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Saturday, December 28, 2013

MLA Rick Doucet: "They're in a really desperate situation"

As we approach a week of province-wide power outages following a major ice storm, many rural residents living in and around Charlotte County feel as though they are being left out in the cold.

 That according to MLA for Charlotte-The Isles Rick Doucet who tells us he has been told by people living in the area that they haven't seen any plow trucks or linesmen out there.

"I think they're working really hard to get in there, but I think in some of the areas, some of those people, the ones that I've been talking to... they're in a really desperate situation," he says.
Doucet urging you to reach out to any family or friends living in rural communities like Rollingdam, Elmsville and Clarence Ridge.

 In a tweet, Doucet wonders where New Brunswick E-M-O is, and says they should have been there from day one.

Quispamsis Mayor Hopes More People Will Lay Down Roots In The Town In 2014

If there's one thing the mayor of Quispamsis wants to see in 2014, it's more people laying down roots in the town.

 In a year-end interview with CHSJ News Murray Driscoll says he hopes to see the population of the Kennebecasis Valley community grow next year---but also recognizes the traffic problems you can run into when that happens.

"Of course traffic is always an issue and we deal with that on a priority list," he says. Adding, "we have put in some common measures for those areas in which need to be dealt with, and we will continue to work on that."

Driscoll says they are also looking at their budget very carefully so they can maintain the best tax rate possible.

Severe Weather Warnings For The Maritimes

The Department of Public Safety is advising that New Brunswickers prepare for a significant winter storm this weekend. 

The Storm is expected to bring about 25 cenimeters or more to most of the province and southern regions starting tomorrow and into Monday. The Department of Public Safety says, expect ice pellets and high winds. That means the possibility of more power outages and unsafe driving conditions.

They encourage residents to restrict any unnecessary travel and should secure outdoor belongings and Christmas decorations. 

Currently, there are 7464 in Rothesay without power, 2475 in St. Stephen, and  656 Sussex.
NB Power says with the storm coming, some customers will still be without power into the New Year.

Mayor Of Grand Bay-Westfield Says A Red Cross Shelter Is Open At Local Church

Mayor of Grand Bay-Westfield, Grace Losier saying she's concerned about those without power that need help, and  don't know how to get it.

She's urging residents in Grand Bay-Westfield to go a shelter being offered by the Red Cross at Saint Matthews Church. 

She says the Red Cross is there 24/7. "If you need heat, you need to go there and be warm," she says. 

"Communications is the big break down here,in some cases the cell phones aren't working. For many elderly people they don't have a cell pone, and how can we even identify where they are or what their needs are?"

She adds, anyone in the area that's unable to get around to call the local taxi service at 646 0709 or 977 2294 or 738-2003. She says if you have concerns or need help, you can reach mayor Grace Losier at home at 738-2968.

Crews Responding To Overnight Vehicle Collision

Saint John fire responding to a motor-vehicle accident at the intersection of Main and Lansdown Avenue, in city's north end last night.

There were no injuries, but both vehicles were towed because of the extent of damages. The accident is now under investigation.

Saint John Fire Responding To Overnight Fire At Lakeview Drive

Saint John Fire responding to a fire at Lakeview Drive overnight. The small garage fire was caused by  inappropriate placing of hot ashes in a combustible container.

 Division Chief Mark Wilson of Saint John Fire tells us, this is the fourth time in the past year, that they've responded to this type of situation. 

"We remind everyone who has wood stoves and appliances as such, if they're removing their ashes from cleaning out their stove, put it in a non-combustible container, outside your home, away from your building," he says.