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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Enough Talk - Action Needed On Teen Homelessness



Agency coordination -- teens more involved in making decisions about teens -- and -- changing the image of teens -- all ideas coming out of a day long forum at the Delta on youth homelessness.
Heather Dobson is one of a number of young people taking part -- and -- she tells CHSJ News youth homelessness is a serious problem -- a couple of her friends were homeless with no where to turn.
One of the organizers -- Belinda Allen -- says she's heard the message loud and clear.
Allen says the recommendations coming out of the seminar will be taken back to the local committee on youth homelessness and an action plan will be developed.

Investment Company Accused of Offering Securities Illegally



A Quebec based business, Groupe Financier CTIC, has been served with a notice of hearing today by the New Brunswick Securities Commission for illegally selling securities in this province. Commission staff allege CTIC did not comply with the disclosure or registration requirements.

The company has raised money mainly from investors in Edmundston and Grand Falls, but also from investors in the Acadian Peninsula, Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton. Securities sold in 2006, 2007 and 2008 involved 109 trades by 63 people and raised more than 5.7 million dollars in New Brunswick alone. Most investors earned between 12 and 14 per cent in interest--but--the Securities Commission warns what looks too good to be true may be just that.  A preliminary hearing will be held April 15.

Cost Of Living On The Rise



In January the cost of living in our city was heralded as in a period of deflation with prices dropping -- but -- that was short lived.
The latest numbers from Stats-Canada show the cost of living on the upswing last month.
Our local inflation rate is pegged at 0.4-percent -- up from a minus 0.3-percent in January. 
Prices are also up nationally with a spike in the cost of food especially fresh vegetables being blamed.

Health Minister Optimistic About Methadone Clinics




(Health Minister Mike Murphy - file photo)

Health Minister Mike Murphy says something drastic needs to be done in the city to combat drug addiction.
Murphy says addiction is prevalent throughout the province, but it affects how people look at Saint John -- he calls it a spillover to the streets affecting the image of the city.
The minister says he is optimistic more methadone treatment facilities will be popping up in the city to help curb addiction.
Murphy says he will be meet with Police Chief Bill Reid next week to discuss how to move forward on the issue.

St George Water Problem Fixed



The water woes in St George are all but a memory -- the town hall tells us the pump at the water tower has been fixed and pressure is being restored in the system -- if you still don't have water -- you will shortly.

Water Problem in St. George



If you live in St. George, don't expect your water to be flowing from the tap as it normally does. Town officials says there is a problem at the water tower and home-owners may notice low pressure for the next two hours.

No word yet on what the specific problem at the tower is but we will keep you posted.

Water Problem Closes School



Students at Fundy High in St George are being sent home at 9:30 due to a water problem - but - parent-teacher interviews this evening will take place as scheduled.

Plenty of Questions Left to Answer About Ambulance Service



The Graham government is still juggling the balls of its provincial budget. Health Minister Mike Murphy says Social Development Minister Mary Schryer will have to budget for those who cannot afford the 130 dollar ambulance fee that's being re-introduced, but Schryer's office has informed us that's up to the Health Department. Murphy is defending the fee saying there was a 45% increase in the use of ambulances when it was removed.

Murphy says the money saved from charging people for an ambulance trip can be reinvested back into paramedics.

Phoney Tens are Reported in Greater Saint John



Don't be surprised if the clerk at your favourite store takes a little time to look over the cash you hand them. The City Police Force has received several complaints of counterfeit ten dollar bills making the rounds. Officers believe the bills were produced between 2001 and 2004 and the detail of the bills, specifically the eyes is not very distinct.

If you think you may have been passed some of the funny money, give the force a call at 648-3333 or you can check out what the counterfeits look like at

Gas Prices Make Little Movement



You are going to have to look long and hard to see the savings at the gas pump this week. The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's weekly price schedule with a litre of self-serve selling for 83.3 which is down percentage points from a week ago. Most stations are showing a price of 83.4 on their overhead signs.

Diesel is also down percentage points, coming in at an even 88 cents and furnace oil is down but only slightly at 66.3.