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Monday, August 13, 2012

Students Will Be Hurt By Lack Of Buses

The NB Student's Association is concerned Acadian Line's decision to pull out of the Maritimes will make things a lot more difficult for university students, and maybe even discourage students from coming here.

The Association issuing a statement saying it's a perfect opportunity for other companies to come in and fill the gap...and there's great potential for the routes to turn a profit, provided companies consult with proper interest groups on where they enter the market.

Acadian will stop intercity bus service in the Maritimes as of November 30th.

Despite Struggles Shelter Wants Sick Animals

Despite ongoing financial hardship,  the SPCA animal rescue league wants you to bring sick, injured and abandoned pets to them.

Staff at the shelter found an injured dog left in a box sitting in its own waste that was so far gone had to be euthanized.

Board President Melody McElman tells CHSJ News despite criticism for the move, they had no choice but to leave their North end shelter.

She says the animal cages were inadequate and didn't meet provincial SPCA guidelines adding it had reached the end of its life.

McElman says they hope to have their City contract back but in the meantime are still accepting animals.

VIDEO: SAW Actors Visit Saint John

Actors from the horror film franchise SAW cruised into Saint John to meet fans and answer questions. It was also the infamous puppet's fourth time in public.

More Details Could Be Released On Oland

We could know more about the murder investigation of Richard Oland case by late this afternoon. 

Lawyers meeting behind closed doors in court today discussing what information should be released or kept under wraps.

This Thursday media lawyer David Coles will be before Judge Leslie Jackson concerning the information contained in the search warrants.

Oland was found dead in his office on Canterbury Street last year.

Trial Of City Police Officer Underway

A city police officer is on trial for assault causing bodily harm, uttering a death threat and assault. Constable Chris Messer has pleaded not guilty.

21 year old Randy King claims he was picked up on a warrant for his arrest and while inside the police car was punched in the back of his head by Messer 6 to 10 times, dragged out of the cruiser and had a boot placed on his throat.

King testified Messer accused him of breaking into his house which he denies. King does have a record of breakins. Two days later, 28 bullets were fired into Messer's home. Defense lawyer Brian Munro told King a Monte Carlo belonging to his uncle was seen leaving the area.

47 year old Brent McAdam testified Messer accused him of breaking into his house on Westfield Road and threatened him saying he would send four low life scum to his house and blow his head off.   

Munro told McAdam his vehicle had been flagged after breakins on Westfield Road and the names found in a black book inside his car raised police concerns.

Saw Actors Traveling On Cruise Ship Thrill Fans

For Horror fans in the Port City, it's big excitement as several actors from the Saw films including the puppet are in town on the Carnival Glory.

Actor Ned Bellamy was asked what the atmosphere is like on the ship.

He tells us it's constant activity like taking lower Manhattan and putting it on a ship at sea.

Several actors from the film met with fans who lined up outside of Steamer's for an event this morning.

Chase Leads To Many Charges

An 18 year old man who refused to stop for police on Saturday is facing several charges including dangerous driving, taking a vehicle with an owner's consent and hit and run. 

It happened on the East side and the original call came in as a possible impaired driver.

He also faces charges of violating house arrest and probation and failing to stop for police.

The man was eventually taken into custody and is due in court today.

Housing Starts Down Around 50%

The latest housing stats shows a decrease of about 50% compared to last year in the number of new homes being built in Saint John.

New housing starts are also down significantly in Moncton and Fredericton. President of the Saint John Real Estate Board Jason Stephen tells CHSJ news he's not shocked by the figures. He says when there's so much selection on the market, there's no big demand to build new houses.

On the other side of the coin, Stephen says this is great news for buyers, since interest rates are at an all time low and  there's plenty of selection.

For sellers, it does mean some houses will take longer to unload and they'll have to be negotiable.

No Worries About Canaport's Future

Business as usual........That's how John Herron, the President of the Atlantica Centre for Energy sees the future of Canaport LNG. 

Questions were naturally raised after confirmation Repsol was willing to sell its stake along with liquified natural gas assets elsewhere to prop up its bottom line.  

Herron tells CHSJ News Repsol was hit hard by the nationalisation of one of the company's principal holdings in Argentina but, as far as he's aware, no decision has been made. 

He says Canaport LNG will continue to be a potential supplier to both Atlantic Canada and the northeastern U.S.

A Warning About What's Happening To Our Forests

A warning from the Conservation Council which charges too much clear cutting and spraying of herbicides are wiping out huge portions of forests and wildlife habitat. 

The Conservation Council has released maps which show deforestation and degradation. 

It's Acadian Forest Campaign Director Tracy Glynn tells CHSJ News everyone in the province should be concerned because forests regulate the flow of water to prevent flooding and filter water so that our wetlands, rivers and lakes have clean water. She goes on to say 30 watersheds in the province are at risk.

The Conservation Council is calling on the provincial government to revisit its forest policy because it claims thirty watersheds are at risk because of excessive cutting in public forests.

Common Councillor Wants Criminal Background Checks

Common Council is looking to restructure the city's boards, agencies and commissions with the possible elimination of some and merger of others to make them more efficient and effective. 

Common Councillor Susan Fullerton is proposing something else........That all appointees to these board, commissions and agencies have a criminal background check as means of protecting the public and the city.

Meantime, Deputy Mayor Shelley Rinehart is calling for Common Council to get behind the effort by the Saint John Hotel Association to have NB Liquor set up what's called a boutique liquor store in the uptown. 

The lack of a liquor store in the uptown is viewed as being bad for tourism. The closest liquor store to the uptown is at Prince Edward Square.

Arrest Made After Two Fires

The fire department responding to a pair of small fires at 10 Spruce Street and now a 22 year old woman is facing charges of arson. The fires were set to curtains on a porch and in a bathroom.

Also over the weekend, fire caused serious damage to a garage and workshop on Rodney Street.