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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apartment Evacuated After Gas Leak In St. George

Ten apartment building residents being evacuated after a natural gas leak in St. George.

The leak was from a gas meter for a local business near the intersection of Main and Portage Street.

The smell was detected shortly after midnight by an RCMP officer on patrol.

The residents were able to return to their building about an hour later.  No one was hurt.

Disney Magic To Call On Saint John This June

The 2012 tourism season will get a huge boost with 9 calls to the Port of Saint John by Disney Cruise lines beginning in June.

The company's webpage for Saint John officially launched earlier this month and bookings are starting to come in.
Disney and Aquila Tours are working on 20 Port Adventures including exclusive an adventure where famillies will meet Alice in Wonderland during a visit to Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews.

Beth Kelly Hatt of Aquila Tours tells CHSJ News the Disney brand automatically creates a lot of attention.

She says it's a very exciting thing adding the fact that Disney is calling on our City makes Saint John look good.  The Disney Magic makes her first call to Saint John on June 13th.

To see the webpage, click here  filter by Saint John, New Brunswick.

For the blog, click here

Emergency Funding For Operating Rooms Not Coming Until New Budget Arrives

Fundy-River Valley MLA Jim Parrott and local doctors want emergency funding to open up more operating rooms but the Provincial Health Minister says there is no money to do so.

Doctors say the shortage is urgent but Madeleine Dubé says money won't be available until the new provincial budget lands in March.

She tells CHSJ News it is a top priority of doctors and she will present it as such when she goes before the Finance Minister for her budget.

8 out of 13 operating rooms at the Regional are currently dormant due to a lack of funding.

Dubé says it will cost millions to open up more rooms.

More Transit Cuts Have Common Councillor Worried

The Transit Commission will meet next Wednesday to talk about where to make another quarter of a million dollars worth of cuts to bus service in the city.

Common Councillor Donnie Snook, who voiced opposition to the cuts that were made just after Christmas, tells CHSJ News the new reduction is part of the 2012 city budget that was passed and he's concerned about the negative impact it will have on service which for many Saint Johnners is essential to get about. The cuts would likely go into effect April 1st.

 Snook is hoping if and when the provincial government approves proposed changes to the city's pension plan, there will be some extra money that could be put back into the bus service but that decision will likely have to be made by the new Common Council that will take office after the May election.

City Police Investigate Suspicious Death At The Regional

City police confirming they are investigating a suspicious death at the Regional hospital.

Sgt. Glen Hayward tells CHSJ News no other details are being released at this time but more information could be made public later today or tomorrow.

Robbery Reported In Old North End

City Police telling CHSJ News a man was assaulted and robbed on Adelaide Street last night around 8.

They believe a group of 2 or 3 people did the deed but add the victim who was taken to hospital with minor injuries is not being co-operative.

Meantime, 3 people are looking at mischief charges after being arrested by police following paintball shootings in the west side. 

Police received reports of people and buildings being fired at from a passing car.