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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Coalition Calls For Pay Equity Legislation For Private Sector

Home support, transition house, and child care workers are mostly women....and according to the results of a study on pay equity, they are still being left behind when it comes to the amount they're paid.

According to the Coalition for Pay Equity, community residence workers will be earning in 2016 what they should have earned in 2013. Chair Vallie Stearns says that demonstrates more than ever that we need pay equity legislation for the private sector.

The 2009 Pay Equity Act only applies to the public sector.....and not services contracted or subsidized by the government.

Ferry Cancellations

Coastal Transport cancelling both the 1:30pm and 3:30pm Grand Manan Ferry trips today due to mechanical problems. The ferry departing North Head at 1:40pm, will sail to Blacks Harbour and leave Blacks Harbour at 5:30pm.

Water Levels Continuing To Drop In Perth-Andover

While water levels continue to drop in the community of Perth-Andover, the flood-threatened town is still playing the waiting game.

Town Dan Dionne tells CHSJ News they're keeping an eye on water flows and a major ice jam north of St. Leonard which is not holding back as much water as it once was.

He tells us they're hoping the jam stays in place for several days and just decreases in size over time as opposed to breaking and releasing mass amounts of water. He says there also seems to be a channel opening up in the middle of an ice jam in Beechwood.

A voluntary evacuation is still in place and Dionne says as of last night there were only five people still staying in their homes. He says the 2012 flood is still very fresh in the minds of the residents, so people wanted to be high and dry in case of a repeat situation.

Meantime, we're hearing there will not be a shuttle boat service from Darling's Island like there has been in the past. EMO advising residents of Darling's Island to be ready to evacuate as rising flood waters could make the road to the mainland impassable. A shelter has been set up at the q-plex for those who need it.

Warning About Getting Sick In Aftermath Of Flooding

Those people who have been affected by the flooding this week are being warned by Chief Medical Health Officer Eilish Cleary to beware of food and water contamination.

If you were flooded or your electrical power has been out for an extended period of time, perishable food, vacuum packed foods, home preserves, meat, fish and dairy products should be thrown out. 

Canned foods with no leaks, swelling or rusting at the joints and edges can be saved but should be washed and dried.

Cooking and eating utensils should be cleaned. 

Any appliances affected by flood water should be cleaned first with a detergent, rinsed, then washed with half a cup of bleach in nine litres of water and allowed to dry with the door open.

Research Claims Exercise Can Reverse Aging

If you want your skin to look 20 to 30 years younger, maybe the secret doesn't lie with buying expensive beauty products.

Research done at McMaster University is showing exercise may even reverse the effects of aging on the skin. 

The discovery was made when the effects of exercise on mice that were genetically modified to age faster were studied. These mice, who ran on a wheel three times a week were compared to mice who did no exercise. The findings show the skin of the aging mice were completely protected with exercise.

When people 65 and older exercised for 30 minutes, three times a week on a stationary bike, their skin appeared 20 to 30 years younger under the microscope after three months as long as they didn't bake themselves in the sun.

Rollover Sends Driver To Hospital

A rollover off of Highway 1 putting the driver in the hospital. 

Emergency crews being called to the exit to Palmer Brook Road in Quispamsis around 1 in the morning. The Kennebecasis Regional Police telling CHSJ News they're unsure of the extent of the man's injuries at this point and what caused the crash is being now looked into.

Meantime police in Saint John telling us they received a call from the Regional Hospital about a 26-year-old man with a minor gunshot wound. We're told he was treated and released but was uncooperative with police.