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Monday, September 5, 2011

Shale Gas Meetings Cancelled

Nothing will be happening with shale gas development for the next while.

Earlier, SWN Resources decided to suspend its seismic testing for shale gas in the province after protests, vandalism and theft of its equipment.

Windsor Energy has now announced it's cancelling public meetings this week about a seismic project it had in mind.

Those meetings had been scheduled to take place in Sussex, Norton and Hampton beginning tomorrow night. There's no word on them being rescheduled.

A Pessimistic Labour Day Message From CUPE

In its Labour Day message, The Canadian Union of Public Employees is warning workers will be facing many challenges in the months ahead.

Provincial President Daniel Legere tells CHSJ News there's alot of uncertainty about what lies ahead because of all the talk of belt tightening in government with the worst yet to come.

CUPE is also accusing the Alward Government of leading the province to the financial brink by continuing to cut taxes and reducing public services due to a lack of revenue. According to Legere, this province can't afford to adopt the same economic policies as Alberta.

Legere predicts wage parity isn't going to happen in this province without legislation.

New Poll Released On Workplace Attitudes

Those workers in their 20's and 30's have more in common with baby boomers according to a new Labour Day poll conducted by Harris Decima.

Robert Waghorn of, an online careers and recruitment resource, tells CHSJ News they have similar attitudes when it comes to work and are looking for loyalty from their employers. Members of both generations say companies lack vision and fall short when it comes to productivity.

But the Gen Y'ers are not a happy lot according to this poll. 56 per cent say they're not working in their preferred field and one in three say they are not satisfied with the early part of their career or their current job.

They also would like more mentoring on the job and say the younger employees are not being used to their full potential.

Waghorn calls this a wakeup call for employers if they don't want to be continually replacing staff which can be an expensive proposition.

Farm Accident Reported

Details are sketchy but we have a report of a teenaged boy being seriously injured in farming mishap on the Kingston Peninsula over the weekend.