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Thursday, March 3, 2011

City Man Deported To The U.S.

A man living in Saint John originally from New York State has been deported by Canadian authorities and no one seems to know why.
Jeffrey Curley was taken into custody by agents last night (Wednesday) in St. Stephen.  His wife and 12 week old son are with him at a Calais Hotel.

His mother in law Claudia Stackhouse-Leblanc tells CHSJ News he went down to have a clerical error of his work papers fixed.

She says when he arrived on the Canadian he was told he had to leave the country.

Jeffrey Curley has lived in Saint John since 2004.  Stackhouse-Leblanc says they have contacted local politicians and a lawyer for help on the matter and his employer Circle K is also trying to help.

New NDP Leader Speaks In Fredericton

Newly-elected Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy says his first goal is to build the party into a strong and independent party that can transform the political agenda in New Brunswick.

Cardy says he wants to change the province and he invites everyone to share their vision for a fairer and richer province.
The 40-year-old from Fredericton has worked as an organizer with NDP campaigns across the country since the early 90's.

He expects the Conservatives will slash and burn public services to deal with the huge deficit facing the province.

Bigtime Energy Savings Being Reported By Saint John Transit

The new transit building on the east side is not a Taj Mahal........That message being delivered by Common Councillor Chris Titus who chairs the Transit Commission.

It cost six per cent more to put in place such energy saving measures as solar wall heating, the collection of rainwater to wash the buses and a heat recovery system for the entire building. Skylights are also used to reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting.

 The assistant General Manager at Saint Transit, Brian Thorne says with the yearly energy savings, that extra money will be all paid back in four years time.
Thorne concedes they're still saddled with a property tax bill of 380 thousand dollars but discussions are continuing with government officials to get some tax relief.

Major Crime Seeks Help After A Taxi Robbery

The Major Crime Unit on the lookout for the young man who robbed a 55-year-old cab driver at knifepoint early this morning.

A man in his mid-twenties got some cash and took off on Carmarthen street about 1:40 this morning.

He weighs about 185 pounds and is 5 foot 8, clean shaven wearing a maroon winter coat and a dark ball cap.

City police are looking for your help in locating the suspect.
If you know anything call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or the Major Crime Unit at 648-3333.

Dalzell Calls Six Year Approval For A Irving Oil Proposal Worrisome

A leading provincial environmentalist says granting Irving Oil a 6 year approval on the environmental impact assessment for a proposal in Red Head is worrisome. Irving Oil has completed a provincial review and must complete the tougher federal IA for a marine terminal and barge landing facility.

Gordon Dalzell of the Clean Air Coalition tells CHSJ News EIA approvals are usually only granted for a three year period.
He says he's not happy the Province gave the company a six year window to proceed with the project based on data from 2008 to the present.   Dalzell says part of this proposal would see a pipeline connect the Irving Oil refinery on the Loch Lomond road to Red Head meaning great disruption to residents during the construction phase. The deadline for public comment on the federal EIA is tonight at midnight and Dalzell is hoping to get his thoughts in on time.

Harbour Cleanup Project Is On Time

A City of Saint John spokesperson says the sinking of a barge in the Port on the west side will not impact the timelines for Harbour cleanup.

The barge sank last month and the Nova Scotia contractor on the project brought in another one to replace it.
Leah Fitzgerald tells CHSJ News work on Harbour Cleanup both in the water and on land remains on schedule.

If You Have To Fill Up, Be Prepared For Price Shock

It would have been a good idea to fill up before the weekly setting of gas prices. Drivers in the city are being hammered with major increases.

Self serve regular has risen to $1.17 a litre around town which is an increase of just over 5 cents.

Diesel is up to to $1.28.5 a litre, a rise of six cents and heating oil is almost 7 cents a litre more expensive at $1.15.2.

Cabbie Held Up In Uptown

An early morning armed robbery is under investigation.

City Police telling CHSJ News a cab driver was robbed around 12:30 this morning at King Street East and Carmarthen.

The robber had a weapon and ran away with a small amount of cash.

The driver was not hurt.

Plan Being Worked On To Raise Sunken Barge From Harbour

Negotiations between contractors and insurers for the removal of diesel fuel in a barge that sank on the west side last month.

Ryan Green of Coast Guard Environmental Response tells CHSJ News once the fuel is removed, work will begin getting the barge out of the water.

Green says they need some good weather to do it safely.

Green adds as far as pollution from the diesel fuel is concerned, they have seen minimal sheening as the tanks were capped and the vents plugged immediately after the barge sank.