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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Highlights Of Tour Of Cruise Ship Environmental Programs

Local media and an environmentalist were given an inside look at environmental friendly policies onboard Princess Cruises' the "Crown Princess" during a stop in the city on Friday - October 09, 2009 in the wake of the ship being given a poor grade by the environmental group "Friends of the Earth."

Canaport Fire

(Flame can be seen just over top of crane on harbour front - photo submitted)

A fire at the Canaport LNG facility on Red Head Road in Saint John yesterday afternoon. The fire department responded at 12:41 yesterday as a large flame burned at the top of the flare stack. All non-essential personnel were evacuated from the area. Fire officials say a pressure build up is to blame for the huge flame and vapour cloud. Fire crews were on the scene for an hour and a half.
There was no damage to the facility.

Car Break In's

Early morning car theft have youth in trouble. Three Quispamsis youth were caught breaking in to vehicles at 2:30 last night in the Quispamsis Elementary area. Police says the youth were found with stolen goods on them. The youth will appear in court at a later date.

Accident Near Catherwood

The westbound Catherwood exit was the site of an accident last night. A dodge pick up lost control in the area, going off the road and rolling into a nearby field. The driver, a 35 year old male, was thrown from the vehicle and remains in hospital in serious condition. Police says speed was most likely a factor in the accident.

Peel Parking Problems

The proposed police headquarters and justice complex North of Union is still causing concern for Uptown Saint John. President Sean O'Neill is asking council to possibly consider putting a turning lane on Dorchester Street to help maintain on street parking. He says by the looks of the plan now, on street parking will be diminished on Wellington Row, Union and Carleton streets. He says on street parking is needed uptown because businesses rely on those spaces. This topic will be up for discussion Tuesday night at Common Council.

Imperial Funding

Two Saint John arts groups are looking for financial support from Quispamsis Town Council.
The Imperial Theatre is looking for $50,000 over 5 years as part of their "Keep It Live" campaign.
Symphony New Brunswick wants $1,000 dollars for this year's season and additional funding from the town's 2010 budget.
The matter was reffered to the town's finance committee for approval.

Stadium Promises

The Province will live up to it's committment to funding for the Canada Games Stadium. That from Premier Shawn Graham who tells CHSJ News, he stands behind Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre's word that the stadium renovations will be complete for the Acadian Games in June.

Graham adds that is why they are working with Ottawa to partner with them on some exsisting infrastructure investments which in turn will free up cash to go towards the stadium.

Dwindling MLA's

[Energy Minister Jack Keir----File Photo]

As election fever continues to build around the Province, a quick head count shows the governing Liberals may be getting thin in the ranks. Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre will not re-offer and there is speculation a few more MLA's in Greater Saint John may be on the fence about a return to the politicial spot-light. Energy Minister Jack Keir is not one of them and tells CHSJ News, the party isn't done yet.
As for whether or not he has heard from any of his colleague's on their politicial futures.....Keir says no.