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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Former Chief Of Defence Talks On Leadership, Afghanistan

One of Canada's foremost military leaders paying a visit to Saint John today...former Chief of Defence Rick Hillier, who now works in leadership development with TD bank, speaking at a luncheon hosted by the Saint John Board of Trade. Hillier used his experiences in the armed forces to illustrate some key points about getting the most from a team.

Hillier used some harsh terms to describe leadership that relies on words rather than actions to attempt to connect with the workforce, saying "action talks, bullsh*t walks."

Hillier also said when the going gets tough, you need to be able to draw strength from the people you've worked hard to inspire. 

In a question period, Hillier said he takes exception to the notion that Canada is strictly a peacekeeping nation, saying it's the responsibility off all G8 nations to do whatever they have to do to make the world more stable, even if that means military action.

BREAKING: Man Arrested In West Side Incident

One man has been arrested and no one was injured after reports of a man on the West Side uttering threats while carrying a shotgun on King Street West.

The areas around Snacks convenience store was cleared and Watson Street, Duke Street, and Market Street West were all blocked off -- preventing people from getting to their homes or work.

City Police Sergeant Mike King tells us they arrested the suspect in the Rodney Street area. King says a call made to police said the man had said he wanted to shoot a couple of police officers.

Prison Guards Denounce PM's "Tough On Crime"

Prison guards say Prime Minister Harper's "Tough on Crime" policy is going to be tough on them and maybe even the rest of us. 

The President of the Union of Correctional Workers in the Atlantic Region, Doug White tells CHSJ News the infrastructure just isn't there  to handle a large influx of new inmates as the Harper Government tries to score points with voters fearful of crime.

White says overcrowding is already happening and in just the past year alone, violent assaults against guards have gone up 15 per cent.

White says money for rehabilitation is being cut which means prisoners, once they're released, will return to their old criminal behaviour.

BREAKING: Potential Standoff On West Side

According to early reports there's a potential armed standoff happening on the West Side. There had been reports of a man with a weapon in or around Snacks convenience store.

Duke Street West has been locked from the top of Watson. Market Street and others are also are blocked off on the lower West.

People in the Tim Hortons have been asked to stay inside and away from the windows.
Police are currently attempting to see whether there is a threat. No employees are currently in the store.

BREAKING NEWS - Police Surround West Side Block

City police have surrounded a block on the lower West side after receiving reports of a man with a shotgun in the area -- they are focusing most of their activity on King Street West in the area of Tim Horton's and a convenience store.
A number of streets in that area are blocked to traffic.

Internal Systems Handle Small Fire Over West

You may have noticed some heavy black smoke in the area of the American Metal facility on port property over west - we are told there was a minor problem in their warehouse around two this afternoon.
Flames could be seen in the doorway of the building - a Port Authority spokesperson tells CHSJ News the situation was contained by their own systems and everything is under control.
No reports of injuries and it appears the fire department wasn't needed.

After Much Fanfare New Air Service Delayed

Pascan Aviation is postponing the start of its fall service into and out of Saint John and there's no indication when it will be up and running.

Earlier this year, Pascan announced air service from Quebec City direct to Saint John and would also connect Saint John to Wabush, Labrador.

It was originally scheduled to begin this month but now is on hold.

Pascan officials have delayed the first flights and, and according to Saint John Airport, will use the time to make connections with industry and travel agents to promote the new trade links.

Activists Protest Poverty With Free Food

As the chilly fall weather approaches, there's a free hot meal available for those in Saint John who most need it. Food Not Bombs is a new volunteer initiative in the Saint John area. They aims to share food, pamphlets, and other resources on a regular basis in King Square.

The loosely-knit activist group comes from all walks of life, and is protesting war and poverty. The main message? Food is a right, not a privilege. An organizer, Stella, tells CHSJ News it's run entirely by volunteers on a shoestring budget, and they've been collecting donations from local farmers markets, restaurants, and other places that have food to spare.

Food Not Bombs originally started in Massachusetts and is currently operating in 1000 cities worldwide, but it's something new to the Saint John area. For more information about their next event, you can check out their Facebook group here.