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Friday, July 6, 2012

1 Year Since Oland Murder

One year ago tomorrow Saint John being shaken by the murder of the son of a Maritime dynasty....on July 7, 2012 Richard Oland was murdered in his uptown office by an unknown attacker. The police have been notoriously tight-lipped about the investigation, which Police Chief Bill Reid has said is ongoing. Rumours have abounded after searches conducted in wooded areas, as well as at the home of his son, Dennis Oland.

In June Provincial Court Judge Leslie Jackson ruled to keep the search warrants in the case sealed to avoid compromising the investigation. Another hearing will be held later this month with police evidence from Constable Bob Davidson.

The family recently  releasing a statement remembering Oland as a father, husband and friend.

Unemployment Rate Down In City

Unemployment last month in Saint John dropped from 8.2 in May to 7.8 per cent. The jobless rate for the province has gone up from 9.4 to 9.5 per cent.

The unemployment rate across the country fell in June from 7.3 to 7.2 per cent with the addition of 73 hundred jobs which is considered minimal. Ontario was the only province showing any significant job gains.
A survey of employers this week found 40 per cent expected to hire fulltime workers in the second half of this year. That compares to 43 per cent for the same period last year.

Boil Water Order From City

A broken water main near the intersection of Sandy Point Road and Thornborough Street prompting the city issuing a boil water order.

Some homes will have either low water pressure or no water at all as repairs are carried out.

People who live on Sandy Point Road between Hawthorne Avenue and MacLaren Boulevard will have to boil their water before drinking it but not including Parkwood Avenue.

Also affected by the boil water order are the people who live along Thornborough Street, Jack Street, Kelly Lane, Anglin Drive including Anglin Crescent and Pidgeon Street, Kiwanis Court, Corkery Street and Cranston Avenue between Sixth Street and Thornborough.

The boil order is expected to be in effect until early next week.

The water is safe to use for showers, baths and to wash dishes without having to boiling it.

Concerns Over Air Ambulance Service To Grand Manan

The Alward Government being accused of playing Russian roulette with the lives of people who live on Grand Manan.

The charge is being made by Liberal M-L-A Rick Doucet of Charlotte-The Isles about the change with air ambulance service.

Doucet tells CHSJ News the provincial government's contract with Atlantic Charter expired July 1st and the island is now being served by Ambulance New Brunswick's Air Care plane which has to fly in from Moncton. He warns the plane will find it difficult to land at times because of poor weather conditions especially when Grand Manan is shrouded in fog.

Doucet argues Atlantic Charter is based on the ground in Grand Manan and just last week an Air Care plane was unable to land because of poor weather conditions.

Big $ For The New Y From Their Own

Some large cheques announced for the new Y project in the North end and from some of their own.
The Y's men's club announcing $500,000 for the project.
Chuck Crawford tells CHSJ News their 50-member group debated on a donation of this size.

He says when you look at the fact that the Y and its board had the courage to put the building in a community with children in need they the Y's mens club had to support them.

The Y's Endowment Fund also announcing $275, 000 for the new Y in the North end.

Design For New Y Unveiled

The look and feel of the new Y coming to the Crescent Valley being revealed to an audience of the group's supporters.
President and CEO Shilo Boucher says they expect shovels in the ground by January of next year.

Boucher tells us the building will include an indoor walking track, three pools along with a day care on Churchill Boulevard.

She says they are not only building a building but providing programs, training for employment and jobs and the community is really excited. 

The new North End Y is estimated to cost more than 20 million dollars.