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Friday, August 26, 2011

Effects of Hurricane Irene To Be Felt Late Into Weekend

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says New Brunswickers can expect rain and heavy winds as Hurricane Irene cuts across the east coast.

Chris Fogarty with the Hurricane Centre says rain and winds will pick up late Sunday afternoon and they will become more powerful during the night.

He says the winds will carry over into Monday with the heaviest rain in the northwestern part of the province.
There is a higher threat of flooding for the entire province.

Boudreau Says Liberals Need A Leader With Vision

With the NDP seeking a new leader due to the recent passing Jack Layton, the provincial Liberals have been in a similar predicament.
 Shawn Graham stepped down as party leader after losing to David Alward in the fall election.
Interim Leader Victor Boudreau tells CHSJ News a party commission is currently collecting feedback from their members, who will then come up with recommendations on how to move the party forward.

He says they need someone who can connect with people and can provide a vision for the future of the province.

Boudreau says currently about half a dozen members are considering to run and a party leader will be chosen by the fall of 2012 at the latest.

Local Utility Supports Power Lines For Shredder

Saint John Energy says they want to see the power lines needed to power a west side metal shredder become a reality.
Spokesperson Darin Lamont tells CHSJ News the utility is anticipating growing power demands for the west side in the coming years.

He says if they had requested this project it would cost Saint John Energy two million dollars that would have to be passed through their rates but, this way NB Power funds it through the AIM project and they can add a sub-station to it later on.
He says allowing the lines makes the most fiscal sense for everyone.

St. George Power Prepares For Irene

She may be a category two storm now but, Hurricane Irene is still a force battering North Carolina and heading up the U.S. east coast.

In anticipation of the weather event, St. George Power opening up the dam for the possibility of heavy rainfall.
Geoff Britt of JD Irving tells CHSJ News the dam is hydroelectric and doesn't hold the water back.

He says the turbines are not running because there is not enough water since the gates are open.

Britt says they took this step after getting a notification from Environment Canada for the potential of up to 150 millimetres of rain.

Loki And Snorkel's New Home Opens Next Week

With the new month comes a new regional attraction, the Fundy Discovery Aquarium opens next week.

The St. Andrews facility will be open daily from 10am to 5pm beginning September 1st.
Some exhibits are not quite ready so as a 'thank you' to the community, admission rates are reduced for the first month.

The aquarium will be a new home for Loki and Snorkel, the harbour seals, it also includes a touch pool, several tanks of fish and rare lobsters and a new gift shop.

The City Prepares For Flooding And Power Loss From Irene

As the first hurricane of the season approaches, the City of Saint John wants you to get ready for the possibility of power outages and flooding as a result.

Homeowners should be checking catch basins or ditches on or near their property for debris, and to remove belongings from any areas that may experience flooding. City crews have been preparing for Hurricane Irene by cleaning and securing all construction sites.

People living in areas affected by flooding can help by keeping an eye on the grates and clearing debris that accumulates during a rainstorm.

You should also secure any items stored outside or put them inside to prevent damage or loss.   For information on Hurricane Irene's current track: click here

Huttges Funeral Being Held Today

A funeral will be held today for the longtime mayor of St. Martin's.

Jim Huttges died unexpectedly last weekend causing shock in the village and the surrounding area.
Premier David Alward, Mayor Ivan Court and Saint John-Fundy MLA Glen Savoie all acknowledging Huttges' impact on the region this week particularly in the development of the Fundy Trail.

The funeral service is coming up this afternoon at St. Martin's United Church.

Large Crowd Remembers Layton At Lily Lake

150 people, some decked out in orange, coming out to the Lily Lake Pavilion for a memorial to Jack Layton.
Guests signed a book of condolences and the event featured Saint John federal NDP candidate Rob Moir and provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy sharing their thoughts and stories about the late NDP leader.

Cardy tells CHSJ News it's great to see everybody sharing a common bond, which is their respect for Jack Layton.
He says people from all walks of life came to remember a great Canadian.

Attendee Joe Thompson wanted to pay his respects because he feels Layton began a shift in politics.
He says he was pushing politics in the right direction and it needs to keep going.

Layton's open letter to Canadians was read to the crowd during a candlelight vigil and the memorial wrapped with the singing of "O Canada."