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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Power Back on in the Valley

It looks like the lights are back on for almost everyone in the Kennebacasis Valley.

This after being in the dark since just after 4 this morning, until noon.
NB Power spokesperson Heather Maclean tells CHSJ News, crews continue to work to try and find out what caused the tranmission outage.
Earlier this morning over 15 thousand people were in the dark, and the utility is now reporting under a hundred.

Provincial Budget to Include Spending for Nursing Homes

[Premier Graham in the Legislature----Photo courtesy of]
The Premier says when the capital budget is released next week it will include significant spending toward nursing homes.

Shawn Graham says during the Legislature, that his government is dedicated to providing quality health care to seniors, something the opposition never did.
Graham says every region will benefit from this investment.
The government is preparing to table it's budget next week that will include 1.6 billion dollars in stimulus spending.

Update on Power Outage

NB Power is saying the lights went out in the Kennebecasis Valley because of a transmission failure.

Spokesperson Heather McLean tells CHSJ News, a transmission outage can be caused by a number of factors, and so far it's still not known what caused this one.
She says crews are working to get everyone back on the grid--and are making significant headway.
Earlier this morning over 15 thousand customers were in the dark, but now NB Power is reporting just over 2 thousand are without power.

Saint John Energy is reporting a large number of customers in East Saint John experienced an outage this morning due to the transmission problem from NB Power.

Black Out

The Kennebacasis Valley is completely in the dark.

NB Power is reporting nearly 15 thousand customers are without power in Rothesay, Quispamsis, Hampton, and East Saint John.
The cause of the outage is still unknown, but crews are out working on it to try and remedy the situation, with no estimated timeline to when customers will be back on the grid.
Rothesay Regional Police tell us, it seems the majority of the lights went out around 4 in the morning.

Young Progressive Conservatives Meeting

[Provincial Tory Leader David Alward---File Photo]
Quispamsis is playing host to the Young Progressive Conservatives annual general meeting this weekend. Party Leader David Alward tells CHSJ News, in recent month, many of the young people he has spoken with are becoming dis-connected with the political process:

Over the weekend, members will elect a new executive and and will be called upon to vote on proposed constitutional amendments.

Heart and Stroke Foundation Bus Pull

The Heart and Stroke Foundation will take over Charlotte Street tomorrow for it's first annual bus pull. Teams will attempt to drag the forty foot limos 100-feet with team raising cash to buy Automated External Defibrillators to install in area high schools. Spokes-person Terry Wagner tells CHSJ News, the goal is to make AED's as common place as a fire extinguisher:

There are 1200 people in the Province every year die from sudden cardiac arrest and the survival rate greatly increase with the use of an AED. The event gets started tomorrow at eleven o'clock.

Operation Red Nose Begins

After enjoying an successful campaign last winter, Operation Red Nose hits the road again this weekend. Co-ordinator Katie Emrich tells CHSJ News, the set-up is real simple, if your going out to enjoy some holiday cheer, give them a call and they will take care of the driving.
Emrich says last year they had 100 volunteers with 40 applications in so far this season including Mayor Ivan Court volunteering his services. The number to call is 693-6810.

Mock Exercise in Rockwood Park

If your near Rockwood Park today, don't be suprised by what you might see. River Valley Ground Search and Rescue is holding a Mock Search today in the park and surrounding area.

Team members will comb through the woods and set up a command post on Dark Lake Road. It's to help better prepare for when someone is missing and they are called in to help.