pets in the home.

Fire-fighters remind everyone to keep them in a safe place so they don't start a fire.

NB Power Onboard for Earth Hour



NB Power is also ready to do their part for Earth Hour. Spokes-person Heather Mclean tells CHSJ News, this is a fantastic initiative:

McLean says like last year, they will track the useage before and during Earth Hour and encourage everyone to take part but keep safety in mind.    

Kill the Lights for Earth Hour Tonight



Saint John Energy officials are geared up and ready for Earth Hour tonight. Spokes-person Marta Kelly tells CHSJ News, they are encouraging all of it's customer's, both residential and business, to do their part:

Kelly says last year the equivalent of 150,000 light bulbs were shut off during Earth Hour in Saint John and they should have this years total counted up by Monday.

Parking Bylaw Protecting You From Tickets--- For Now



It won't be long before those parking along Coburg and Waterloo Streets for longer than 2 hours will be ticketed. The City recently put up signs on the uptown streets indicating 2 hour parking from 8am until 5pm--but--forgot to add those streets to the city's traffic by-law. As it stands now, vehicles cannot ticketed until the by-law is changed.

Common council has passed the first and second reading of an ammendment to the by-law to include Coburg and Waterloo Streets. Third reading is expected to be passed on Monday.