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Sunday, August 11, 2013

East Side Apartment Complex Evacuated

Light smoke and a strange smell filling an apartment complex causing an afternoon evacuation. 

Platoon Chief Eric Garland says they evacuated everyone in the 48-unit apartment building at 10 Woodhollow Park while crews looked for the sourcewhich they found to be a malfunctioning ventilation system that's now in need of servicing. 

Fire crews were on the scene for about an hour, and everybody was allowed to return home. One older woman was brought to hospital, but Garland says it's nothing serious.

Target Hosting Job Fair Throughout Week

As the Port City holds onto the title of highest unemployment of all cities in a Stats Canada survey, this announcement could bring some hope to Saint Johners looking for work a major retail chain is doing some hiring.

Target is hosting a job fair throughout the week at Loch Lomond Place. It runs from 8:30am to 5:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and from 11:00am to 8pm on Wednesday.

The store itself will will open sometime before Christmas.

Jewish Historical Museum Gets $25,000 Donation

The Saint John Jewish Historical Museum fund has just received a big donation from a man who passed away last week.

Author, lawyer, educator and human rights advocate Lorne Rozovsky has given the group $25,000. In a letter, he wrote that he wanted to make a lasting contribution to the preservation of the history of the city's Jewish community.

Rozovsky died last Monday at the age of 70 after a 15-month battle with pancreatic cancer.

Cheap, Unique Entertainment For The Entire Family

Acrobatics, costumes, bagpipes and standup comedy: just a few of the wild and wacky performance styles you can expect at the Port City's most unique theater festival....which you may not have heard of yet.

Fundy Fringe Fest is a brand-new theater festival coming to the Port City. The  titles range from "Morlock the Warlock" to "That Boob Show" and "I Get Naked," and the performers are from all over Canada.

Sandra Bell of the Fundy Fringe Fest tells CHSJ News it's not your usual highbrow theater experience, and there's something at Fringe everyone can appreciate.

The Fundy Fringe Festival festival runs from August 21 to the 25 and a $50 festival pass gets you into 8 different shows of your choice. For more information, click here.