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Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Back To School Tomorrow

All grades 1 to 5 students will begin classes on September 3rd in the Anglophone South School District.

For all middle and high school students, there will be a “transition day” with only grades 6 and 9 attending on September 3rd. 

Some exceptions to this are schools with Kindergarten to grade 8, grades 6 to 12 and with kindergarten to grade 12 which will have no transition days. The transition day is intended for students who will be starting middle or high school in a different building.

For high schools in Saint John, only the grade 9 students will attend on September 3rd, grades 10-12 students attend on September 4th and all grades 9-12 students attend on September 5th.

Former Little Sister Praises Youth Mentoring

Mentoring programs like P.A.L.S. here in the city can help young people who are struggling with issues. Just ask Gillianne Beaulieu, who was involved in Big Brothers, Big Sisters when she was younger.

Beaulieu tells CHSJ News by having a mentor, she felt like there was always someone watching out for her, and she was able to talk to her mentor about problems she didn't feel comfortable bringing to her family. 

She says the program gave her a friend who wasn't judging her or putting any social or academic pressure on her. Beaulieu just received the CIBC Youthvision scholarship, and credits her Big Sister for helping her achieve good grades in high school.

She says she highly recommends the program.

CUPE Calls On Feds To Resolve Retirement Security Issue

The National President of CUPE taking this Labour Day to send a message to the Harper Government that they want to see the retirement security issue resolved.

Paul Moist calls the issue one of the most pressing policy issues of our time. He says a gradual and modest expansion of the Canada Pension Plan is the best way to ensure retirement security for all Canadians.

Moist says without adequate retirement incomes, we'll pay with a reduced living standards and an increase in seniors' poverty.

Rain Causes Electrical Issues, Displaces Seven

Two families displaced after stormy weather caused electrical problems in their apartment complex.

The rainwater leaked into two apartments at 460 Ellerdale Street, on the East side of the city, causing the issue. 

An electrician being called in to make repairs, and the Red Cross is giving the seven people a place to stay in the meantime.

Provincial Labour Federation Marking 100th Anniversary

This Labour Day is special for the New Brunswick Federation of Labour because it's celebrating 100 years of existence having been formed in Saint John on September 16th, 1913. 

Provincial Labour Federation President Patrick Colford tells CHSJ News there have been many battles fought and won since then to improve working conditions for everyone including Medicare, the 8 hour work day, vacation pay and parental leave. 

Colford says there are still too many seniors in poverty and growing income inequality with the backlash in recent years against organised labour.

He points out unionised workers earn, on average, over 7 dollars more an hour than those employees who are non-unionised. He estimates, for the provincial economy, that translates into 26.8 million dollars more each week.